She’s your better half, your companion, your life partner

This year, show your wife just how much you appreciate her by finding Christmas gifts for her that are unique, personal and sentimental. The best gifts are those that have personal meaning to you and your spouse, so search for the gift that will tug at her heartstrings or spark a happy memory.

Whether she’s a foodie, a plant lover or indulges in a drink of wine from time to time, you’ll find the perfect Christmas gift here—one that will speak your sweet sentiment of love.
1. Personalized Pup
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If your wife happily refers to herself as “Dog Mom,” she’d love an adorable custom leash and collar set for her fur-kid. They can be customized with the pet’s name or a funny quote like, “Here comes trouble” or “One of us has hairy legs.”
2. Raised Garden Boxes
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Are you looking for gifts for a plant lover? If your better half has a green thumb, build her these simple, farmhouse-style raised garden boxes. Now she can grow her own produce and flowers right on the patio.
3. Pass For Class
If she loves trying new fitness classes, give her a gift card to the new yoga or cycling studio to try her hand at something different. If there’s any special gear or equipment she needs, be sure to gift that as well.
4. The Right Tools
Who needs a handyman when you’ve got a handywoman around the house? A new toolkit with everything from an assortment of screwdrivers and drill bits to electrical wiring will fix any project in the house as quickly as it breaks.
5. Farmhouse Serving Tray
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DIY Christmas gifts are some of the best gifts and this is an easy and affordable project for the woman who’s in love with the ever-popular modern farmhouse style. She’ll love this serving tray but she’ll especially love that you made it for her.
6. Love Grows
Don’t underestimate the power of nature. Plant a tree for your wife in the yard and nurture it together over the years as your love grows. You’ll love watching it grow as you grow old together.
7. Spin The Records
A record player is essential for anyone with a large selection of vinyl records. Scope out a model that fits her music listening needs and style—many are made to look modern or vintage, so there are plenty of options to fit her taste.
8. Color And Comfort
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Throw pillows are a perfect way to add a fun pop of color to any room. Personalize them with photos, names and dates, or a sweet sentiment of love for a home decor gift she’ll treasure for years to come.
9. Maid For A Day
Your wife works hard every day—whether she’s a stay-at-home mom or a working woman with a full time job, she could certainly use a break. Send her off to the spa while you hire a home cleaner for the day to deep clean, do laundry and make beds.
10. You’re My Rock
If you and your wife love the outdoors, head to a rock climbing gym to learn how to climb big rocks. Proper gear is essential, and lessons can be a fun time for you both to connect.
11. Say It In A Letter
They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Your favorite photos will say even more when they literally spell out a special message for the love of your life. Perfect for her home or office, this gift truly makes a statement.
12. Display Wedding Memories
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Show her that your wedding day means the world to you by gifting her with this shadow box, customized with your favorite photos from your special day. Then pin special keepsakes from your wedding day inside.
13. Best Girlfriends
Your wife’s best girlfriends are important parts of her life. Plan a weekend getaway for just her and the girls somewhere relaxing, like a local resort or spa.
14. Say It With Flowers
When it comes to giving something to your beloved, you can never go wrong with a beautiful bouquet of flowers to make her feel special. Take it a step further by presenting those flowers in a personalized vase enscribed with your initials, married name or a sentiment of love.
15. Table Setting Style
If your wife is the kind who likes to set up a huge spread for the holidays, this monogrammed table runner is just the gift for her! Add a personal touch to any table by customizing it with family photos, names and favorite sayings.
16. Chocolate Massage Lotion

Source: Oh My! Creative
Does she deserve a spa day? Get in on it by giving her a massage with this homemade chocolate massage lotion. It smells just like decadent chocolate—without the calories!

