40 Awesome DIY Bar Ideas For The Perfect Summer Project


Looking for the next cool feature to add to your home? How about DIY bar ideas to make entertaining guests more fun and to give you a designated space for all your bar-related supplies and items.

DIY bar ideas

This is a great idea for indoor spaces as well as for outdoor areas and just to be clear we’re talking about DIY bar ideas, the kind of projects that you get to build and customize however you see fit.

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We can think of at least 40 cool ideas that we can share with you, so check out our favorites below.

Why Should You Create a DIY Bar?

There are many reasons to build a DIY bar, but the number one reason is that it is fun to entertain guests at your own home bar.

Picture this, your friends want to head out for an evening, but no one wants to get dressed up or have to drive, so you suggest spending the night at your in-home DIY bar. It will be a huge hit.

Plus, you will save lots of money by drinking at a home bar. Two drinks in bars are frequently the same price as an entire bottle.

Thus, you can save money by entertaining your friends at your home bar rather than buying rounds at the bar.

Even if everyone does want to go out to the bar, a home bar is a great place to return to after the bars close for the evening for a little after-party.

Don’t drink? Not a problem, a DIY home bar can also be used as a coffee bar or a place to enjoy breakfast on the weekends. No matter what, a bar will look classy in your home.

Are There Easy DIY Bar Ideas?

Creating a DIY bar isn’t always easy, especially for those who want a bar with beer on tap, but there are plenty of ideas that you can make with little to no construction experience.

There are also DIY home bar ideas that can be designed using items you already have available in your home.

Here are some easy DIY bar ideas:

  • A bar cart that can be moved between rooms
  • Outdoor pallet bar
  • Make a bar out of a kitchen island kit
  • Turn shelving into a bar
  • Turn an old cabinet into a bar station
  • Change a vintage suitcase into a bar
  • Repurpose old furniture, such as a chair into a bar

As you can see, there are plenty of DIY bar ideas that require very little experience and materials to make.

What Materials Do You Need to Make a DIY Home Bar?

No matter what design of a DIY home bar you decide to build, there are some basic supplies you will need for the project.

Of course, the exact supplies you need will vary based on the design you choose.

Here are some suggested supplies for DIY bar ideas you can purchase to be prepared:

  • Wood of your choice for the bar top
  • 2 x4 beams
  • Bar molding
  • Beer tap kit (if you want your bar to have built-in beer)
  • Construction adhesive
  • Screws
  • Insulation
  • Trim
  • Metal Drip Tray
  • Wood Glue
  • Drill
  • Clamps
  • Caulk gun
  • Leveler
  • Sander or Sand Paper
  • Saw

Building a DIY home bar typical involves cutting wood. Therefore you may also want to have some personal protective gear on hand like safety glasses, hearing protection, and woodworking gloves.

DIY bar ideas

What Kind of Wood Do You Use to Build a Homemade DIY Bar?

When selecting wood to build your bar you will want to choose something which is sturdy, water-resistant, and will last a long time.

For this reason, many professionals recommend making a bar top out of walnut wood.

Walnut wood is shock-resistant and can be found in an array of colors to suit any aesthetic you are looking for. But walnut wood can also be expensive, and not as rustic looking as you may desire.

Here are some other types of woods you can use to build a DIY bar top:

  • Reclaimed Oak (for a rustic look)
  • Oak
  • Reclaimed Chestnut (best for small bars)
  • Reclaimed Pine
  • Bubinga

Where Can You Buy Materials for Indoor DIY Bar Ideas?

Ready to build your bar? You can find most of the materials you need for this project at your local hardware store.

Some hardware stores even have kits that can get you started on building the base of the bar.

If you can’t find what you are looking for at the hardware store, check online, as most bar materials can be ordered for delivery right to your door.

How to Build a DIY Bar

Sometimes the basic something can be the best. Below are the step-by-step instructions to build a basic bar in your home.

DIY Bar Supplies:

  • Power drill
  • Table Saw
  • Miter Saw
  • Tape Measure
  • Circular Saw
  • 2×8 Lumber
  • 2×4 Lumber
  • Wood Stain/Paint as desired
  • Sander/Sand Paper
  • Construction Adhesive
  • Screws
  • Nails
  • Wood Glue
  • Tabletop fasteners

DIY bar ideas

Directions for Building a DIY Bar:

Step 1: Cut Your Wood

Before you do anything else, time to put that saw to work and cut your lumber. Cut your 2×4 lumber into 3-foot sections, or the height you want your bar to be.

