Popular Shutterfly Products To Get Custom-Made


Let your personality shine through in the details with our most popular custom-made Shutterfly products. Whether it’s a monogram of your name on a personalized coffee mug or favorite memories on custom photo puzzles, creating unique details and personal touches to everyday objects adds sentiment to any gift, home décor, office supplies, and more. Get inspired to customize by checking out our top Shutterfly products that you might not know you could make totally your own.

Top Custom Home Décor Ideas

A house becomes a home when you add your personal touch. Once you’ve settled in and chosen the major pieces of furniture and paint colors, it’s the little details that will make your home reflect your personal style. If you are looking for home décor ideas that will create a unique look in any room, start with our most popular personalized décor pieces.

Canvas Prints

custom canvas prints

Hanging canvas prints in your home can be the missing element you need to transform your space. With a wide assortment of different canvas prints to choose from – whether it’s small, big, framed, collage, or panoramic – our canvas prints are popular with home décor ideas because you can simply mix and match different styles or personalize them to meet your decorating needs.

Pillows And Blankets

Personalizing pillows and blankets will add unforgettable memories to the functional pieces of home décor. With our extensive line of pillows and blankets, you have the flexibility to design your pillows and blankets with any style, color schemes, materials, and photos, and text. You can customize your blankets with dates to commemorate a special occasion or add photo collages to pillows for a unique housewarming gift.


Frames are more than just holders that display photo prints on the wall or tabletop. Choosing the right frame can make the colors of a photo pop or add a special finishing touch. With a variety of personalization options, our custom frames work for any style and home décor ideas, giving you a one-of-a-kind piece.


shutterfly custom coasters

It’s important to protect your furniture from condensation and heat, so choose a coaster that best suits your personal taste. We offer a wide selection that goes from natural woodwork to classic marble and more that makes for great conversation pieces. Our customized coasters are a stylish way to display your favorite memories, designs, and colors.

Tea Towels

Turn an ordinary towel into a memorable, fun, and elegant work of art. With our personalized tea towels, you can accent your stylish kitchen or use it for everyday tasks around the house. With a variety of options for patterns such as fruits and vegetables, herbs, lemons, foliage, hearts, and more, there’s no shortage of originality.

Wind Chimes

Customize wind chimes with names, special messages, photos, and other custom details for a beautiful keepsake to display on the porch or garden. Turn a quiet breeze and a soothing sound that is perfect for any space.

Shower Curtains

If you are looking for home décor ideas for your bathroom, a completely unique shower curtain is the perfect way to stand out. A monogrammed or treasured family photo shower curtain adds a touch of elegance or fun to any bathroom. Have your shower curtain make a statement and lasting impression upon guests.

Cutting Boards

shutterfly custom cutting boards

Add a little personality to your prep space by customizing a cutting board. Custom cutting boards add classy kitchen elements that can be appreciated when prepping a meal. Not only are they functional, but they also double as a stand-alone accent on countertops, mantles, and shelves.


Decorate your home with customizable candles that combine your best memories with ambiance and warmth to any room. Custom candles come in a variety of different scents – from fruity and citrusy to spicy and woodsy and more. With several design colors and a variety of collections, it’s the ideal home décor piece to feature your favorite art or photos.

Wine Glasses

If you are a wine enthusiast, personalized stemless wine glasses are quaint, attractive, and perfect for any home décor ideas. Our stemless wine glasses can be personalized with your initials or a favorite saying. With etched monogram designs, your wine glasses can easily be displayed as customized works of art.

Popular Custom Cards And Stationery

Whether you’re showing thanks or taking notes, make every message noteworthy with custom cards and stationery. Custom-printed cards are the perfect way to make someone in your life feel special, like for weddings or graduations. Personalized stationery is great for giving your shopping lists, address labels, and meeting notes a more fun or professional touch. Browse our top selection of cards and stationery, customizable for any occasion.

Wedding Invitations

shutterfly wedding invitations

Set the stage for your wedding from the first touch. Share the news with cards that add elegance, romance, and style to your invitations and save the dates. Find everything you need by choosing from our wide selection of wedding stationery designs. We make it easy for you to customize your message so it matches the feel and tone of your upcoming nuptials.

