Give Mom a (Home) Makeover With These 36 Mother’s Day Gifts, Organized by Room


For some of us, our moms are pros at making a house a home. From whipping up our favorite comfort foods to perfecting the fold on those hand towels we’re not allowed to touch (they’re for the guests!), the moms in our lives have put a lot of thought into every corner of their abode. This Mother’s Day (May 8), give the mother in your life a day off by taking the homemaking into your own hands with these Domino-approved gift ideas for every area of her domain. And, as a bonus, she’ll think of you every time she walks into the room.

For the Kitchen

If kitchens are the heart of a home, then moms are the life force. Give her something that’ll keep spirits high in her culinary kingdom. Mixing bowls made from recycled bamboo or tea towels that are woven with ancient techniques make even the most mundane tasks feel meaningful. And, don’t hold on to barbecuing ideas for Father’s Day—mom will be the grillmaster with infused seasoning salts and high-quality Korean knives made for mouthwatering meals off the grill. No matter her culinary specialty, an Italian-designed apron in a heavy-duty canvas will give her master chef style that’ll last a lifetime.

For the Dining Room

Moms who love to entertain will need some show-stopping pieces to display now that gatherings are on the rise again. Add a bit of whimsy to her presentation with vibrant colors—on serving sets, cheese knives, or a pitcher—and striking patterns on marbled bowls or arabesque linens (like ones from Kate Berry’s go-to brand). And whether mom is hosting brunch or serving her famous peach cobbler for dessert, a round of coffee in statement-making mugs will wake up any tabletop scene.

For the Living Room

Whether gathering with family or curling up for a Netflix sesh, downtime is that much more delightful when mom is surrounded by goodies that remind her of you. If gifting flowers, ditch the paper wrapping and style her bouquet in a cool vase collab from MoMA-approved creators. Adorn her coffee table with a chic candlestick that doubles as a matchbox holder or illustrated books with alluring cover art. Get comfy together with a pair of patterned pillows (created by this designer and his mum!) and spend some QT on the sofa. But, you know better than to set your drink down without a coaster, so swap those cork ones out for a colorful set created by Colombian artisans out of Jipijapa leaves.

For the Bathroom

Sometimes the W.C. is the only place where a woman of the house can get a moment alone. Help transform her loo into a safe haven with little details like a refreshing fragrance, a limited-edition candle (with a brilliant blue glass worth repurposing for Q-tips or cotton balls), and a designer jewelry box with a modernist touch. Even handwashing can feel like a treat when plush towels with scalloped piping are part of the ritual.

For the Yard

Whether mom picked up a penchant for gardening during the pandemic or has always been the green thumb of the fam, give her hobby an upgrade with a set of attractive English-made hand tools or some Oprah-approved snippers that’ll be well-paired with an edible flower seed kit. For mothers who prefer hanging out over harvesting, she’ll have it made in the shade on a stylish chair with a built-in sun shield, a plush outdoor cushion, and a hanging citronella coil that masquerades as stylish yard decor.

For the Bedroom

With all that moms do it’s hard to believe that they ever sleep. To make sure she gets the rest she deserves, snag some bedroom essentials to send her to dreamland in style. Every nightstand needs a cozy table lamp—on-trend terracotta creates a warm ambiance with modern appeal—and a good book that not only reads well but looks great on the bedside table. She’ll be lights out in no time with a silk pillowcase (because anti-aging), a pretty printed sleep mask (because fashion), and a splurge-worthy quilt bound to become an heirloom item (because it’s a win-win for you too!).

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