Step 2: Laminate Your Table Legs Together

Glue two pieces together with wood glue, clamping them until they dry. Repeat this 4 times for all 4 table legs. Let them dry completely

Step 3: Sand and Paint

Now is the time to sand your wood to rid it of splinters and uneven ends.

Step 4: Screw the Legs Together

Take two of the table legs you made and set them the distance apart you want them to be(this needs to be smaller than your bar top).

Cut a piece of wood that fits between the two and screw it into place at the top, reinforcing with wood glue.

Cut another piece the same size and screw/glue it into place at the bottom of the two legs. Repeat this process with the other two legs, ensuring they are the exact same distance apart as the first set.

Step 5: Brace the Legs

After that, you will want to create a brace between the two sets of legs. Cut a piece of wood which is the distance apart you want the sets of legs to be, ensure this fits beneath your bar top.

Place these on both the tops and bottoms of the legs. You should now have something which resembles the outline of a wooden box.

For those planning to cover your entire bar in wood (not leaving the bottom open) to create a wood paneling look, you may want to put a third set of beams in the middle to give you more options to screw the wood into.

Step 6: Prime and Paint

Put a primer on all parts of your table, paint or stain as you desire.

Step 7: Install the Bar Top

Use tabletop fasteners to install your bar top on the top of your bar. If it is a really heavy material, such as stone, you may want to install a brace across the top of your legs to keep it secure.

And just like that, you’ve got your very own DIY home bar.

What’s the Difference Between a DIY Bar and a DIY Mini Bar?

A mini-bar is a smaller version of a DIY bar.

DIY mini bars are often recommended for those who don’t have the space in their home for a full bar, or if you want to install a bar that you can move from room to room (such as on a cart).

So when you are thinking you don’t have the room for a DIY bar, but you would still like to entertain guests in your home with some cool cocktails or beverages, look into a DIY mini-bar.

A DIY mini bar idea can give you all of the benefits of a full bar, without taking up so much space.

Entertain in Your Home This Summer With One of These Fun DIY Bar Ideas 

1. Build a DIY Pallet Bar

DIY pallet bar

We’ll start with this cool DIY pallet bar idea from instructables. Not only is this idea a very cost-effective project, but it is also a really simple design.

The overall look would look wonderful in all sorts of contexts, and it could fit in a variety of home designs, whether it’s a modern living room, a rustic backyard, or a traditional party venue. Check out the details to find out how this particular bar was made.

2. Wood and Concrete DIY Bar

Wood and Concrete DIY Bar

There are quite a few types of materials that you can choose from for DIY bar, including wood and concrete which are among the most popular ones, and also those that were used in this project featured on instructables.

The combo suits this bar well mainly because of the outdoor location. Buildings the molds for the concrete frame is the most important and probably also the most time-consuming part of the project.

3. Build a DIY Bar from a Kitchen Island

DIY Bar from a Kitchen Island

An important piece of information to keep in mind at this point is that it’s often easier to repurpose an existing piece of furniture than it is to start a project from scratch. There’s a cool example of remodelaholic which supports this idea.

The wooden base of this DIY bar was previously a kitchen island that lacked a top. It worked out great given its dimensions and overall design. A quick makeover made everything even better.

4. An L-Shaped Bar

L-shaped DIY bar ideas

Naturally, if you have a specific design in mind for your DIY bar, repurposing existing pieces of furniture might not be an option in which case you’re better off building everything from scratch.

Check out this tutorial on strongti to find out how this L-shaped bar was made and to learn how to do something similar for your own home if you ever want to.

5. A Rustic Beach Beverage Center

Rustic X beach beverage center

When trying to picture a bar, we all have different versions and different designs in mind.

Some of these are more popular than others but at the end of the day, it’s completely up to you to choose the option which suits you best based on the space available, the main function the bar is meant to fulfill as well as your expectations in terms of the overall design and look.

This DIY bar featured on ana-white has a bench-inspired design and looks really great.

6. A DIY Bar Cart for Greater Flexibility

DIY bar cart

A DIY bar cart is a great idea if you prefer flexibility and you want to be able to move this piece around whenever and wherever needed.

You can take the bar cart out on the patio or the porch on those beautiful summer evenings when you’re enjoying the cool breeze with family or friends. You could also use this as a serving cart. Check out jaimecostiglio to find out how to build one for yourself.

