Space-Saving Furniture Ideas Guaranteed to Max Out Your Living Space


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We can’t all live in giant houses with way too many rooms to clean. Whether you’re a condo dweller, away at school, living in a small bungalow or have a home with a very open concept design that’s not practical for larger pieces, space-saving furniture can save the day.

These days it seems like plenty of furniture designers are taking the hint and coming up with some of the nicest space-saving furniture yet. From comfortable couches that don’t take up an entire wall and expandable dining tables that fold up when not in use, to practical but small desks or shelving units that tuck everything away neat and tidy, there are plenty of space-saving furniture designs out there to choose from.

Looking for a few pieces of your own? Read on for all of our best space-saving furniture picks.


1. The Transformer Table


Expandable dining room tables are one of the most practical investments you can possibly make, especially if you love to entertain but don’t have the space to store a giant table 24/7. We’re particularly fond of the Transformer Table, a six-in-one table that starts off at 18 inches long but expands up to 10 feet depending on your needs. The table comes in four finishes, which makes it suitable for all kinds of décor, plus you can also shop a matching, expandable bench that holds up to six people per side.

Transformer dining room table

Buy: The Transformer Table $999.99


2. Tana Lift-top Modern Nesting Coffee Table


If you need a sleek coffee table that also serves as a TV tray, computer desk and storage unit, this modern offering is a handy pick. It’s made of tempered glass and MDF and comes in three stylish colors (white, green and black). Plus, you can order the accompanying side table depending on your space. We like that it’s small and compact, but can be extended for a variety of uses — and all in front of the TV!

Coffee table with hidden compartments

Buy: Tana Lift-top Modern Nesting Coffee Table $839.00


3. Vonanda Ottoman Sleeper Chair


If a piece of space-saving furniture were the jack of all trades, this sleeper chair would be it. We’re completely impressed at how it folds up into an ottoman but can also be used as a sofa chair, a lounger or a bed, making it one of the most functional pieces of space-saving furniture on this list. We also like that it comes in eight different colors, so there’s one for all the mid-century modern room designs out there.

Sleeper sofa chair

Buy: Vonanda Ottoman Sleeper Chair $429.99


4. Ashdown Reversible Modular Sofa and Chaise with Ottoman


Just because you have a small living room or den doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a cushy couch. What’s brilliant about this space-saving unit is it can be customized to pretty much any space. It comes with two ottomans and four sofa sections for a variety of setups and options, allowing up to four people to sit comfortably at a time. It also comes in four colors to match your décor and is made with pocket spring seat construction for a firm but comfy sit.

Modular couch

Buy: Ashdown Reversible Modular Sofa and Chaise with Ottoman $1139.99


5. Mistana Dingler Round Arm Sleeper


Whether you’re furnishing a small guest bedroom, looking for an ideal unit where guests can crash in the living room or you live in a studio apartment with no bedroom but need a functional place to sleep, this highly-rated sleeper sofa will do the job. The unit comes in six different colors and can hold up to 600 pounds, and the foam-filled cushions are sturdy but comfortable. We like that it comes in a stain-resistant, linen finish, which means it should hold up to all kinds of wear and tear.

Sleeper sofa

Buy: Mistana Dingler Round Arm Sleeper $739.00


6. Kearius Over-the-Toilet Storage


There are plenty of over-the-toilet storage shelves for bathrooms out there. What we like about this stylish unit though is it doesn’t feel bulky or cluttered, yet it still holds all kinds of things — from the essentials to more decorative items. The large shelves can also house baskets for further organization and the overall design is minimal with open sightlines. That makes it perfect for even the smallest bathroom space.

Over-toilet shelf storage

Buy: Kearius Over-the-Toilet Storage $89.99


7. Loon Peak 9 Tier Tree Bookcase


Forget what Marie Kondo says — if books bring you joy, of course, you can find a way to keep them in your small space. We’re fans of this tree bookshelf in particular, as it keeps up to 10 pounds on each of the largest shelves (or eight pounds on the smaller ones). That makes it an ideal bookcase for smaller spaces, plus we’re also fans of the decorative shelf on top.

Tree books shelf

Buy: Loon Peak 9 Tier Tree Bookcase $124.99


8. Wade Logan Hesser Geometric Bookcase


Need a bookshelf that can hold a little more weight without taking up much room? This spinning contraption might do it. It comes in two different sizes and three finishes and holds a ton of books, which makes it ideal for playrooms, small bedrooms and living rooms alike.

Rotating book shelf

Buy: Wade Logan Hesser Geometric Bookcase $243.99


9. Ebern Designs Lengby L-Shape Credenza Desk


Need to work from home or create a home office but you just don’t have that much space to play around with? Well, that’s where this credenza desk is a brilliant piece of space-saving furniture. The small design is practical for tiny rooms while the credenza offers a ton of extra storage potential. Fit it in a corner or against a window for your most practical and organized workday yet.

Small desk and credenza Buy: Ebern Designs Lengby L-Shape Credenza Desk $162.54

10. Inbox Zero Folding Study Desk


Need a desk that’s even smaller and more practical? Enter this folding desk, which could actually double as a TV tray now that we think about it. Set it up in the smallest of workspaces and then easily tuck it away when not in use, or keep it open and adorn the top shelf with practical or pretty things.

Foldable work desk

Buy: Inbox Zero Folding Study Desk $139.99


11. Winsome Wood Suzanne Kitchen


If you have a tiny kitchen but you still want an island or a nook that would be perfect for a sometimes-table, this space-saving furniture idea is practical and efficient. The composite wood unit comes with two drawers, a paper towel holder, two stools that neatly tuck under when not in use and a drop-leaf to maximize table space. We also love that it comes on wheels, which makes it easy to move around or tuck away.

Transportable kitchen island

Buy: Winsome Wood Suzanne Kitchen $137.16 (orig. $200.00) 31% OFF


12. Tiptiper Folding Dining Table


If you have a small apartment and don’t really have the space for a kitchen or dining room table but you’d still like to avoid having a TV dinner every single night, this space-saving table is downright genius. It folds up into a tiny console table (with bonus storage!) but can expand for up to six people. However, most of the Amazon reviewers who have raved about this table do admit it’s better for two to three people at a time.

Compact kitchen table that folds up

Buy: Tiptiper Folding Dining Table $125.99


13. Patio Wicker Loveseat


If you have a small backyard or a large balcony and want to enjoy some backyard furniture that doesn’t take up too much space, this loveseat is a handy option. Each chair comes with two padded ottomans that slide out for lounging or extra seating potential, plus there is a drop leaf on each chair that pulls up to become a small snack and drinks table. The center console can also be moved around for another customizable option, and the set comes in six different color designs for any and all outdoor spaces.

Compact outdoor furniture

Buy: Patio Wicker Loveseat $309.99 (orig. $329.99) 6% OFF


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