Trending kitchen storage ideas that will rock your kitchen game


Trending kitchen storage ideas that will rock your kitchen game

Trending kitchen storage ideas that will rock your kitchen game

A kitchen holds a lot of things, and it can become messy very easily. Whether you have a small cooking corner or a large area, you cant deny that this space in the house demands a lot of attention. Even a slight distraction and carelessness can be unhygienic, confusing, and risky too.

With all the appliances, cooktops, utensils having drawers that will help you to keep your kitchen organized is not essential but a necessity. And the best part is you get cabinets in a wide range of designs and different materials.

Trending kitchen storage ideas

Concealed storage

While open cabinets have been there for ages, but the recent trend shows the popularity of covered ones. One of the significant benefits is that they are concealed and, thus, an original form of storing.

The different types of finishing and designs make these perfect for any kitchen. And being spacious and compact, they are ideal for storing all your items without impacting the beauty of your kitchen. A large number of drawers help you to keep things organized.

For open cabinetries, you need to make sure that they organized and clean, or else they will mar the beauty of your kitchen. However, they are still suitable for showcasing the best of your cutleries!

Kitchen Command center

Having a command center in the kitchen helps you not just to organize your day in the kitchen, but is also great for maintaining the bills and mails of the family. It can be the guide for the entire and can help anyone to move around in the kitchen without any trouble.

Keep it at the entrance along with your cookbook shelf, or near the cooktop of near the island. But, make sure that its visible to anyone entering the kitchen and have your kitchen instructions stated clearly on it.

Corner storage cabinets

Though ideally, a corner storage cabinet is best suited for small kitchens, they can be perfectly used in any kitchen size. They can be tucked into the corners, and are best suited for utilizing wasted areas.

They give a uniform look to the kitchen and helps in using space creatively. They can be either closed or open, and some even come with pull out recycling baskets.

Multipurpose towel racks

One of the cheapest kitchen cabinets is towel racks! Yes! The towel racks, if used smartly, can be handy for keeping a lot of utensils in the kitchen.

For instance, when you use them to keep the pan lids. They are so simple to install that you can do it yourself. And since they are available in different designs and patterns, they hold the tops perfectly without causing any damage. You can either install them on the doors of the cabinets or near the cooktop.

Be bold

While white and mild colors reflect light and give the illusion of space, people are preferring to go bold with the cabinetries. Having dark, bold, and contrasting color cabinets makes the kitchen look attractive.

This way you can keep the walls simple and save a lot on paints too!

Then there is a vast range of pulls available in brass, steel, wood, and any material that you can think of. They can modify the look of your cabinetries and can be easily upgraded.

Place holders for measurement cups

If you are an ardent baker or a meticulous cook, you will often need to use measuring cups. Bringing them out of the cabinets every time you need them is time-consuming and cumbersome.

Install a place holder for these measuring spoons and cups and save a lot of time, while focusing more on cooking than in hunting utensils.

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