7. An Open Bar for Your Garden

open bar for the garden

This bar featured on buildsomething has a very open design which makes it lightweight, easy to build, and also user-friendly, allowing you to easily store things close at hand and leaving plenty of room on the shelves for anything you might want to put there.

Feel free to customize the shelves based on your own needs.

8. Build a Coffee Bar for Your Home

DIY bar ideas coffee bar

Bars are in fact very versatile. It’s not liquor and cocktail-making tools and accessories that you can store on its shelves but lots of other things too.

For example, this project featured on sincerelymariedesigns shows you how to make a coffee bar. This is basically a coffee station, a piece that would look lovely in the kitchen or in an open-space living room.

9. A Murphy Bar That Is Attached to The Wall

Murphy Bar That Is Attached to The Wall

If space is an issue, there are definitely ways to solve this. You could build a small bar or, even better, a Murphy bar which is attached to the wall and folds open only when you need it. It would be similar to a fold-down table.

You can even include some built-in shelves in the design so you have room to store the basics even when the top is folded up. Check out bunker for instructions.

10. An Upcycled DIY Bar Cart

upcycled DIY bar cart

Check out this other cool-looking DIY bar cart design, this time from 2beesinapod. It’s small but it’s practical and it looks pretty cute too, especially with that bright color on it.

There’s a small drawer for storing tools and other little items, two open shelves right beneath it for bottles, and a towel holder to the side.

11. A Cinder Block Planter Bar

cinder block planter bar

You can immediately identify a few familiar items in the design of this DIY bar from designsponge and one of them is the door which acts and a sort of back panel for the whole structure.

The base is made of cinder blocks which double as planters and the top is made of dark-stained wood. The contrast between all the different pieces and materials is really cool and gives this bar a lot of character. {found on diys}.

12. DIY Pipe Bar Cart

DIY pipe bar cart ideas

If you’re planning to build a bar that has an industrial vibe, a great idea is to use metal pipes and fittings to make the frame. The shelves can be simple wooden boards cut to size.

This combination always looks nice and you have a lot of freedom when building the frame because you can basically shape it however you want. There’s also the option to spray paint the pipes to add some color to your design.

You can find out more about this industrial bar cart project on alifedesigned.

13. A Pottery Barn Inspired Outdoor Bar

pottery barn inspired outdoor bar

Although a bar with lots of shelves and drawers can be very practical and storage-efficient, other more simple designs can be really great too.

For instance, we really like how this DIY outdoor bar from sincerelymariedesigns turned out. It has a nice hint of rustic charm with a big open shelf at the bottom and a bunch of hooks attached to the top of the frame.

14. Turn a Potting Bench Into An Outdoor Bar

potting bench into an outdoor DIY bar ideas

This cute bar featured on thecreativityexchange used to be a potting bench and that turned out great for the project because the bench already had a sink slot which was transformed into bucket ice.

There’s a shelf at the bottom for storing all the big items and a shelf at the top with a glass rack attached to the underside.

15. A U-Shaped Bar With A Large Countertop

u-shaped bar with large countertop

A U-shaped bar with a generous countertop could look really cool out on the patio and you could build the entire thing yourself according to the exact proportions that you think would fit best.

Start with the main supports and proceed to build the frame of the bar using wooden posts and boards. Then add the top and the bottom shelf, the raised counter sections, and finally fill in the gaps on all the sides.

This video tutorial on youtube guides you through all the different steps.

16. Build An Entire Outdoor Kitchen

entire outdoor kitchen with DIY bar ideas

If there’s enough space for it, you could build an entire outdoor kitchen which could also double as a bar. You can give it an L-shaped countertop, lots of built-in storage, and even a few extras such as a grill, a sink, and other things you might find useful out here.

As for the bar itself, we think a concrete countertop would look nice and would also be very practical. Check out this youtube tutorial to find out how it’s done.

17. Use Reclaimed Wood Boards To Build An Outdoor Bar

outdoor DIY bar out of reclaimed wood boards

If you want an outdoor bar for summer parties and various casual gatherings with friends and family, there’s no need to overcomplicate things. Something relatively small and simple would be perfectly fine.

You can build the entire thing out of wood and potentially use some reclaimed boards in the process. This one is quick and easy to build and there’s a video tutorial that explains all you need to know about the project. Check it out on youtube.

18. A Bar Made From Cultured Stone

DIY bar from cultured stone

Since this is an outdoor bar, you can get away with materials that might not fit that well when used indoors. For example, you could make a wonderful-looking bar using cultured stone in combination with some wood and a granite top.

