SplashSoup Natural Bamboo Multifunctional Tray, Living Room Bedside Caddy, Bathroom Organizer, Kitchen Utensil & Spice Holder


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SplashSoup Natural Bamboo Multifunctional Tray, Living Room Bedside Caddy, Bathroom Organizer, Kitchen Utensil & Spice Holder

Organize. 14" inches long x 8.5 inches wide. It's 4 1/2" up to handle. Durable natural bamboo convenient handle carry caddy. Tote this holder from the living room to the bed room. Carry essentials, accessories, medicines all the daily things. Perfect for elderly assistance. Grain and design give rustic, organic feel.
Multifunctional kitchen organizer for spices, utensils. Art supply organizer for brushes, pens, paints, clay. Usable for children activity sets; play doh, markers, pencils, crayons, small toys. Any tool or set that carry from room to room. Place it efficiently in bathroom keeping lotions, makeup, cosmetics and small towels. Easy handle carry all purpose buddy to use from the closet to bathtub sessions for keeping all the essentials. Works as a perfect home assistance caddy..
Coordinate in the home. Elegant natural and woodsy piece for the living room. It can fit under sofas or tables but you'll want to display this storage unit. Store remote controls, smart phones, pens and pads. From the living room to the night stand. Easy fit under sofas or beds but beautiful enough you'll want to display.
Heavy duty, tough construction, natural feel. All bamboo. No MDF, plastic or chemical composite. No forests were hurt in the making of this eco friendly sustainable piece. Great for decorating cabins, beach houses, RV's, man caves, use it as a bridal shower gift.
Store daily reach items in 4 compartments: Tidy living room, kitchen, home office desk. Fits perfectly in pantry, side of bed, in closets. A wonderful daily accessory keeper or home supply carrier caddy for elderly and home assistance

Organization is key when it comes to this 100% ALL NATURAL BAMBOO lifestyle caddy. This natural material and functional piece is perfect for display and use in the living room, home office, kitchen, bedroom or bath. Put your long kitchen utensils, spices or carry this baby out to the grill. Tools, supplies, air conditioner remotes, whatever you need in an organized and easy-to-reach format, this organizer is perfect. Organize and store remote controls, phone and tablet chargers, pens, money clips. This piece looks great as an accessory or storage unit holder by your computer monitor. Keep gadgets, podcast equipment, earbuds and consider sort of an accessory catchall. Gone are they days of coming home from work or out with the children and not knowing where to store your critical daily-use items. Car keys, important pieces of mail anything important you need to remember on a daily basis, all can go into this convenient storage bin. Consider and use it as a coffee table organizer There are 4 compartments that are critical in keeping you organized. Use this multipurpose buddy for the bathtub to hold all essentials. This all environmentally friendly storage caddy even functions as a perfect station to post sticky notes and to store notepads. Incoming and outgoing mail envelopes, grocery lists, this all purpose bin becomes a living to-do list! No MDF or plastic used in this natural organizer. Display it, show it, use it. This is a heavy-duty item. It has a firm feel and a strong weight. You don't have to worry about nicks, dents and scratches. Since is 100% all natural bamboo, it can take the wear and tear of daily life

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