17. Mom Of The Year
If your wife is an incredible mother to your children, have the kids craft her something special to display in her office. She’ll always keep them and you close to her heart even when she’s away.
18. Close To Her Heart
Sometimes, shopping for your wife can be tricky, but if you opt for a pretty piece of jewelry, you’ll never go wrong. A vintage heart-shaped locket will give her a piece of history and give her a spot to hold something special.
19. Beauty Sleep
There’s no better gift you can give than a good night’s sleep. Your wife will wake up looking great and feeling refreshed when she rests her head on a soft silk pillowcase. In addition to being luxurious to lie on, silk pillowcases prevent frizz, eliminate bedhead and reduce wrinkles.
20. DIY Ring Box
Source: Sharifa Creates

Have you given your wife a number of gorgeous rings and earrings over Christmases past? Perhaps now she needs a proper ring box in which to store them. This one is simple to make and elegantly keeps all her cherished rings in one place.
21. Canvas Portrait
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Score extra points with your wife and show off your beautiful family with a portrait printed on canvas. Your larger-than-life family photos become wonderful works of art she’ll be proud to display.
22. She Sells Seashells
Source: Lost Mom

Do you have a collection of shells from your most recent family beach vacation? Rather than letting them collect dust, turn them into beautiful, gold-leaf jewelry. They’ll remind her of the wonderful memories you made when collecting them.
23. Wine Lovers
A wine subscription box is a great option for the resident wine lover in your home. It’s a great way to keep a stock of her favorites and also try some new blends. Pair with a set of wine glasses to keep the bar cart prepared at all times.
24. Rose Garden
Roses are a classic symbol of love and romance. While a bouquet is always appreciated, she’ll love growing her own and tending to them all year long. A garden full of gorgeous blooms is always appreciated.
25. A Night Of Music
When her favorite artist comes to town, be sure to have front row tickets. At the show, buy her a t-shirt or poster that she has her eye on so she can take a souvenir home from the show.
26. Mark My Words
Is your wife a big reader? Gift her a custom bookmark engraved with her name. She’ll always keep her place in her latest novel and keep a piece of you with her at all times.
27. On The Go
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Whether she travels across the world or across town, add a little personality to your wife’s boring bags with bright and bold new luggage tags. Practical and personal, luggage tags make great little gifts for gals on-the-go. To make them even more special, use them as gift tags on a wrapped new set of luggage.
28. Mani-Pedi
You can’t go wrong with a classic mani-pedi. Treat her to an afternoon of pampering at the local nail salon and include a gift card so she can go back a few more times.
29. Silver Screen
If your wife loves film and always looks forward to your movie nights, gift her a film streaming subscription service to broaden her library. Popcorn and classic movie cand yare also great additions to your weekly screen time.
30. Outdoor Decor
Outdoor space can be a sanctuary for nature and hosting events. Update your patio furniture and hang string lights around the trees to create an oasis she’ll love to spend time in.
31. Succulent Coffee Table
Source: Snugglebug University

Succulents are totally on-trend right now. If your wife likes to spend her days relaxing outside on the patio, spruce up her seating area and make her this modern coffee table that houses a sweet succulent garden.
32. Rustic Garden Bench
Source: The DIY Mommy