If the bar is placed in an exposed area it’s important to make sure it can stand up to the elements and this particular design is a good example. If you want to find out more about it, check out the youtube tutorial which explains how it was built.

19. Build A Beautiful Tiki Bar

beautiful tiki bar

You can take things one step further and build yourself a beautiful tiki bar. Although it’s not a very complex structure, it does require more planning, more materials, and attention to detail compared to some of the other projects we mentioned earlier.

You can find the plans and a bunch of tips on how to tackle this project in this tutorial featured on youtube.

20. Create A Smaller Entertainment Table

smaller entertainment table

Instead of a traditional bar, you can opt for something smaller like this entertainment table. It’s not just an outdoor table and it’s more practical than you might first realize.

To make it you need a large planter, a PVC pipe, a round piece of plywood, concrete, and a few other things which are listed on hallmarkchannel. The base of the table doubles as a cooler when you fill it with ice.

21. Upcycled Vintage Door Beverage Bar Station

Upcycled Vintage Door Beverage Bar Station

To keep the cost of your projects low, a great idea is to use reclaimed materials and repurposed items. There are lots of ingenious ways to do so. This, for example, is a lovely patio bar made from an old door.

We often refuse to see the potential behind a lot of the things we throw away and this is a great example showing what we’re missing out on when doing so.

If you want to find out more about this vintage door and how it became a beautiful outdoor bar, head over to findinghomefarms.

22. Build a Table with Built-in Ice Boxes

a table with built-in ice boxes

A cooler would sure be nice to have out on the patio and there’s a really cool way to have it built into a table or a bar to save some space and to also make it a lot faster and easier to have access to the ice.

You can add this feature to your existing outdoor table or bar if you already have one and only a few simple modifications would be required.

The design you see on remodelaholic is centered around a specific type of iceboxes so you might need to make a few adjustments if you’re using a different type of container.

23. Create A Beautiful Wine Barrel Cooler

wine barrel cooler

Speaking of outdoor bars and coolers, a really cool and clever idea can also be to make use of an old wine barrel.

You can cut off the top section and turn the remaining part into a beautiful barrel cooler which you can fill with ice and keep on your patio, next to a table or a small bar.

24. A Repurposed Microwave Cart

repurposed microwave cart DIY bar ideas

This eye-catching patio bar is actually a repurposed microwave cart. A fresh coat of paint made a huge difference and the bright metallic green is a nice fit for an open outdoor area, especially one surrounded by greenery.

As you can see, the cart has casters, two storage shelves at the bottom, a drawer at the top, and even a towel hanger on one side. Check out its transformation on 2beesinapod.

25. A Vintage Wooden Chair DIY Cooler

vintage wooden chair DIY cooler

Here’s another really cool idea for a DIY cooler. This time the stand is a vintage wooden chair with a circular seat. The transformation is quite simple and straightforward.

If you have an old chair that you don’t mind repurposing go ahead and cut out a hole at the center of the seat, big enough to fit a bucket or a cooler inside without it going all the way through.

If the chair doesn’t have a round seat this shouldn’t pose a problem since the shape is merely aesthetic. For more details, head over to ohmy-creative to check out the tutorial.

26. DIY Grill Cart Bar Cart

DIY grill cart bar cart

This bar cart has its own cooler but it keeps it hidden underneath the wooden top. It’s only this section of the top that has hinges and can be lifted up to reveal a hidden compartment, the other one being fixed.

The bar cart also has open shelves for storage and copper fittings that serve as towel rods. You can find the plans for this wooden bar cart project and all the details and instructions on jaimecostiglio.

27. DIY Outdoor Pallet Bar for the Summer

DIY Outdoor Pallet Bar ideas for the Summer

The easiest way to build an outdoor bar is by using two wooden pallets. Make sure they have the same dimensions and also get some plywood, a drill, a few screws, and some glue ready. The pallets need to be arranged vertically and they serve as a bar for bar.

The plywood is placed on top and you can either add a countertop or use pavers for the top section, as shown on projects.truevalue. This would be a great weekend project.

28. Turn A Non-Working Refrigerator Into An Outdoor Bar

Turn A Non-Working Refrigerator Into An Outdoor Bar

This outdoor bar makes use of an old, non-working refrigerator and a bunch of wooden pallets. It looks lovely and we love the vintage vibe given by all the reclaimed wood.

There are many different ways in which something like this can be customized based, of course, on the resources available so think of this project as a source of inspiration for your own unique creation. You can find out all the details on diyprojects.ideas2live4.

