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Here’s what’s happening next week! I have the following posts scheduled!
Weekly Menu Plans New Free Pattern! Top Five Friday Finds New Free Pattern #2! New Patterns!

My mind is boggled with the idea that our country is fighting an unseen enemy! It’s surreal, and as time goes on, it seems the progression of COVID-19 worsens. But have faith. Psalm 30:5b “weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.”

This coming week my menu plans really have been all over the place – I mean, they are completely out of context in relation to the sequence I planned them. I’ll be publishing my meal plan for the week but some of these meals I’ve already fixed while those I intended for a previous week are going to be fixed now. Crazy huh! But all’s good in the end as each meal planned eventually does get fixed, and eaten!

On Wednesday I’m publishing an older design I actually thought was on the blog already! I know… who would have thunk! The Soft Pineapple Soap Holder was actually designed years back as a freebie and was published before but somehow got lost in the shuffle! PS. I love the egg shape too – perfect for Easter!

And then on Thursday another free pattern for a brand new dishcloth design. We can never have enough dishcloths and this is one you’ll want to add to your collection! And Friday, another Top Five Friday Finds for last minute Easter projects! I just love Easter projects and to be honest, with this out of schedule, out of sync home quarantine, I’m shopping more, online that is. I found some great values at Michael’s. My shopping cart has a few items in it that will make our celebration, perfect!

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Thursday’s Free Pattern(s)

A brand new pattern for a dishcloth! Our Spring Fling Dishcloth is worked with an easy stitch combination and can be crocheted to the size you like best, if desired. Let’s do dishes!
What Pattern Is It?

The Pattern I’m describing is…
I’m purple! I’m round I boast popcorns (the stitches that is) I’m worked in thread I have a dual purpose, if desired!
You can begin your search here!
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Here’s the pattern I described last week!

Blue Textured Lace Doily

This lovely blue crochet textured doily boasts non-traditional pineapples and is enhanced with a white chain overlay to add dimension and beauty! Front post stitches add even more elegance to a doily you’ll be proud to display!
Featured Patterns
Crinoline Girls Filet Runner
Combining filet crochet and crinoline girls, we’ve created a beautiful runner sure to please the fussiest! Each crinoline is worked in pineapples and then adorned with ribbons. Wide satin ribbon is woven through the center to complete the look.

Spider Lace Crinoline Runner
The beautiful and lacy spider web stitch adds elegance and grace to a runner accented with crinolines. Both crinolines have a spider web trim on their skirts and hold a petite rose. Three dimensional crochet rosebuds with vines and leaves edge the runner on each side providing the perfect finish.

Pineapple Calico Crinoline Girl Doily
Our larger crochet crinoline girl doily is worked up using the spider web stitch and then edged in lush pineapples for a beautiful combination! To complete her ensemble, she’s wearing a matching broad brimmed hat accented in ribbon bows.
New Patterns!
Hippety Hoppety Bunny Towel Topper
Our cute and cuddly crochet bunny towel topper is perfect for Easter. Worked with floppy ears and trimmed in a bow tie, he’s not only decorative, but functional too. The towel topper is worked so the towel can be removed for easier laundering.
Lacy Easter Egg Doily
Bruges Lace sets the stage for an Easter egg-shaped doily that’s perfect for the season. And then embellished with crochet flora and a sweet little Easter bunny peeking out above the center rose.
Next Wednesday – Soft Pineapple Soap Holder

The Soft Pineapple Soap Holder was originally designed to match our Victorian Pineapple Bath Collection first made with Luster Sheen in lavender. You can still purchase a great substitute here! (Affiliate link)
Stitches in Time!

The name this stitch?

The Harlequin Stitch! Learn how here!

Can you name this stitch?

Let’s have some fun! Name the stitch if you know it and then email me using the form below with your answer.
[contact-form] Next Top Five Friday Finds!

You’ll love the next Top Five Friday Finds – featuring free crochet quick and easy crochet Easter patterns that are so cute and so much fun! Make this Easter extra special!
Next Weeks Menu Plans

Having menu plans for the week not only helps us to eat healthy but buy groceries according to what’s needed. And best of all, we don’t have the blues – what’s for supper tonight!

This week we’re celebrating Easter! It’s also our daughter’s birthday; my baby is turning 44! Wow!
Arroz Con Pollo Homemade Pizza Mahi-Mahi Fish Tacos Linguine & Cream Sauce Steaks w/ Bacon & Port Pork w/ Cheese & Pears Lamb Chops w/ Garlic Mint Sauce Puzzle Time!
48Mitzi-mouse-fridgie Crushing on Amazon

Who doesn’t love to shop? And who doesn’t love to save money. I’ve found that often when comparison shopping, Amazon has the best price and being a Prime member, means no shipping charges. This is what I’m looking at now…

I just think this bunny dish is adorable! Chips and dip, raw veggies and dip, almost anything can be served in this and it’s even cute for children’s birthday parties too!
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We also have patterns for sale. Drop by to see what we have.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised by our low prices, our pledge to provide quality error free patterns, and great customer service.  And did I mention instant gratification?  We have digital patterns ready when you are!

While it may be too late this Easter to make this beautiful doily, it can be made for next Easter!
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