Can a Bathroom with Grab Bars Look Beautiful Too?


Shower with grab bars - Carla Aston, Designer

I have some beautiful bathrooms to share with you today and guess what? They all have grab bars!

June is National Safety Month and it is a good time to talk about safety at home, especially in the bathroom.

I am considering a knee replacement myself and have been looking around at my home trying to get things in order before I go under the knife! Ugh.

I just bought this clever grab bar combination toilet holder for my bathroom. I think it doesn’t look too clinical and would be very helpful for me.

Combination grab bar and toilet paper holder, available in many finishes.

I reached out to some of my designer friends across the country and they shared some of their project pics with me. Please follow the links and take a look at more of their work.

I have to say, safety is looking awfully good!

Beautiful Bathrooms with Grab Bars

This lovely bathroom below was designed by Lisa Peck of Lilu Interiors. Gorgeous tile and a stunning niche were not sacrificed for the functional grab bars.

That vertical grab bar is so handy for safety getting in and out of a bathtub. Designer: Lilu Interiors


This grab bar situation would be great for someone standing or someone using a shower seat. Designer: Lilu Interiors

I love this bathroom below that uses a grab bar as a towel bar too. Now that is invisible safety! This bathroom designed by Rachel Waldron of Waldron Designs.

Here’s a link to more about this project on their site.

Beautiful bathroom using grab bar for towels also. Designed by Waldron Designs.

Here’s another beautiful bathroom by Waldron Designs that has a grab bar that drops down when in use and can fold up when it isn’t.

This helps create a more minimal look in a bathroom.

Here’s a link to more about this project their site.

Bathroom with grab bar designed by Waldron Designs.


Grab bar tucked out of the way in a bathroom designed by Waldron Designs.

I follow this creator on Instagram, Vicki T at Wheel Chic Home. Her husband is in a wheelchair and she brings accessible design to light with her posts.

In this post, below, she asked, “How many grab bars do you see?”

Beautiful, inconspicuous grab bars in a bathroom for a wheelchair user. @wheelchichome on Instagram.

The one thing I learned years ago as I worked on some accessible bathrooms, is that when designing in a private home, there are no hard and fast rules about grab bar locations.

In one home I worked on, the client had ALS and was very physically challenged. In that case, we placed grab bars where the caregiver found them most helpful.

In other cases, there might be taller people or shorter that would require different heights or locations for grab bars.

The shower or bathroom layout also might limit the typical location of grab bars.

Whatever the case, I know that if someone is falling, they will grab anything in range……towel bars, light fixtures, door handles, etc., especially in the absence of an appropriately placed grab bar.

I want to thank the other designers and creators whose work was featured in this post. Please visit their links and follow them on Instagram too. :-)

Lisa Peck - Lilu Interiors on Instagram

Rachel Waldron - Waldron Designs on Instagram

Vicki T - Wheelchichome on Instagram

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This blogpost was thoughtfully written by me, Carla Aston, and not by AI, ghostwriters, or guest posters.

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