JJJstore Mop broom holder 2 Pcs Reusable Self-Adhesive holder,wall mop organizer holder for bedroom, bathroom,kitchen


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JJJstore Mop broom holder 2 Pcs Reusable Self-Adhesive holder,wall mop organizer holder for bedroom, bathroom,kitchen

1. NO DRILLING - WELL DONE IN 1MIN: This self-adhesive broom mop holder DO NOT NEED DRILLING,NAILING OR SCREWS. Just peel off the cover, stick the adhesive pad on smooth hard surfaces. Great for holding mops, brooms and etc,save space and make your home more organized !
2. Easy to Install- Fix it without tools,no drilling, no screws,do not worry about damage to your wall and well done in 1min.
3. Super sticky,Waterproof: Mop broom rack suitable for 0.86-1.29 inches(2.2CM-3.3CM)diameter handle objects and can stand up to 11 pounds of weight,firmly hung on top,not afraid to be wet and fall off.
4. ELASTIC BAND & GEAR DESIGN: Gear design provide a easy way, not only for putting the broom mop holder on but also for taking it down. The mop holder organizer is designed with a built- in elastic band as well, increasing the contact area and friction.
5. CHROME FINISHED METAL: This mop holder is build by heavy gauge steel with chrome finish, corrosion resistant, ensuring aesthetics and durability.

The broom holder organizer can be washed with clean water when it infected dust, dirt, paper towels, sand, etc., and they can be air-dried or dried with a hair dryer to restore their stickiness, it can still be powerful.
Broom mop holder widely used in glass, ceramics, metal, wood, plastic and other flat and smooth interface paste, Suitable for kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, office and other places.
With 0.08in ultra-thick PC material jaws, non-toxic harmless, corrosion-resistant, super-elastic, strong clamping force, continuous, strong and durable.
In the middle of the new mop handles, the original anti-slip mat was replaced with a retractable silicone tape, it can be widely used in various types of household items with a diameter of 0.4 in-1.2 inches.

- Model:TZ-5100
- Color:Silver
- Package Dimensions:8.9*4.3*4 inches
- Item Dimensions:3.7*3.7*1.89 inches
- Item Weight: 0.63 lbs
- Material:SEBS+PC+PET

- STEP 1: Wipe up dust,water, oil,grease on the surface.
- STEP 2: Tear off the protective film of pad, and stick it to a good position.Please envade the seam crossing of tile.
- STEP 3: Press on the adhesive pad to expel air bubbles.
- STEP 4: Installation is completed. Available to use after 24 hours.
Warm tips :
1. Please keep the mop wall holder away from the sunlight, fire or high temperature.
2. Please keep the 2 mop holder away from children,since the accessory is very sharp.
3. Please evade the seam crossing of tile while installation.
4. Please DO NOT install the broom mop holder on dirty,wet surface.
5. Please DO NOT install the mop holder on rough,uneven,breakable surfaces.
6. Please dismantle the adhesive pad within half an hour if made incorrect installation.
Remove it from the wall and keep it flat, rinse and then dry it by hair dryer.

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