This New Launch Is Bringing Luxurious Hotel Bathroom Design to the Masses

The second we walk into a beautiful hotel bathroom, we turn into kleptomaniacs. The teensy shampoo bottles; the cloud-like robes; the aromatic soaps—we want it all. The newly opened Shinola Hotel‘s rooms are no different. “People want to bring hotels into their homes,” acknowledges Christine Gachot, who, alongside her husband, John, runs Gachot Studios and led the design of the accommodations. However, the one thing we can never fit into our luggage (and the one thing we want most) is the interior design. Until now. Thanks to a new line from Waterworks, starting on October 21, guests will be able to re-create the Detroit retreat’s sophisticated bathrooms to a T. 

The Ludlow Shinola Edition features the custom bath accessories found in the luxury retailer’s first-ever lodging. “We created large rooms with little surprises throughout,” says Gachot. “When I travel with someone, I always go see their room. I hope that Shinola is a place where people do that.” The plated nickel-and-steel fittings, which include a towel bar, paper holder, and floor-mounted tub filler, draw inspiration from the iconic backings of Shinola’s watches. 
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A sleek showerhead and shiny robe hook aren’t the only ways to keep those vacation vibes going. The brand will also be releasing a special ceramic tile assortment called Cottage Shinola Edition. There will be four shades available: matte white, brown, green, and Shinola blue. (Gachot Studios developed the deep navy specifically for the space and incorporated it into the upholstery and wall paint, too.) Travel-size toiletries only last so long; these little luxuries never have to go away. 

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