You Gotta Have One: The Best Golf Club Brush Cleaners


There’s a lot we can’t control during a round of golf. From the weather, how our body feels, course conditions, and luck that the Golf Gods may or may not give us.

But one thing that you can control is the cleanliness of your golf clubs. While it might not seem like a big deal, a clean club head can directly affect your distance, spin, and ball flight.

My motto in golf is control what you can control to give yourself the best chance to succeed. If you don’t clean your clubs before each shot, you’re making a hard game even more challenging.

Keep reading to learn more about the best golf club brush cleaners that you need. 

Best Golf Club Cleaner

You might think, is cleaning my clubs that important? Does a little bit of dirt in the grooves really change the ball flight, spin, or distance?

A article detailed how Dustin Johnson became a better wedge player thanks to endless practice and using a launch monitor. But not only did he hit a ton of balls, he made sure the grooves were clean for every shot.

“As the camera zoomed in on Johnson in-between wedge shots, they caught him wiping down the face of his wedge to keep the grooves clean. It’s an overlooked part of the routine that’s critically important to Johnson’s practice sessions.”

Even though DJ might appear to be a laid back, casual guy compared to other professionals he understands the importance of clean grooves.

Even if you aren’t trying to become a top golfer in the world, you need to clean your clubs too. It’s one easy thing you can do to have your current clubs perform their best on the golf course.

More Reasons to Clean Your Golf Clubs

Using clean grooves can help with performance on the course but there’s another element too as outlined by Brady Riggs, a GOLF Top 100 Teacher. In this article he said, “While there’s the obvious performance issues related to cleaning the clubs — especially the grooves with the wedges — there’s a psychological element as well,” 

“It’s important to leave the last round or practice session in the proper perspective, learning from the mistakes and building upon the successes. Cleaning the clubs, organizing the bag, et cetera., presents a fresh opportunity the next time you play or practice and serves to wipe the slate clean in addition to the clubs.”

Keep reading to learn more about the best club cleaners and other ways to keep every golf clean. 

1. Golf Brush Groove Cleaner 

As you’ll learn, there are a ton of options when it comes to golf club brush cleaners. But the original groove cleaner is as iconic as Titleist golf balls. 


This two-sided golf brush costs about the same as a Pro V1 golf ball and is built to last. The brush is double-sided; the brass side is great for irons and wedges. While the softer nylon side of the brush is great for hybrids, woods, and driver. 

It has a built-in plastic clip that makes it easy to attach to your golf bag. I would recommend not using any of the brushes on top of your driver or fairway woods. It can chip the paint or leave permanent damage so stick to cleaning the grooves only. 

Click here to purchase one today. 

Alternate Option: THIODOON 2-Pack Brushes

If you’re looking for a basic brush but slightly higher quality opt for these brushes instead. You get two brushes at a very low cost and both come with carabiner clips.

Click here to pick one up today.

2. Caddy Splash Golf Water Brush 

While the original club brush has worked for decades, it lacks one thing – water. You need a wet towel or need to spit on your clubs to loosen up the debris from the grooves. But now, the Caddy Splash and other golf club brushes solve this problem.


This club brush is equipped with large nylon bristles and makes cleaning your clubs easier than ever. The 100% nylon bristles aren’t as damaging to the top of the club and can be used for more than just the grooves.

Plus, you can add water into the anti-leak reservoir tube and squeeze to get the grooves wet. This makes cleaning easier than ever even if you don’t have a wet towel with you.

It also comes with a retractable clip so you can attach it to your golf bag easily. This will also help you keep your golf bag looking good too. 

Click here to order one today. 

3. Frogger Golf Brush Pro 

The Frogger golf brush is a high-end cleaning device that is worth the higher price tag. 

First, it has a bristle cleaning brush made of 100% nylon that works on any type of club. It has a second brush that you can replace when the original gets worn down too.


Second, it has a fold out groove cleaner that is very sharp and will remove debris or dirt that other cleaners can’t. It also has “Latch It” technology which makes it easy to attach it to your golf bag securely. But you can take it off to remove it while you’re waiting on the group ahead of you.

For the price tag, I think it should have a squirt bottle too but that’s not the case. You can customize it though and choose from four different colors to match the rest of your gear.  

Click here to grab a Frogger brush today.

Alternate Option: Yoport Golf Club Brush and Groove Cleaner

Another golf club cleaner brush that can help clean the club head and grooves is the Yoport groove cleaner. This golf club cleaner has a great design, two sides and a sharp groove cleaner. Not to mention it’s one of the lowest priced devices on this list.