29. DIY Piano Bar

piano bar

If you happen to have an old piano floating around your home, turn it into this incredible DIY piano bar as demonstrated by the Instructables. You’ll take an old full-size piano and create a drinks cabinet and glass holder.

If you love entertaining family and friends in your home, this is one of the most extravagant DIY bars you could create for your living room or dining room. If you don’t have a piano in your home, consider finding an old second-hand piano that no longer works.

30. Turn an Old Cable Reel Into a Wine Bar Table

old cable reel into a wine bar table

Amazing Interior Design shows us how to create this simple DIY wine bar table project. You’ll take an old cable reel and decorate it to transform it into a wine bar table.

You can customize this project to fit your home decor by painting the reel or adding as many decorations as you’d like to it. You’ll have space to store your bottles around the bottom edge of the table and then a cooler you can fill with ice in the center of the reel.

31. Convert a TV Into a Mini-Bar

Convert a TV Into a Mini-Bar

You’ll love this fun DIY project from Pink Flamingo Lounge, which takes an old 1960’s television set and transforms it into a fun mini bar for your living room.

You’ll add a fun yet practical decoration into your living room or dining room, which will wow any guests you invite over to your home.

Due to the size of these older TV models, you’ll find you have plenty of space to store all of the drinks you need to create fun cocktails for your friends and family members.

32. Turn a Bookcase Into a Bar

Turn a Bookcase Into a Bar

For anyone who has an old bookcase taking up space in your office or living room, you can quickly transform this into a bar for your home, as demonstrated by IKEA Hackers.

The whole project will only take a few days to complete, which includes time for painting the bookcase if you need to. It shouldn’t cost you too much to make, so it’s a budget-friendly and fun project for anyone to have a go at this summer.

The great thing about this project is that it won’t take up as much space in your home as a standalone bar and can easily sit against any wall in a room.

33. A Pallet Wine Rack

pallet wine rack

While we’d all love to have the space to add a massive DIY bar to our home, that’s not realistic for anyone who lives in a smaller apartment or home.

These DIY pallet wine racks will fit snuggly against your wall, so you won’t have to worry about your new bar taking up more floor space this year in your home. Instructables offers us this quick and easy project which is made using the end section of a pallet.

It should only take you about an hour and a half to complete and uses simple hand tools or power tools.

34. DIY Cabinet Bar

DIy cabinet bar

Another old piece of furniture can be transformed into a bar for your home with this project from These Two Hands. You can either use a cabinet you have in your home or find a cheap one that’s pre-loved.

You’ll begin by taking off the door and hinges, which you can then replace with glass doors for a more stylish look. To create a more modern look, go for straight edges throughout the design by sawing any curved edges off the cabinet.

This is another great project which could easily fit in the corner of any room, so it won’t take up too much space in your home this year.

35. Backyard Pallet Western-Themed Bar

Backyard Pallet Western-Themed Bar

If you’ve got a massive space to fill in a room in your home, consider building this backyard pallet western-themed bar from 1001 Pallets. You can either place this inside or outside, and it would be ideal for serving drinks during summer parties and gatherings.

You’ll use three pallets for the base of this project and then a plank to create the counter. You can then decorate the bar with rustic decorations to add more character to your new bar setup.

36. A Changing Table Upcycled To A Bar Cart

Changing Table Upcycled To A Bar Cart

When your little one doesn’t need to use a changing table any longer, why not put it to good use and create a bar cart? Hometalk shows you how to upcycle your changing table into a bar cart.

You’ll use DIY chalk paint, and you’ll also create a handmade wine rack and wine glass holder. It’s a fantastic project, and anyone who sees it won’t believe that it used to be a changing table.

Iron pipe is used to create a towel rack, and then you can decorate and accessorize the bar cart to fit your and your family’s needs.

37. Create a Vintage Suitcase Bar

Create a Vintage Suitcase Bar

An old vintage suitcase is a perfect base for a bar to cater to your family and friends this summer. Kate Beavis creates this fun open bar which is perfect for a summer barbeque or even a wedding this year.

The great thing about this project is that it’s a really mobile bar, so once you are finished mixing your drinks, you can pack everything up and take it back inside. Fill it with glasses, a cocktail shaker, and drinks of your choice for the perfect display this year.

38. A Bar Cart Made From Scrap Wood

Bar Cart Made From Scrap Wood

Scrap wood forms the base of this easy DIY bar cart project from Nifty Nest. You’ll create a piece of furniture that adds more character to your living room or dining room and is ideal for a quick cocktail after work.

