These Sleek Paper Towel Dispensers Will Help Organize Your Counter Space


A paper towel holder may seem like an unnecessary purchase until you try to grab a paper towel with one hand while in the middle of making dinner or cleaning up a big mess. Suddenly, that seemingly redundant piece of plastic or steel is the thing that could have helped you easily grab a sheet of paper towel instead of accidentally knocking the roll into the sink, soaking the entire roll and rendering it useless. So, yeah, you need a paper towel dispenser.

A paper towel dispenser has several benefits. One, it just looks good. It’s the difference between having the aesthetic of just moving into a frat house or giving your kitchen a polished, finished look. Two, paper towel holders lift the roll off the counter, protecting it from spills and leaking water. Paper towel holders also can make it easier to grab one or several sheets at a time only using one hand.

For users who don’t have much counter space or like to keep their counters as clutter-free as possible, we also like paper towel holders that can be mounted under a cabinet, to a wall or inside a cupboard.

Stop fighting with your paper towels and give them their own dedicated space. Check out our top picks for the best paper towel dispensers below.

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