The 8 Best Grilling Accessories for Dads Make Great Gifts


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Whenever I walk around my neighborhood and smell someone grilling, I automatically think of my childhood. My dad loves to grill and never passes up a chance to fire it up for steak, hot dogs, chicken, and all my favorite veggies. He's truly the grillmaster and deserves all of the best grilling accessories for Father's Day.

If your dad also shows he loves you by grilling all of your favorite foods, then return the love with the best grilling accessories to let him how much you appreciate him. These grilling gadgets will make fantastic Father's Day gifts for dads, uncles, brothers, and grandpas -- plus, they'll make great gifts for any time of the year, for anyone who loves to grill. Whether Dad likes to take the portable grill to the tailgate, grill from the comfort of his own backyard, or show off his skills at the campsite, he'll be sure to put these thoughtful gifts to use. We rounded up our favorite (and most unique) items like tool sets, grilling gadgets, and more. So, get Dad the best grilling tools for his collection, and remind him that not even Texas Roadhouse or Fleming's could beat out his signature steaks. He'll think of you every time he uses them.

1. A Unique Find for the Kabob Lover

Kabob Grilling Baskets

kabob grilling basket -- Best Grilling Accessories for Dads
Uncommon Goods

Kabob Grilling Baskets (Set of 4) - Uncommon Goods, $20

This is a game-changer for cooking kabobs --  these nifty grilling baskets don't need skewers and they close to lock the food in place, so you won't have any pieces of squash or chicken falling into your charcoal. They're made of stainless steel wire and the wood-handles are a nice touch: these will look fantastic in his BBQ tool collection. Caring for the baskets is easy -- hand wash them with mild dishwashing soap, then rinse and dry them after. This is a great choice for keeping meats and veggies separate and easily identifiable, and reviewers recommend snagging a few sets!

2. A Wireless Meat Thermometer For Accurate Temps

Thermopro Wireless Meat Thermometer


Thermopro Wireless Meat Thermometer - Amazon, $56.99

A hands-free thermometer is such a useful tool for the busy griller -- it allows you to stick a probe in your meat of choice and then keeps track of how fast it's cooking while you're up to 300 feet away. That means Dad can grab a beer and talk to guests while ensuring his pork is not getting overcooked: and it will beep and flash when it's done. The thermometer also has stored pre-set temps so if you're not sure how to reach that perfect medium rare, it will help guide you. It's accurate within 1.8 degrees, has Fahrenheit and Celsius readings, a brightly lit LCD screen, and a handy belt clip.

3. A Wood Chip Variety Pack to Impart Some Smoky Flavor

Sweet or Smoky BBQ Wood Chips

Sweet or Smoky BBQ Wood Chips - grilling accessories for dad
Uncommon Goods

Sweet or Smoky BBQ Wood Chips - Uncommon Goods, $14

These wood chips come from Idaho and give all of your favorite BBQ a kick. With the addition of kiln-dried smoking chips, you'll have the aroma of smoky or sweet flavor and it will make your pork, salmon, and vegetables taste so much better. Choose between a sweet or smoky set of two -- or get both. You don't need a chef to master this technique, either -- soak them in a bowl of water ( or you can also get creative and use apple juice, beer, or apple cider vinegar), drain the bowl after 30 minutes, then add the chips onto the coals in your charcoal grill or into a smoker basket on a gas grill. Once cooking, the chips will begin to add yummy aromas and impart some brilliant flavor into your Dad's next cookout.

4. A 16-Piece Tool That's Everything Dad Needs

Home-Complete 16-Piece Grill Set

tool set

Home-Complete - 16PC Grill Set - Amazon, $39.43

If Dad's grill set is getting rusty, you can get him this 16-piecd gift set from Amazon to level up his arsenal of tools. The BBQ set has everything he'll need (minus the steak and charcoal). It comes with a basting brush, cleaning brush, spatula, corn holders, tongs, skewers, and a sturdy carrying case. (FYI: the spatula even has a built-in bottle opener. Got to love it!) We think the case makes this a unique choice, because it makes it easy to organize or take things on the road: He'll be able to pack up his new BBQ tool set and grill from the campsite or tailgate this fall. The tools in this are all made from rust-resistant stainless steel and are generally sturdy than tools with wood handles.

5. An Apron That Is Basically A Wearable Toolkit

Arawak Brave Chef's Apron



Arawak Brave Chef's Apron - Amazon, $29.95

An adjustable chef's apron is a great gift for the serious griller, and this one is sleek and useful, plus it comes in a variety of colors. It features a headphone loop, a towel loop on the side, two large front pockets, and a chest pocket large enough for your phone. It's also comfortable to wear: it's made of soft yet durable cotton, cross back straps, adjustable straps with buckles, and has double-stitched pockets for durability.

6. For the Mexican Food Aficionado

Quesadilla Grill Basket - Set of 2

Best Grilling Accessories for Dads -- quesadilla basket
Uncommon Goods

Quesadilla Grill Basket - Set of 2 - Uncommon Goods, $18

Who says quesadillas are for the comal only? Cook chicken, cheese, and steak quesadillas on the grill with these baskets. The baskets are made from rosewood and chrome-plated iron, making them durable. However, they're still lightweight and user-friendly. The rosewood handle makes it easy to turn over, and the latch keeps your food from dropping into an open flame. Feel free to use these baskets for veggies or whatever else Dad is a pro at making.

7. For the Burger Lover

5. Grillaholics Stuffed Burger Press and Recipe eBook 

burger press

Grillaholics Stuffed Burger Press and Recipe eBook - Amazon, $14.95

Impress Dad with the perfect gadget for veggie and cheese-filled burgers. This burger press makes it easy to stuff burger patties with your favorite ingredients: No more veggies or cheese sliding off the patties, they'll be stuffed inside yummy burgers! These are great for helping your dad prep dinner and will make patties uniform and the perfect shape, too. No more messy burgers, and no more messy clean-up, either: You can soak the press in hot soapy water, but it's dishwasher-safe as well. This gadget is sure to get Dad firing up the grill for burgers more often.

8. A Prep Table Your Dad Will Get So Much Use Out Of

Cuisinart Outdoor Stainless Steel Prep Table


Cuisinart Outdoor Stainless Steel Prep Table - Amazon, $197

This prep table is made of stainless steel and is a must-have accessory for the Dad who grills for big groups. It has four wheels -- two of which can lock in place -- and a large stainless steel surface area for prepping, serving, and organizing. We love the brilliant paper towel holder and the trash bag holder that will keep your mess tamed. It also has a shelf below for plates, utensils, and more. It's a thoughtful gift that will last for years to come.

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