4. Champkey Pro Retractable Golf Club Brush

If you don’t need a water reservoir and just want a golf club brush, this is another great option. The Champkey has an oversized brush that is 2.5X the size of most on this list. 


It has a rubber handle grip that makes it easier to clean your clubs in any conditions. It also has a retractable design so you can clean your clubs away from your golf bag. 

The Champkey also has a sharp groove cleaner on the top of the two-sided brush to help remove thick debris from the grooves. Plus, it comes in three different colors for under $10! 

Order your Pro Retractable brush today.

5. Groove Caddy Golf Club Cleaner

While all the brushes thus far on the list are great options, there’s still a little manual labor on your end. But if you don’t want to scrub your clubs, buy the Groove Caddy as it’s a rechargeable club cleaner.


This handheld brush has an 1120 RPM motor that makes cleaning your clubs easy. It has a 1400 MAH rechargeable battery and non-abrasive nylon bristles. It was even awarded the “Best New Product” at the PGA Merchandise show. 

This is a great golf gift for someone that loves hitting golf balls and wants to keep their clubs looking good. While it costs more than any other club brush, it’s more than worth it. 

You can order one here.

6. The Club Washer

If you’re like a lot of golfers, you prefer to walk instead of riding in a golf cart (which provides tons of benefits). However, the only problem with not having a motorized cart means no built-in club cleaner like a lot of them provide which makes it harder to keep your grooves clean.

Until now… the Club Washer is a cleaning brush on steroids! It’s just like the type of cleaner that is installed on golf carts that make it easy to remove dirt. 


All you do is add water to the bag and you’re ready to go. It should fit your irons, wedges, and some hybrids quite easily.

Move the club back and forth against the bristles to clean the entire head and remove debris from the grooves. When not in use, pour out the water and store in your bag or leave it attached to your push cart. 

Click here to purchase now. 

Picking Your Golf Club Cleaner

When picking your golf club cleaner/golf brushes make sure to think about:

  • Fillable water reservoir
  • Brush head (Brass bristles vs. nylon brushes)
  • Retractable groove cleaner vs. clip on like most golf brushes
  • Accessories included (example golf ball marker, groove cleaners, divot tool, microfiber towel, etc.)

Similar Golf Accessories

Now that you have a better idea of the best golf club brush cleaners, here are a few similar items that can impact your performance. 

Groove Sharpener (Club groove cleaner)

You need sharp grooves on your wedges and irons to generate maximum spin. Wedges have the deepest grooves of any club but also wear down the fastest.


According to Vokey, grooves wear down significantly after 75 rounds of golf. They wear down even faster if you practice regularly with range balls and hit sand shots. 

To keep your grooves in top condition, buy a groove sharpener; it is a fast way to clean and restore your wedges. They work for both U-grooves and V-grooves and only take a minute to sharpen. 

You can grab a groove sharpener here.

Golf Ball Washer Cleaner

While keeping your grooves clean is important, don’t forget about your golf ball too. If you play golf with a cart, some of them have a built-in club and ball cleaner on the side. And some golf courses have cleaners too although that’s more of an old-school thing that isn’t on a ton of courses anymore.


While you can always clean your golf ball with a wet towel, there are other options now. If your cart doesn’t have a cleaner, this personal golf ball washer is a great accessory. 

The device fits securely into the cup holder of your cart for a convenient and portable golf ball cleaner. It won’t leak thanks to a sealing gasket  and makes it easier than ever to clean your golf balls. 

Order your golf ball washer here.

Frogger Cleaning Towel

Another great accessory that you can attach to your belt is this small golf towel. It’s two-sided with 100% cotton and 100% polyester. 


Wet the inner layer of the towel to clean your ball then dry it on the outside. This is great for winter golf and will help you hit better putts. Plus, it’s very small and you won’t even notice it’s on your belt. 

You can grab the Frogger towel here.

FAQs About Best Golf Club Cleaners

Do you still have more questions about cleaning your clubs so they perform better on the golf course? If so, keep scrolling through the frequently asked questions and answers to learn more.

What is the best cleaner for golf clubs? 

All the cleaners above are an easy way to keep your clubs clean during the round. Personally I like the brushes with a built-in water supply so you don’t always need a wet towel to clean your grooves. Being able to quickly squirt water to loosen the debris makes it faster to clean.

Can you use a golf club cleaner for shoes too?

Yes, the best golf club cleaners listed above work on your golf shoes too. If you play winter golf and get a lot of mud, these brushes can help you get them back to looking good.

