Save On Crafts | 31 Easy DIY Crafts


Save a lot of money by learning these easy DIY crafts!

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Save On Crafts | 31 Easy DIY Crafts

Get Crafty While Being Light in The Budget

Are you dying to unleash your creative energy by making DIY Projects? But you’re worried about the expenses that you might spend on its needed materials.

Well, worry no more! You’re going to love saving money on these DIY crafts! Not only are they useful, but they are also easy and fun to make.

If you need ideas for making cool and easy DIY Crafts and Projects or want to save on crafts, you can save big time with these homemade crafts with their step by step instructions, HowTos, and tutorials for home decor, wedding, kids, furniture, wall art, and more!

We have all kinds of cool projects to build for you. Whether you need easy DIY wood projects, DIY crafts for adults, or easy craft ideas for kids to make at home, this list has you covered!

Here’s how to make some of the most clever DIY crafts we found:

1. Mason Jar Craft | DIY Vintage Pendant Lighting


I had a hard time finding an edison bulb that I liked but stumbled upon these at amazon. There are several options you can choose from! Here’s how you can make this!

2. Tiled Mirror


There are many easy DIY crafts to do at home. One of them is making a tiled mirror! It’s stylish but won’t cost as much as those already found in furniture shops!

3. Handmade Mug


These white mugs are a great option and come in bulk so you can make several mugs as gifts for family and friends!

4. Macrame Lawn Chair


If you have a lawn, you don’t have to rob a bank to make it ready for summer. You make these Macrame chairs and customize them according to your style!

What is Macrame? This is the art of using knots and strings to make decorative things.

5.  Letter Art with Thumb Tacks


Who knew thumbtacks can be used to make fun and easy crafts for your home? Add a sweet touch to your room with this unique word decor.

6. Camera Strap


Capture moments more enthusiastically with this DIY camera strap! You can customize it to match the places your visiting, too, if you’re traveling!

7. Chalkboard Paint


Tired of your kids decorating your walls with scribbles? Make them a board instead!

8. Tin Lantern


This cool DIY project can keep you warm when you want to spend an evening out in the yard. You just need a tin bucket, some candles, and some tools and you’re good to go.

9. Balloon Bowl


Here’s a great deal on some colorful confetti! This easy DIY for kids will keep them occupied and entertained.

10. Macrame Dreamer


If you’re a fan of decorative dreamers, then make some! These Macrame dreamers will look gorgeous on your walls.

11. Photo Transfer Coasters


You can make your own coasters with some easy DIY wood projects. You can make them look classy by transferring photos on them!

12. Handmade Bird Mobile


You don’t need to spend too much on your baby’s things. Your little one will definitely love this bird mobile.

13. Pom Push Pins


Dress up your board with these cute pom push pins! They’re cute and colorful, perfect for your room’s wall decor.

14. Necklace Holder


Personally, I like these vibrant knobs. They punch out against the dark wood of the holders so nicely.

15. Art Frame Chalkboard


Advertise your store’s daily special offers with a DIY chalkboard. Your customers will love it!

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16. Calendar Character


Give your calendar a makeover by giving them character! You won’t forget the date with this DIY project.

17. Wall Sunburst


Tired of the same old round mirror on your living room wall? Change it to a mirror sunburst!

18. Sculptural Paper Orb Lights


This one was hands down my favorite! Here’s the cupcake liners I got for this DIY crafts home decor project.

19. Elephant Succulent Planter


A room looks more alive with plants. These succulents are great as decorative pieces at home and in the office!

20. Travel Memory Map


Remember your travels by filling out a map using the photos you took on your trips! Isn’t that unique?

21. Customized iPhone Cases


If you have nail police and some time, then you can make your own phone case! Not only will you save money, you’ll be making a customized case that no one else will have.

(via A Beautiful Mess, click here for full tutorial)

22. Nautical Drawer Pulls


Make your cabinets more festive with this drawer pull idea! Aside from nautical designs, you can also draw other images or even use a sticker.

23. Friendship Bracelet Chevron Rug


These friendship bracelets are not only easy DIY crafts for tweens, but adults can also get into them, too.

24. Color Dipped Stools


Got some old stools or chairs at home? It’s time to turn them into new, rustic ones!

25. Ping Pong Ball Cafe Lights


Make your room brighter with these colorful ping pong light idea! They’re great for your room, your baby’s room, and even the living room!

26. Moss & Twine Wrapped Mason Jar


Vases don’t have to made with fancy crystals. An unused clear mug will look great with a beautiful flower!

(via the pretty bee, click here for full tutorial)

27. Printed Towel


Towels are useful but they don’t have to be boring. Make them fun and festive by printing designs on them!

28. Fabric Peony Flower Accessories


Jazz up gifts and boxes with fabric peony accessories. They won’t wilt and they look gorgeous!

29. Fabric Covered Boxes


Store your knick knacks in these cute fabric covered boxes. They’ll not only keep your things tidy, but they’ll also make your room more colorful and fun!

30. Crossbody Tote from a Placemat


Designer bags can cost you an arm and a leg. So why not make your own crossbody tote bag for far less?

31. Glycerine Soap Gems


If you have colored glycerine soaps on hand, turn them into gems! They can be given as gifts or as decorative soaps in your guest bathroom.


Check out this video from 5-Minute Crafts sharing a compilation of fun and easy crafting life hacks:

Have you chosen your target projects for this weekend? Beauty does not necessarily mean costly. All you need is this list of DIY crafts and a touch of creativity to make your home look like a million dollars!

Which of these easy DIY crafts would you like to try? Share your experience in the comments section below! 


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