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A bathroom remodeling process can be a big undertaking, but the finished result is well worth all the hard work it takes. If you’re ready to transform your bathroom into a fresh, updated space, it’s important to understand the bathroom remodel process. Our experts at USA Bath® know how to update and upgrade a bathroom with creative precision and quality results. Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect in a bathroom remodel process from start to finish.

Step 1: Create a Plan

The planning phase of any remodeling project is often the most exciting part for homeowners; this is your time to express everything you are hoping to achieve and set any expectations for your remodeling team. 

Creating a plan is a pretty straightforward part of the process, but it helps to adhere to a generalized workflow for best results; consider the following when planning a bathroom remodel.

Who is the Bathroom For?

This is the first thing you should consider, as it can have a large impact on the overall remodel design. Is the bathroom for guests? Is it for a single child or more? 

It may seem arbitrary, but this line of questioning will lead to design answers like a dual-sink vanity, bathtub or shower stall or a shower-bath combination, or any special accessibility features like grab bars. 

An experienced professional bathroom remodeler will know to ask this question, and our bathroom remodeling experts at USA Bath know exactly what you and your family may need for any bathroom remodel.

Create a Bathroom Remodel Wishlist

Now that you and your bathroom remodeler know who the bathroom is going to be for, you can begin considering what new features and fixtures you will want in your newly remodeled bathroom. As mentioned before, this is your chance to create a list of bathroom features like the shower and/or tub, vanity and cabinet specifications, and any other specifics you can imagine, like the overall layout, and finish materials like plumbing fixtures, electrical outlets, and switches. 

When you work with a professional bathroom remodeler like USA Bath, they take all the guesswork out of this process; this may be your first remodel, but our team has thousands of successful remodels and thrilled homeowners under our belt, and we know how to keep this part of the process exciting and stress-free.

Bathroom Remodel Planning

Your bathroom remodel designer will then compile all items from your wishlist and design notes, with consideration to all goals discussed up to this point. This is the final step before demolition, and while changes can still be made to the overall design of the bathroom remodel, all aspects should be agreed upon at this point, so the remodeling team can order materials, and schedule every remaining step of the remodeling process. 

Once you and your remodeling team agree on all terms and conditions, they will provide you with an accurate cost estimate of the entire bathroom remodel.

Step 2: Demolition Time

Demolition makes every homeowner one of two things: excited or anxious. Your bathroom remodel should be exciting, but many homeowners, especially those who choose to remodel their own bathroom, can grow very anxious during this part of the process, as your remodelers remove the old fixtures and materials from your bathroom, like that old fiberglass shower stall, or that outdated vanity and sink. 

It’s okay to be a little anxious when you see your bathroom stripped down, but if you are working with an experienced, professional bathroom remodeler in Reno or Sacramento, their experience and confidence will put you back at ease.

You can trust the process when you work with the professionals.

Step 3: Old Bathroom, New Construction

Now that the old materials have been removed from the bathroom, your professional remodeling team is ready to apply everything from the planning phase of the process.

Add Barriers and Close Your Walls

If you and your bathroom remodeling team discussed any layout changes to your bathroom during the planning phase, this may be the time when your team installs any new wall framing, which can include things like pony walls for partial separation or cabinet and vanity mounting, any necessary structural changes to the shower wall, and in some cases, an enclosed toilet room.

Paint and Finish Walls

Once your walls are up, it’s time to choose a paint color that suits your new bathroom space, and if you and your bathroom remodeler decide to do so, choose and install any trim like molding or baseboards.

Whether you choose a smokey grey or a bright tangerine, make sure you pick the right finish. Semi-gloss and satin finishes will best handle constant moisture and the wear and tear of high traffic areas.

Plumbing and Electrical Work

In many cases, there might only be superficial plumbing and electrical changes during the bathroom remodeling process, in which only the fixtures and outlets are being upgraded. However, some remodel projects may require deeper work to relocate some of the plumbing and electrical lines; this will always be discussed during the planning phase.

Shower and/or Tub Installation 

An upgraded shower or tub is a common driver for bathroom remodeling projects. Whether your existing shower or tub is outdated and deteriorating, or you want to upgrade to a standing tub for a family member who may be aging in place, or want to transform your existing bathtub to a much more versatile shower, your trusted bathroom remodeler will ensure this part of the process goes smoothly and effectively.

Toilet and Sink Installation

These components are the most commonly used fixtures in any bathroom, and as such, should only be installed by qualified professionals. 

Our bathroom remodeling experts at USA Bath take special care with every project, to prevent any future issues from plumbing installation.

Finishing Touches

Finishes aren’t just the minor things that are installed last, they are often some of the most defining elements of a bathroom, and can include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Towel Bar
  • Toilet Paper Holder
  • Switch Plates
  • Shelves

Be The Star of Your Own Home Remodel, with USA Bath®

A bathroom remodeling project can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. With a little planning and a team of experienced professionals to help you out, you’ll have a beautifully updated bathroom in no time. If you’re thinking about updating your bathroom in Reno or Sacramento, contact us today. Our experienced professionals at USA Bath® will be happy to provide a free in-home consultation to help you design the bathroom of your dreams.

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