When & Where Do You Need Grab Bars?


As we approach the year end holidays, we start planning festivities that include visits from families near and far. For grandparents who love visiting their children and grandchildren, it's important to add safety features to your house. Bathroom grab bars are one of the most important safety features for loved ones staying overnight. Grab bars are also pretty ugly. That's been a problem for years, especially with homeowners turning their bathrooms into spa like retreats.

So what choices do you have for grab bars that provide support for the elderly while maintaining a decorating style that fits your bathroom? may received compensation when you click to a brand site & make a purchase

Bathroom Grab Bars Doing Double Duty

Traditional grab bars are straight. They're placed where support is needed but they don't do anything else. These new grab bars are great because they provide support and serve another of the many functions in a bathroom. In fact you probably won't even notice the grab bar with these slick new designs.

Most bathrooms have one or more towels racks. This grab bar is part of the towel rack and if you see anything, you're going to focus on a beautiful curved towel rack from Invisia.

Combination towel rack with an integrated grab bar ...

Combination towel rack with an integrated grab bar

Every bathroom has a toilet paper holder. Most of them are attached to the wall, some get screwed into the vanity while others are free standing. There aren't a lot of rules for a toilet paper holder, so here's a really creative design that's attached to the wall in three places to provide grab bar support.

Combination toilet paper holder & grab bar in one ...

When you're looking for toilet paper, you'll forget there's a grab bar too

Want a soap dish near the sink? Here's an innovative soap dish using wall space, which means you've got less clutter on the vanity countertop.

Soap dish mounted to the wall, that's also a grab bar ...

Creative soap dish combined with a grab bar double duty!

Creative Grab Bars in the Shower

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