Things that are old can be new again! Like this charming garden bench fashioned out of two old logs and some vintage scrap wood. It’s simple to build and will be a beloved addition to your wife’s garden.
33. For The Writer
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Does your bride love to write? If she’s always putting pen to paper, then a personalized journal you create just for her would be extremely thoughtful. Pair it with a beautiful bookmark and a really great pen to make a complete writer’s gift set.
34. Get Cheesy
If you live close to a local dairy or goat farm, take a visit for a long weekend—many host cheese-making classes so you can become kitchen pro. Spend a weekend in nature, enjoying the scenery and learning some new skills together.
35. Where We Met
Recreate the moment you met for a sentimental holiday season. Go back to that restaurant, rewatch that movie or recreate the experience altogether for an experiential gift she’s sure to cherish. Be sure to snap lots of pictures!
36. Life’s A Beach
Nothing screams “relax” like a weekend getaway to the beach. Plan everything, down to the last detail, so that all she has to do is kick back and enjoy the waves. Don’t forget the sunscreen!
37. Photo Coasters
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A gift that’s as beautiful as it is practical, your wife will love this sweet and simple gift set of photo coasters. Choose four different photos to create a sentimental set she’ll put to good use when gifted with personalized drinkware like stemless wine glasses or a custom-made coffee mug.
38. For The Cat Mom
If her kids are four-legged and furry, she’ll love supplies that keep them happy. New toys or a scratching post will make everyone feel right at home and give them some bonding time.
39. A Gift Every Month
Whether she’s a cook, a crafter, a wine connoisseur or a bookworm, a monthly subscription box or delivery service that matches her interests will keep your wife feeling special month after month. You’ll be spouse-of-the-year when you gift one of these!
40. Get Smart
If your wife loves having all the latest gadgets, a smartwatch can keep her trendy and organized. She can track her health, keep her calendar close and even send messages from her wrist. It’s the perfect gift for a woman on the go.
41. Tea Towels For Two
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Tea towels have long been a traditional gift for any number of occasions. Keep it traditional but with a twist by gifting your partner with a unique customized tea towel. It will arrive wrapped in ribbon and ready to give.
42. You’re My Cup Of Tea
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For the wifey who loves to indulge in a morning cup of coffee or tea, it can’t get better than a custom coffee mug that’s personalized just for her. These extra-large cups are great for cereal, soup and ice cream, too!
43. Boho Bliss
Source: Quiet Lion Creations

No outfit is complete without a piece of jewelry to pull the look together. If her style is artistic, natural and unconventional, she’ll love these beautiful boho-chic necklaces made with agate, crystals, gemstones and metallic temporary tattoos.
44. Holiday Spirit
For the woman who loves a neat glass of scotch after a long day, gift her a set of signature spirits to adorn her collection. Gift her a bottle of her favorite and a new addition to try something new.
45. For The Chef
If your wife loves to cook, consider a Christmas gift she can use in the kitchen. A cookbook by her favorite celebrity chef, a set of blank recipe cards she can fill in with favorite recipes of her own or a new set of pots and pans will inspire her to explore her passion for cooking.
46. Robot Vacuum
Nothing is better than a clean house. Well, maybe not having to clean it yourself is a bit better. A robot vacuum can be programmed to clean up the daily dust while your wife is at work so she comes home with one less thing to think about.
47. Standing Desk
For someone who works from home, a standing desk is a great way to elevate their office—literally. It can provide a new refresh to keep her office a productive space.
48. Any Way You Slice It
Source: Abbots At Home

Wood slices are a really popular design trend right now. Chances are your wife has already used a wood slice or two in your home’s decor! Now you can expand on that by building her this lovely wood slice wall hook.
49. A Reason To Celebrate
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Pop open a bottle of bubbly and celebrate the holiday season! You’ll make all your toasts more memorable when you use these champagne flutes etched with your monogram or a personal message.
50. Into Fitness
If your leading lady is into fitness, gift a collection of on-theme items to make her time at the gym extra sweet. A new gym bag, an insulated water bottle and some wireless earbuds are perfect to take along with her, while soothing bath salts and a scented candle provide the perfect setting for resting sore muscles at home.
51. Date Night
Sometimes, what your wife wants most is to spend time with you, the love of her life. Plan a special date and enjoy your time together. Dinner and a movie, a couples’ massage or tickets to see her favorite band live–make a plan you know she’ll appreciate.
52. The Perfect Cup Of Coffee
Coffee is a necessity for many people in the morning. If your wife frequents your local coffee shop, she may love an espresso machine so she can become her own barista. Give her all the tools she needs to craft her own delicious lattes and macchiatos every morning.
53. Tea Time
A collection of teas is perfect to go with her new mug. If you have a local tea shop, they may even host classes on the history of tea or how to create your own blends. Book one for a gift date that keeps on giving long past the holidays.
54. Her Very Own Spa
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Sometimes the best gifts are those that give her a chance to relax and unwind. Set up her bathroom like her very own mini spa—with candles, goodie jars filled with soaps and bath bombs, while fresh flower petals float in the tub.
55. Fairy Light Lantern
Source: Christene Holder

