10 Best Products for Kitchen Organization Under $20


Kitchen cluttered, but you don’t have thousands of dollars for fancy organization tools and items?

No worries, because we have an excellent list of kitchen organization products that each can be had for under $20 on Amazon.

Buy everything on this list to free up tons of space and keep track of everything — and if you get creative, enhance the look of your kitchen — for around $200 after shipping and taxes. Not a bad deal.
1. Over-the-Sink Dish Drainer Drying Rack
Counter space is at a premium in most kitchens. Drying racks are definitely a counter hog, so grab one of these over-the-sink dish drainer drying racks.
2. Adjustable Pan and Pot Holder
Instead of shoving all your pots and pans in one cabinet, grab this $15 pot and pan holder to keep up to five pots and pans (plus their lids) organized in one place.

No more throwing several pots and pans around to find the one that you need — with no installation required, you can organize your pans however you’d like on this sturdy steel holder.
3. Magnetic Knife Holder
If you lack the counter space for a knife block, why not mount your cutlery on the wall? For under $17, this heavy-duty magnetic knife holder can hold several knives and other tools with east. You’ll never have to search for your knives again, and you can even get creative and add some artistic flair to your kitchen.

As always, watch your fingers when taking a knife off the holder.
4. Over-the-Cabinet-Door Organizer/Holder
Cutting boards and sheet pans are bulky items, but this over-the-cabinet-door organizer helps to minimize the space they take up while also making them easy to find.

This organizer, in particular, has a sturdy steel build allowing it to hold up to five cutting boards or pans comfortably. Plus, it has thin hooks with EVA foam to fit to your cabinet doors without scratching them.
5. Wall-Mounted Spice Rack Organizer
Sick of digging around for the proper seasoning? For $20, this spice rack organizer provides you with plenty of storage space for spice bottles, jars, and similar items. You can set in on your counter, or hang it up if you need more space.

If you love your purchase, consider grabbing another for your bathroom — these are great for holding your bathroom essentials.
6. Shopping Bag Storage
Do you have a space to store your pile of plastic shopping bags? Now you can organize them for $17 with this shopping bag storage basket. It can hold up to 50 shopping bags while keeping your kitchen, pantry, and cabinets free of plastic bag clutter.
7. Food Storage Container Lid Holder
Your food storage container lids love to vanish when you need them, but no more with this lid holder. This convenient storage item has three sections for lids of different sizes, and its open top makes grabbing the right lid easy.

It’s compact, too, so you can fit several of them in one place. Plus, with a rust-resistant finish, don’t worry about putting freshly-washed lids in while they’re still a bit damp.
8. Double Towel Bar Rack
At only $12, this towel bar rack lets you store two towels at once. With one of these, you’ll have a stylish way to hang your towels within reach when you need them.

Or if you want them out of sight, their compact design makes it easy to hide them away in a kitchen cabinet.
9. Food Packet Holder/Organizer
Whether it’s tea, hot chocolate, spices, or dressing mixes, you need a place to store those little packets. They have three sections to separate different types of food packets, and they’re small enough to fit almost anywhere.
10. Kitchen Cleaning Product Holder
Tidy away your sponge, soap, and other dishwashing items with this organizer tray. There’s plenty of room to hold a few sponges and a soap dispenser, and the flexible silicone design minimizes the chance of injuries. It’s only $13!
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