Keep Towels Close at Hand With These Freestanding Towel Racks



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When it’s time to upgrade the bathroom, it’s important to make sure plenty of space is available to keep towels within easy reach. Freestanding towel racks are a great way to guarantee that everyone using the bath, shower, and vanity will have plenty of thick, fluffy towels available just when they’re needed most.

Freestanding towel racks come in various sizes and finishes and are designed to hold different numbers of towels based on what is needed for the living space they’ll be used in.

Consider the following options while upgrading each bathroom in your home.

Pedestal Dual Towel Rack

This Edenscape Pedestal Dual Towel Rack in oil-rubbed bronze helps ensure that your family’s towels are always within convenient reach. The rack is made of solid steel for long-lived performance and it has two rods to hold multiple towels. The unique design of this attractive piece makes it a great fit for most contemporary home décor, and its base is solidly weighted to prevent it from falling over while holding the towels. Alternatively, the same model is available in a brushed brass finish or a polished chrome finish, ensuring that there’s a match for every bathroom decoration style.

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Freestanding Iron Towel Rack

The Edenscape Freestanding Iron Towel Rack in brushed nickel holds towels within easy reach of the bathtub, shower, and sink. This attractive towel rack is made of solid steel, meaning it will hold up to daily use for years to come. Its base is heavily weighted so that it stays upright while holding towels of different sizes. The brushed nickel finish ensures that it will blend in well with most contemporary and modern home décor and the rack features multiple rods to hold your entire family’s towels with ease.

Pedestal Towel Rack With Multiple Rods

Customers in the market for an attractive towel rack that’s easy to install may find that the Edenscape Pedestal Towel Rack in polished chrome is the perfect fit. This unique freestanding towel rack has multiple rods and is designed to hold both bath and hand towels. It’s also available in brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze.

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Pedestal Y-Style Towel Rack

The Edenscape Pedestal Y-Style Towel Rack in brushed nickel is a practical and attractive option for the bathroom or poolside. This modern rack can hold numerous towels of varying sizes and is stylish and well-made.

Freestanding Stainless Steel Towel Holder

This Freestanding Stainless Steel Towel Holder with Rectangular Base in oil-rubbed bronze features a lovely contemporary design. The towel holder is freestanding, easy to install, and holds numerous towels in a variety of configurations. It also features a weighted base to help you avoid accidentally tipping it over.

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Shop Kingston Brass for Freestanding Towel Racks

When it’s time to select the perfect towel racks for your bathroom remodel, you can rely on the friendly professionals at Kingston Brass. We’ll help you evaluate the options available and choose the one that’s best for your home and your family’s lifestyle. You can select from a variety of durable freestanding towel racks and finishes. Contact us today to learn more about the high-quality products we offer.


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