Steal This Look: A Danish Kitchen/Dining Room with Vintage Charm

Owners Johanne Landbo and Lukas Filip Fernandes of a 1927 townhouse in Copenhagen source most of their decor from vintage finds. “We always use the Danish vintage page called ‘The Blue Newspaper,’” says Johanne (it’s called DBA). “We spend a lot of time going on auctions and Facebook Marketplace and make sure that the things are just right for our place before we buy it. It is very rare that we buy items from new, as we like the personality the things get from aging. It feels more alive and adds history.” This is, of course, the best approach to achieve the look here, but many of the items can be sourced new or from 1st Dibs or Etsy. Here we dissect the key elements of the kitchen/dining room for the same or similar sources.
Above: Vintage seating, including a vintage high chair, surround a sturdy pine table. Above: Another view shows the kitchen, a once-separate room that the couple opened up by taking down the main wall. Above: An essential coffee station built into the side of the kitchen. Materials & Lighting Above: Similar to the Morrocan tiled backsplash in the kitchen, Clé’s Natural Zellige Subway Tile is $1.39 per piece at Clé. Above: The Clip-on Pleated Lampshade White is $65.39 at Le Krazy Horse on Etsy. Above: The Bruno Scissor Arm Pharmacy Sconce in black is $274.85 at Lumens. Fixtures & Appliances Above: The Quooker Fusion Square Faucet is 11,575 KR. For more see our post Remodeling 101: The Verdict on Hot Water Taps. Above: The Blanco Precision Single Bowl 32-Inch Undermount Sink is $853.80 at AJ Madison. For more ideas see our post 10 Easy Pieces: Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks.
Above: An option for a simple ceramic cooktop is the Smeg 36 Inch Electric Ceramic Cooktop; contact Smeg for price and ordering information.
Above: The Rocket Espresso Giotto Timer Evoluzione R Espresso Machine is $2,700 at Seattle Coffee Gear. Above: The Rocket Espresso Fausto Grinder starts at $999 from Seattle Coffee Gear. Above: The Smeg Stand Mixer in All White is $529.95 at Williams-Sonoma. Furniture & Accessories Above: For a high end version of the white wall-mounted cabinet is the Pinch Joyce Cabinet White; £8,185 at Pinch Design. Above: The family sourced a Roland Wilhelmsson for Karl Andersson and Soner Pine Dining Table at an auction. You can find it at 1st Dibs, as seen here, for $3,901.84 from a seller in the Netherlands.
Above: A Børge Mogensen Spanish Dining Chair is seen at the dining table; contact Fredericia Furniture for more information.
Above: The Soborg Upholstered Seat Chair Metal Base is similar to the simple dining chairs in the Denmark kitchen. The Soborg is $865 at Hive. Above: The Nanna Ditzel ND54 High Chair was designed in 1955 and is now available through Carl Hansen & Søn. The Nanna Ditzel ND54 High Chair is 3,495 DKK (about $550 USD) at Illums Bolighus. For more see our post 10 Easy Pieces: High Chairs. Above: The Skagerak Norr Paper Towel Holder is $84.35 at Finnish Design Shop.
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