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bounty forever roll

Always running out of paper towels?

You may have heard when Charmin released their Forever Toilet Paper Rolls – a huge roll of toilet paper set to last an entire month before needing to be replaced.

Now, P&G is back with the Bounty Forever Paper Towel Rolls for your kitchen!

These giant paper towel rolls give you a whopping 390 2-ply sheets per roll, which weigh 2lbs per roll. 😱

forever roll next to double roll of paper towels

These rolls are so large, they’re claiming you can go weeks without needing to change your paper towel roll! They’re even offering a special paper towel roll holder just to fit these massive rolls!

If your household seems to go through paper towels by the dozen like mine, you’re in luck as Bounty is offering these giant rolls online, which ship for free!

Plus, they’re covered by a money-back guarantee should you not love them (but what’s not to live about not swapping out empty paper towel rolls?).

Never run out of paper towels again…

bounty forever roll starter kit

Bounty Forever Roll Starter Kit
Just $24.99 shipped (regularly $38.98)!

Includes two Forever Rolls plus a stainless steel paper towel roll holder.

two bounty forever paper towel rolls

4 bounty forever paper towel rolls

Just take it from these reviewers who love these giant rolls…

I’ve always used Bounty and I Tried Forever Roll to see my family’s reaction but I actually ended up loving how long the roll lasts! I can save so much storage space because although the rolls are huge they take up less space than a multi-pack! And the towel holder is very heavy and solid with a nice clean finish.

I purchased the forever all to see how long it would last compared to and from a roll of bounty. We go through a lot of paper towels in this house with 2 kids a dog and 3 cats. The roll lasted almost 3 weeks! I’m happy!

Same great Bounty paper towel that we all love. Our first roll has lasted over a month in a household with three kids!

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