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Reading and cooking are my two great loves, so naturally I’m the kind of person who fills my kitchen with books. And bookish art. And bookish magnets. And actual books that I am reading, left on the counter in stacks because I put them down to start making dinner. I’m a firm believer in the “every room is made better with books” philosophy, and honestly, isn’t every room made better with bookish stuff, too?

Over the years I’ve amassed a small collection of bookish goods that make it very clear that my kitchen and pantry belong to someone who reads. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites here. These items range from simple and useful (pot holders, bookends, dish towels) to frivolous and fun (bookish magnets!) to some truly unique pieces that are both functional and gorgeous. A few of them are ordinary things you’d find in any kitchen, with a bookish twist. But I’ve also included some very book-centric items, the kind of thing you might not think to put in your kitchen unless your mind is on books…a lot of the time.

Whether you’re a book-loving cook or a food-loving reader, or looking for gifts for someone in your life who is, you can’t go wrong with the items on this list!

Two metal bookends, one with a lades and slotted spoon, the other with a spatula and mixing spoon, holding up a small stack of books.

What could be more perfect for your set of cookbooks than these metal utensil bookends? Just make sure you don’t try and grab them instead of a real utensil! $41

A print of a page from a vintage cookbook with an illustration of red and yellow tomatoes.

This lovely vintage cookbook print is perfect for cooks who love to read and readers who love to cook. This shop has various other vintage cookbook prints, with images of apples, olives, and more. $10

A vintage spice rack holding six ceramic spice jars shaped like books, labeled with the names of spices and 'Vol I, Vol II, Vol III' etc. The shelf has two small drawers painted with roosters below the spice jars.

How could any book lover resist this amazing vintage spice rack with book-shaped spice jars? $39

A white dish towel with an embroidered image of a row of books in rainbow colors.

No kitchen is complete without a few good dish towels. This simple bookshelf dish towel is both fun and elegant. It comes in two sizes. $15–20

A rectangular wooden cheese board with the names of hobbit meals engraved around the edge in an Elvish script.

If anyone knows how to decorate (and use) a kitchen well, it’s hobbits! This cheese board proclaims the many kinds of hobbit meals. The leather handles make it easy to hang and transport, making it a great useful/decorative piece. $60

A illustrated print of a shelf of colorful cookbooks, spines out, drawn to look exactly like the spines of the actual cookbooks.

Jane Mount’s gorgeous book prints bring joy into any room, but this colorful cookbook print is especially well suited to the kitchen. $34–164, depending on size.

Four circular magnets in different colors, each with a different slogan: I Love Reading, Keep Calm and Read On, My Weekend is All Booked, and The More You Read.

A fridge full of bookish magnets is a surefire way to book-ify your kitchen! These ones are big and bright. Everyone who comes into your kitchen will know how much you love books. $8–19 depending on size. Set of four.

Two square potholders patterned with stacks of books in all shapes and sizes, and a few little green bookworms wearing glasses crawling between the stacks.

These adorable bookworm pot holders are so whimsical and sweet! Hang them by their handy loops for added bookish decor in your kitchen. $12 for set of two.

A wooden cookbook stand showing standard kitchen conversions between various units of measure.

A good cookbook stand is a game-changer in any kitchen. This simple wooden stand is certainly pretty, and it doubles as a super useful reference for conversions between various units of measure! $36

Three white ceramic crocks labeled for tea, coffee, and sugar. Each one has different images from Alice in Wonderland, including the mad hatter, the Chershire cat, and Alice.

Alice in Wonderland fans, get excited for these fun kitchen crocks, painted with images from the book. Bust them out for your next tea party, or just keep them on the counter for some fun bookish decor. $78

A small square ceramic tea bag holder with a Jane Austen quote.

This Jane Austen tea bag holder is engraved with a quote from Mansfield Park: “But indeed I would rather have nothing but tea.” I can imagine lots of other uses for it around the kitchen — to measure out small amounts of spices or as a spoon rest while cooking. $9.50

An illustrated art print showing a stack of various editions of The Joy of Cooking and Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

Mastering the Art of French Cooking and The Joy of Cooking are two of the most beloved cookbooks, ever. What better way to celebrate a love of books and cooking then with this Julia & Joy print? $21

Looking for more bookish goods for your kitchen? Check out these beautiful cookbook bookends, these bookish mugs, and this lovely collection of literary tea infusers! You might also be interested in some of these fantastic gifts for cookbook lovers.

- Laura Sackton


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