Napoleon Oasis Series - Waste Drawer Cabinet


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Napoleon Oasis Series - Waste Drawer Cabinet

We understand that things can get fairly messy when you're grilling with 1% meat and 99% barbecue sauce. But, there is absolutely no need to worry when you've got a waste bucket and paper towel holder nearby. 

For your , we suggest you get a waste drawer cabinet built into your island. The stainless steel pull-out drawers shine just as much as your grill will. Well, that is until you get your barbecue-sauce covered hands all over the handles. Then, we suggest you take some extra paper towel and give those handles a quick wipe down. You wouldn't want your outdoor kitchen to look saucy, would you?



  • Galvanized steel cabinet with a carbon coloured, powder-coated exterior to offer a modern appeal to your outdoor kitchen 
  • Pull-out waste drawer with a removable waste bucket
  • Flip-down paper towel drawer to save you from your barbecue sauce covered hands
  • Stainless steel drawer fronts which shine just as much as your grill will
  • Knockouts for gas and electrical components make it a breeze for installation
  • Adjustable leveling feet will keep it stable on uneven patio surfaces
  • Shipped fully assembled - No need to install each and every piece yourself
  • Dimensions: 24" W x 24" D x 35 1/2" H