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How To Clean Toothbrush Holder?

Hygiene of the house is an essential factor in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It prevents the growth of bacteria that could lead to diseases. We clean various things at our home. Some of them are even cleaned almost daily. Why do we do that? Because it eliminates the germs from our home.

Thus, reducing the risk of getting ill. This becomes even more crucial when you have children at your home. They love to roam all over the house. During this time, they touch almost everything at home.

If those things are full of germs, then surely the child will get ill. Some even suffer from serious diseases due to these germs. Therefore, you must always keep an eye on the hygiene of every item at your home.

Now, there are various items at home that are full of germs and require the most attention. One of the things that you must clean is a toothbrush holder. Most people neglect the cleaning of toothbrush holders as they don’t find it necessary. However, the truth is that it is as necessary as cleaning your clothes.

Let’s say that you don’t clean the holders. What worse can happen? In this case, bacteria will slowly grow on the holder, which will further spread to the brush, then to your mouth. This will surely lead to different types of diseases in the future.

Thus, you have to follow certain steps to clean your toothbrush holder. Simple cleaning is not enough for toothbrush holders. Don’t worry. Here are the most effective methods to clean your toothbrush holder step by step.
Steps to clean your toothbrush holder

There are hundreds of designs of toothbrush holders in the market. Some of them consist of more than just one part. Therefore, it is recommended to dismantle the holder first. Make sure that you remove the parts carefully. You must also remember the correct place of each part as you would be assembling the holder.

So, why are we saying that you must dismantle the holder? You must do that to reach the corners, where you can’t normally. There are various places in the holder, where you can reach by simply cleaning by a cloth. Thus, you must dismantle the holder.

Put the parts in hot water

The main purpose of cleaning a holder is to kill the germs on it. Hot water is one of the natural methods to kill germs. Take a bowl of hot water, and place the holder or parts of holder inside it. You can even add some antiseptic in the water. You may wonder what should be the temperature of the water? This is a crucial factor to clean the holder effectively. Not all the holders can be placed inside extremely hot water. The temperature varies as per the material of your toothbrush holder.

If the material is plastic, then try to keep the temperature below the boiling point. Why? Well, if the temperature is above that, then the plastic will surely melt. However, if the holder is made of metal, then make sure that the water is at the boiling point.

Clean the holder with a brush

This step should be done while the holder is inside hot water. Take a brush with hard bristles that can scrub the holder properly. Make sure you keep the holder inside water for the whole process. Moreover, you must use a soft bristle brush in case of a plastic toothbrush holder.

Treat with water

After following the above steps, you must treat the toothbrush again—however, this time in room temperature water with antiseptic in it. You can also scrub the toothbrush holder again. It is recommended to leave the holder inside the water for at least ten minutes. You can also soak the holder in soap water. However, if you do so, then you will have to rinse the holder again in freshwater.

Dry it up

The next step is to wipe the holder with a dry cloth. Make sure that you wipe every corner of the holder. You can even wrap the parts with a towel and leave it. However, the motive remains the same, i.e. to get rid of water.


Now your toothbrush holder is free from all types of germs. The last step is to assemble the holder. There you go, your holder is ready to use again.

It is a fact that you must clean your toothbrush holder frequently. However, this can be challenging for some people. Therefore, here are some additional tips to reduce the frequency of deep cleaning.
Keep a cloth under the toothbrush holder. Why? This will keep the base clean and prevent the spread of germs. It is recommended to wipe the toothbrush holder twice a week with a microfiber cloth. This will reduce the frequency of deep cleaning required. It will also lessen the germs of the holder by a huge margin. You can even clean your toothbrush holder in a dishwasher. This is a quick way to clean the holder. However, if you are doing so, then not every germ is eliminated on the toothbrush holder. Therefore, it is a great step for quick cleaning. Keep the toothbrush holder out of reach from the shower or anything that could make it dirty. There are various instances where people install a toothbrush holder near a shower. However, this is not recommended from the perspective of hygiene. A holder should be installed far away from a shower. It must have a separate section at your home. Wrap up
Toothbrush holders have the largest amount of germs in the house. Therefore, they must be cleaned properly and frequently. The steps discussed above have been selected through intense research as well as experience.

Of course, there are various other methods to clean a toothbrush holder. However, we found these the most effective ones. Also, you must keep the holder at a place such that it does not get dirty frequently.

Usually, installing them near your shower will lead to lots of germs on it. Just follow these simple steps and keep the holder free of germs.

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