The Most Effective Ways To Utilize Wall Space In Small Laundry Rooms


If you have a small laundry room, you know that you need to use all the space possible or it totally turns into a dumping zone! Our laundry room is a small box, with a washer, dryer, and a bunch of vents and heating ducts. Since there really isn’t any extra space to put drying racks or store things, I needed a clever solution to hold items that were taking up space on our dryer and the one shelf we have. To do this, I needed to utilize wall space in small laundry rooms.

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The Most Effective Ways To Utilize Wall Space In Small Laundry Rooms

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Deciding What To Hang

The very first thing I did was figure out which items needed to be hung on the wall so they were not taking up space on the limited shelf I had behind the dryer. What I decided was to hang the iron, dryer balls, and create a drying rack situation for us.

When you are deciding what to items to hang, find items that aren’t as heavy as laundry detergent. Think of things like dryer balls, garment bags, irons and ironing boards, and drying racks. By doing that, you will create more space for the heavy items like the detergent.

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Utilizing Wall Space

I decided to use the Jayce Metal Grid System from iDesign. I love this modular system because you can customize it to meet your needs. The system comes ready to install. Simply screw the grid system into the wall using the mounting items provided. We made sure it was level by using an app on our phone called Bubble Level. You just have to hold the phone straight to ensure that the grid system in straight. Then you can add the accessories to customize the wall space to your needs.

Since I knew I needed to create a drying rack for our clothing, I added the hanger hooks to our grid system. Then I can just add hangers to use to create a drying rack for clothing. This helped so we didn’t have clothing lying all over the washers and dryers in our laundry room.

Our iron was taking space on our small shelf, so I decided to use the wall space to hold the iron as well. The iron holder is perfect because there is a space for holding the cord in addition to our large iron.

I also needed a place to store our dryer balls. I wanted something that was close to the dryer and easy to grab. I used the basket addition to the grid system. Finally I added a few hooks to hold things like a towel, just in case water dripped on the floor.

Best Products For Utilizing Wall Space In Small Laundry Rooms

Small Laundry Rooms

When planning to utilize wall space in small laundry rooms, make sure you figure out what items you can hang from the wall first. Things like an iron, drying rack, dryer balls, or towels. Then use the Jayce Grid System to create a custom storage solution that works best for you. By customizing the wall space, you are able to get more things off your dryer and up into an organized space on your wall.

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