Fairy lights are all the rage in home decor right now. They add a gorgeous glow to any space, indoors or out. Your wife will love to lounge by the light of this sweet little lantern.
56. Homeward Bound
If you and your wife live far away from family, a pair of plane tickets to her hometown to visit everyone can be perfect. Whether you go for a week or a weekend, it will truly show how much you care and brighten up her holiday season.
57. A Night At The Opera
When the opera comes to town, be sure to get you and your wife tickets. If you’ve never experienced live opera before, it’s a great opportunity to enjoy a new artform.
58. Trinket Box
Is the lady in your life a sentimental woman? Give her a spot to safely store all her little tokens and trinkets. Find a keepsake box that’s as beautiful as it is useful, and it’ll become a treasure all its own. Construct it yourself out of reclaimed wood for a unique gift she’ll cherish.
59. Sweet Dreams
Give the gift of sweet dreams. Luxurious new sheets, a cozy new comfortor or duvet and plush pillows will create the ultimate comfy, cozy happy place for your wife to relax and get away. This is one fabulous gift you’ll both enjoy.
60. Memory Keepsake Box
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The holidays are the perfect time of year to reflect on the love of your family. Give your wife reminders of your favorite family adventures and moments throughout the year on this personalized keepsake box. Include a trinket inside for a complete gift.
61. A Year Of Memories
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She’ll relive wonderful memories all year long with a customized calendar made just for her. Choose from a gallery-worthy wall calendar that’s personalized with favorite photos every month or a sleek desktop easel that’ll make her smile every day of the year.
62. Keep It Classy
Always like trying new things together? Gift her a set of cooking classes, pottery classes or something she’s never tried before. Take the things you learn and incorporate them into your home.
63. Wine Bottle Planter
Source: Succulents and Sunshine

Here’s a unique Christmas gift idea for a wine lover. After she finishes her favorite bottle of wine, you can turn it into a lovely planter for an arrangement of succulents.
64. Warm Her Heart
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Now she can lounge in style with a personalized keepsake that’s both pretty and practical. A personalized woven blanket will keep her comfy and cozy while warming her heart.
65. Aromatherapy
A gift that smells amazing and serves a purpose, aromatherapy uses aromatic essential oils to promote health and well-being. Give lavendar for relaxation, lemongrass to ease anxiety or a peppermind pick-me-up. Bundle an assortment of essential oils with a diffuser to boost her mind, body and spirit.
66. Let’s Have A Picnic
Show her you really care by treating your lovely bride to a beautiful picnic, complete with a plush and cozy picnic blanket that she can keep when the picnic ends. Gather an assortment of craft cheeses and snacks from local artisan shops for a delicious spread.
67. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall
For a personalized take on bedroom decor, find a vintage mirror that speaks to your wife’s taste. Whether it has tinted glass or a gilded frame, it’s sure to brighten up her space.
68. For The Party Girl
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A personalized bottle opener is an unexpected, thoughtful and unique gift for the lady who likes to indulge or hosts a lot of parties. Customize it with fun photos and her name or initials. Then, pair it with some custom pilsner glasses for a perfect party gift.
69. A Day At The Spa
Pamper the love of your life with a day at the spa. Gift her a soothing massage, a refreshing facial, a mani/pedi and a few hours to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Instead of handing over a simple gift certificate to the spa, tuck one inside the pocket of a plush new robe.
70. That Makes Scents
Instead of giving your wife a bottle of store-bought fragrance, gift her with a perfume-making class where she’ll craft her own signature scent. The class will be a cool experience and she’ll have her own custom fragrance to bring home–a win-win!

One sure-fire way to win at your gift-giving game this Christmas is to add a personal touch to whatever you decide to give. That way, your present will be meaningful and unique. Don’t forget to include a holiday card with a special love note inside.

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