Napoleon Oasis Modular Island 400


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Napoleon Oasis Modular Island 400

Do you open up the door to your backyard and wish you could fill that large, open space with something a little more... big? You may already have a barbecue, but you probably don't have an outdoor kitchen island with a built-in grill head and side burner. Oh yes, and loads of storage. Just think of the amount of barbecue tools you can store!

The 400 has been revamped with a new, carbon coloured exterior. This not only increases how incredible it looks, but it also increases how amazing it looks! 

With all that storage paired with a grill head and side burner, can you get anymore luxurious than that?

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  • Premium stainless steel drawers and shelves housed within carbon coloured, powder-coated, galvanized steel cabinets
  • Choose a mid-sized grill or go big (very big!) - grill heads can include the , the , the , and more (just give us a shout and we'll get back to you on all the possibilities)
  • One cabinet features a paper towel holder within the (which includes a trash bin)
  • The space offers two large pull-out drawers for extra storage (this space includes four pull-out drawers if you're lookin' to snag the PRO825RB - sizes of the under grill cabinet depend on the chosen grill head)
  • An additional modular unit offers a for even more storage space
  • Final modular unit can be used as a or simply as a
  • Includes a secondary universal cabinet to offer more room for larger objects
  • Optional to toss in a side burner to complete the outdoor kitchen experience
  • Pre-built design equates to an easy-peasy installation process
  • Uneven surfaces are no match for the included leveling legs - equipped to each and every modular unit
  • Napoleon Oasis 400 Island not big enough? Expand it even further with more singular modular pieces!
  • Knock-out pieces in the back of the units offer open spaces for electrical wires and gas lines
  • Oasis packages do not include any counter-top - you get to choose that yourself!