Best Golf Club Brush Cleaner

How do I clean my golf clubs? 

Cleaning golf clubs is pretty simple and one of the best ways to protect your investment. If you plan to sell your clubs down the line, ones that are in great condition will sell for more than clubs that are beat up. Plus, clean clubs make golf just a little bit easier. 

There are tons of ways to clean clubs including soap/water, specific club cleaner, and club polish. When you clean your clubs, make sure to not use a wire brush on the top of your fairway woods and driver. These brushes are meant for grooves, not the top of the head and can remove paint. 

Click here to read our full guide to keep your clubs, shafts, and grips looking better than ever. 

Should I clean my golf balls? 

Yes, just like cleaning your clubs, cleaning your golf balls is vital to improving your performance. Mud on the golf ball can wreak havoc on the distance and a huge impact on trajectory.

For example, if you have mud on the left side of your golf ball, it will actually make the ball drift right in the air. Mud on your golf ball on the putting green can also negatively affect your start line and how the ball rolls toward the hole.

While you can’t clean your golf ball between shots (unless it’s winter rules with lift, clean, and place), you should clean on every green. A clean ball will help you from tee to green and another aspect of the game that you control.  

Are golf club brushes worth it?

Yes, club brushes are one of the cheapest and most effective pieces of golf equipment you can buy. For a small price ($10-$15 at most), a club brush can help you:

  • Increase spin (yes, backspin requires clean grooves!)
  • Manage distance control
  • Improve your confidence 
  • Make it easier to sell your golf clubs in the future 

And much more. If you have all the other gadgets (ex. Bluetooth speaker, GPS, etc.) and don’t have a brush, you’re missing out! 

How do you clean golf club brushes?

Your brushes should stay pretty clean unless you play in wet, muddy conditions. Luckily, they’re pretty easy to clean. 

Dip them into a bucket of water when you’re cleaning your clubs or in a sink to get the debris wet. Then, use a towel or your hands to remove any dirt or mud so the bristles are clean and can clean your clubs more easily. 

Should you use a wire brush to clean golf clubs? 

Yes, you can use a wire brush to clean your golf clubs and grooves. Just make sure to not scrub hard bristle brushes on the top of fairway woods and drivers as it could damage the paint. 

How do you get scuff marks off golf clubs?

One of the most frustrating shots in golf is the pop-up shot. It leads to skymarks on the top of your golf club and can act as a constant reminder of a bad shot. Needless to say, it doesn’t inspire confidence when you’re looking at the club at address. 

If you don’t chip the paint off the golf club, removing skymarks is pretty easy. Click here to read our full guide on how to remove skymarks now. 

Should you clean your clubs after every round?

Yes, it’s a good idea to get in the habit of regularly cleaning your golf clubs. As discussed in this article, cleaning the grooves impacts your performance on the golf course. 

If you have dirty grooves, it’s harder to spin the golf ball and reap the benefits of a good swing. It can negatively impact distance control too. 

Additionally, clean golf clubs can have a positive impact on your mindset too. Cleaning your golf clubs after the round or practice session is a good way to bookend your day and wipe the slate clean. The next time you play golf or practice, your clubs will look brand new and help you score better. 

How do you clean golf grips? 

While cleaning your club face is important, you need to clean your golf grips too. It’s easy for sweat, dirt, and sunscreen to wear down your grips and affect their tackiness. This can make it hard to grip the club and keep a consistent grip pressure during your swing.

There are tons of ways to clean your grips including soap/water, baby wipes, and golf specific types of grip cleaner. Regularly cleaning yoru grips will also make them last longer (which saves you money) and can help you play better golf. Just like cleaning the face of your golf clubs, this is something you control and can give you an advantage. 

Click here to read our full guide about cleaning golf grips now

Final Thoughts on Golf Club Cleaners

All golf bags should have a brush and towel to keep each club head looking good. Remember, it’s the little things in golf that can make a dramatic difference in your total score.

Removing dirt and debris from your grooves will help you hit better iron and wedge shots. It’s one of the few things in golf that you can control and will have a direct impact on your performance.

Plus, as Brady Riggs pointed out, cleaning your clubs can have a positive psychological impact on your golf game too. Cleaning your clubs is a good way to recap your practice session or round and “wipe the slate clean” for your next time on the links. 

If you don’t have a club brush yet, make sure to buy one today. But don’t forget to actually use it regularly so you can get the benefits on the course. 

If there’s a backup on a hole or you need to get your mind off your swing, clean your clubs. Then, after the golf day is complete, make sure to wipe them down so you have fresh clubs waiting for you next time. 

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