RV Storage and Organization Ideas


Before you begin planning for your RV storage, it’s important to take stock of everything that you have. What do you have now? Why don’t you just throw it away? Or, what if you don’t have something now but soon will? This is very important to decide how you can organize and store them in your RV. Because it will affect the type of storage idea that will use.
When we are talking about RV storage it comes in various kinds and different ways. If you still wondering what you have to do to organize your RV, here are some RV storage ideas that you can copy.

RV Storage Ideas for Clothes

Don’t forget to get your bras, panties, bathing suits, and shirts into storage containers. You can use transparent boxes or other saving space storage ideas. The storage can be placed above or under the bed to get a neat and saving space effectively. You can also place hooks along walls to hang up your clothes. RV storage ideas like these would work well for a comfortable trip.


To keep your RV decor looking neat and clean, you can put all your clothes in a transparent plastic drawer that has a smoother and thicker surface so it won’t break easily when it falls on the way to the floor. This drawer has several spaces that are arranged vertically, making it easier for you to store clothes according to your current needs. Transparent plastic drawer from rvobsession.


When you have a wooden wardrobe in an RV, adding a transparent plastic drawer in it will make it easier for you to store clothes in a more organized manner. In addition, you can also use this cabinet door area as storage by adding some open wire shelves to put some underwear that is not too large, you can try it easily. Wooden wardrobe with transparent plastic drawers from rvobsession.

Magnetic Spice Racks

RV storage space saving doesn’t have to mean boring. Instead, you can choose among a variety of options. If you’d rather skip the containers and use a magnetic spice rack, that’s fine, too. It is a brilliant idea to organize your spices. You can attach the magnetic rack behind the kitchen cabinet or at the end of the cabinet. Besides more organized, it can avoid the spice falling down when the RV is running.


To avoid all your spices from falling during an RV trip, you can use an oval magnetic spice rack attached to a wooden plank that looks more sturdy and strong. These small bottles are equipped with lids so they don’t spill easily and are very safe for you to try, the costs needed when making them are also not too expensive so they are very affordable. Oval magnetic spice rack from hgtv.


Take advantage of your wooden cabinet doors to hang a magnetic spice rack consisting of several small spice bottles that don’t fall off easily when the RV is traveling. You can hang it using nails or glue that is sturdy and strong. With this, it will be easier for you to find the spices you need in a short time. Cabinet door as magnetic spice rack from practicallyfunctional.

RV Shower Storage and Organization Ideas

When it comes to the storage ideas for your RV shower, it is all about hanging more hooks and shower caddies. There are some shower caddies ideas that you can use. For example, you can use a shower caddy that can be hung on the shower wall or install at the corner of the shower. The shower curtain with pockets also recommended being used for the RV shower storage idea. It will provide more space to save your shampoo, soap, and other toiletries. Also, consider buying a towel holder that will attach to the wall behind your RV shower stall.


If you have an RV bathroom decoration with limited space, then you can use the corner of the wall room for the storage ideas by hanging iron baskets arranged vertically. Put and store all your toiletries and toiletries on this shelf so that the bathroom looks neater and of course organized, you can try it easily without having to spend a lot of money. Floating corner iron basket from rvinspiration.


You can use this shower pocket that has several different rooms to store all your toiletries to make it more organized so it’s easier to find when you need it. To hang this pocket storage, you just need to use small nails that are applied to the sides of the pocket so that it doesn’t fall to the floor easily. This storage idea also doesn’t take up floor space at all, making it more effective and efficient. Shower pockets storage from rvinspiration.

Adjustable Storage Racks

One of the more popular RV storage ideas is to purchase adjustable storage racks. These are great for adding an extra layer of storage to your recreational vehicle. They fit inside cabinets and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Some of the stack on top of one another, while others are floor-standing. It is very suitable to organize your RV kitchen.


This RV glass window equipped with floating shelves will be an area to store all the indoor decorations you have to instantly beautify the room, decorations that you can use include green plants in patterned ceramic pots that give an artistic vibe so it’s not easy. boring to look at. This green plant will also thrive because it gets enough sunlight. Floating rack as windowsill decoration from rvinspiration.


If you need more storage space, then you can use a hanging rack in a round shape made of iron. So that it is more durable and sturdy to use for a long time without being porous. This shelf consists of several stacking shelves that can be used to put all your kitchen spices neatly and orderly so that it is very easy to find in a faster time. Hanging iron rack with round shape from rvinspiration.

Toilet Paper Roll Dispenser

Another one of RV storage ideas that may seem counterintuitive, yet it works like a charm: buy an inexpensive roll of toilet paper at your local hardware store and keep it in your RV. The toilet holders come in all shapes and sizes and some even hold two rolls. Hooks and holders come in many styles as well. Adjust to your RV bathroom to get fits functionality.


Reuse this old wooden magazine rack as a place to store toilet paper so it doesn’t scatter everywhere when used in a hurry. You can put this toilet paper dispenser in the corner of the bathroom so it doesn’t fall when your RV is traveling, this paper storage idea is very cheap so it’s perfect for those of you who want to save on expenses. DIY magazine rack as toilet paper dispenser from homebnc.


Another option for storing your toilet paper is on the wall by hanging it on the handle of a galvanized bucket which is equipped with magazine storage as well so that it functions better and is multifunctional. You don’t need to repaint it for a more vintage look. Galvanized wall toilet paper holder from homebnc.

RV storage comes in various types and styles. No matter with it. The important thing is how you can make your trip more comfortable with neat and organized RV decor.

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