To create this bar cart, the scrap wood came from old mattress support slats, but you could use anything you have hanging around your home. As it’s created with wood, you can stain or paint this project to fit your home décor.

39. A Dresser Converted Into a Wine Bar

Dresser Converted Into a Wine Bar

Take an old dresser that’s kicking around your home and create a beautiful wine bar for your home. Designed Decor shows you how to take an old dresser and make a great bar for either indoor or outdoor use this summer.

You can stain the wood to fit your needs and also paint the body of the wine bar in any color you fancy. We love how ornate the design of this dresser is, which helps to create a bar that will impress anyone you entertain this summer.

40. 3 Drawer Chest to Bar Cabinet

3 Drawer Chest to Bar Cabinet

Addicted to DIY shares this IKEA hack which takes a three-drawer chest and transforms it into a bar cabinet. As you can see from our list of projects today, an old piece of furniture is the perfect base for creating a bar in your home.

You don’t have to always create a project from scratch. Instead, you can save time and effort by using a piece of pre-loved furniture for your DIY bar.

How to Build These Outdoor DIY Bar Ideas

No room in your house for a bar? No problem, an outdoor bar can be fun as well. The easiest outdoor bar to make is one that is made from pallets. Here is how you do it:

Outdoor DIY Bar Ideas Supplies:

  • 1 or 2 pallets, dismantled
  • Nails
  • Screws
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood stain or paint
  • 1×4 Lumber
  • Saw

Directions for Building Outdoor DIY Bar Ideas:

Step 1: Create Your Frame

After you dismantle the pallets, place one board on the floor, and stand up boards along the one on the ground to create a frame.

Once they are the distance apart you desire, screw or nail them into place. Put another board across the top. Create one large frame and two small ones for the sides of the bar.

Step 2: Fill in the Frames

Use pallet wood to fill in the holes in the frame as you see fit. Attach them together in the shape of your bar

Step 3: Make the Bar Top

Cut the 1×4 lumber to make the bar top you desire. Feel free to use multiple layers.

Step 4: Create a Shelf

Add a shelf halfway down with any leftover 1×4 lumber. Two layers are best for storing multiple bottles of alcohol on this shelf.

Step 5: Sand, Paint, and Stain

Your bar should now look like a bar. The final step is to sand everything down, then paint or stain it to match the aesthetic of your home.

DIY bar ideas

How to Build Rustic DIY Bar Ideas

The rustic look is in and you may want your bar to have a rustic look to it. To do this, simply follow any blueprint of how to make a bar, but switch out all of the new boards for reclaimed wood.

Reclaimed wood will give your bar a rustic look without actually being old.

Other options for making a rustic bar include using pallet wood, or a new wood with a wood stain that makes it look reclaimed.

Either way, no matter what option you pick, you will end up with a beautiful rustic bar.

DIY Bar Ideas FAQs

Can You Buy DIY Home Bar Ideas Blueprints?

You can purchase home bar blueprints from nay different online sites, for those who are having a hard time visualizing their project on their own.

You can also hire someone to draw blueprints for you that will fit your home.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a DIY Bar?

The cost of building your homemade bar will widely depend on the size, type of wood, and location of the bar. Additionally, a wet bar costs more to install than a dry bar.

You can expect to spend as low as $500 on the project, but the costs could extend to up to $8,000.

How Thick Should a Wood Bar Top Be?

A wood bar top needs to be thick enough to be durable, but not too thick that it will look strange. Most bar tops are between 1 and 2 inches in thickness.

How Much Overhang Should a DIY Bar Have?

The average bar has 25-30cm or 10-12inches of overhang which allows people to sit comfortably around the bar with plenty of knee space.

How Big Should a Home Bar Be?

The best size for your DIY bar will depend on how much space you have available in your home. You should plan to have 6 barstools fit at your bar to make entertaining guests possible.

If your space is too small for this, DIY bars can be made for just 2 or 4 barstools.

Stay Home and Entertain Your Guests with These DIY Bar Ideas

These DIY bar projects are the ideal challenge for the upcoming summer months. You’ll create a useful piece of furniture that you can place either indoors or outdoors in your home.

When your friends and family members come over to your house for a party or barbeque, you’ll love serving them drinks or cocktails from your new bar.

Whichever one of these bars you decide to build for your home, we hope you enjoy having a go at one of these fun summer projects.

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