Address Labels

Sending or receiving a handwritten card in the mail can be a real treat. Don’t let your envelopes blend in with the rest of the mailbox. Make your mail stand out with custom address labels. From deciding on the text, picking a theme, adding a logo or picture, and mixing it up with seasonal designs, when it comes to custom address labels, envelopes can really stand out with your personal touch.

Graduation Announcements

Share your grad’s achievement with personalized graduation announcements. Whether graduating from elementary, high school, or college, close friends and family love to be informed of major life accomplishments. One of the best parts about achievement is getting to share your success with others, so share it in a way that’s personal for you.

Thank You Cards

shutterfly thank you cards

Discover thank you cards for any occasion and any recipient with custom cards and stationery. Thank a loved one, friend, or even complete stranger for their kindness, generosity, gifts, or support with personalized thank you cards. With occasions ranging from wedding to holiday card designs, start exploring to find the perfect sentiment or idea for your next card occasion.


If you are someone that likes to make lists and keep everything organized, a personalized notepad is a fun way to make sure you can get everything crossed off. Spruce up your desk with personalized stationery and have a little fun as you take care of business. Custom notepads also make for great gifts and promotional products that add the right touches of personality to anyone’s life.

Unique Photo Gifts For Everyone In Your Life

custom photo puzzle and playing cards

No matter the occasion, family and friends will always cherish personalized photo gifts. With Shutterfly, you can easily create personal photo mugs, photo puzzles, photo phone cases, and more. Unique photo gifts hold dear memories of the people who matter most, showcase their life journey, and the role they’ve played in yours by filling their home with your favorite shared memories.

Phone Cases

Everybody needs a phone case to protect their phone from damage, make it personal by customizing it with a photo. When you give someone a custom photo phone case, you are showing them you took the time ahead to plan for their special occasion. Make their necessity and great accessory that fits their personality and style.


Puzzles are a unique gift to give someone who likes to relax and stimulate their mind. Make puzzles an extra special experience for them by designing your own custom photo puzzle with one or more photos. Choose an iconic color and theme that goes along with it. A puzzle made with love are gifts that can be enjoyed again and again by all ages.

Playing Cards

Personalized playing cards can capture a treasured moment or a few favorite photos. Design your own deck of custom printed photo playing cards personalized with photos as a gift to your kids or as gift favors. No matter the occasion, these personal photo playing cards are sure to bring smiles all around.

Stainless Steel Water Bottles

stainless steel water bottles

Surprise someone special with this unique photo water bottle. Not only can you encourage your loved ones to stay healthy and drink enough water, but you can make them smile with each sip. Design a personalized photo water bottle that is not only BPA-free but guaranteed to be used for years to come. A reusable bottle is the perfect eco-friendly gift for everyone.


With a number of designs, patterns, and colors to choose from, you can design the perfect pair of custom socks for your friends and families. Upload your own photos to socks to create a thoughtful, funny, personal gift perfect for anyone and any occasion.

Coffee Mugs

shutterfly coffee mugs

Bring an extra smile to a loved one’s day with a photo coffee mug. Choose from a vast collection of mug sizes and designs with plenty of room for customization. From collages to monograms to an option of uploading your own design, the possibilities are endless, and there’s sure to be something for everyone.

Best Personalized Pet Gifts

We know that pets are part of the family, so when it comes to gift-giving, your pet deserves a lavish show of your love. Here, we’ve rounded the best unique, personalized pet gifts to treat your furry best friends. Use our easy customization tools to create custom pet gifts to pamper your loving four-legged friends.

Dog T-Shirts

Dress your dog up in fun T-shirts to show off its personality and express your sense of style. We’ve designed a line of dog T-shirts fit for every breed, big or small. With custom dog T-shirts, you can take your pet accessories to a whole new level. Personalize your dog’s name, favorite photos, fun messages, and more on their dog T-shirts.


shutterfly pet collars

Pet collars are the permanent accessory for your dog or cat. Make sure they are fun, comfortable, and most of all, durable! These machine-washable, colorfast collars are the best pet gifts for any dog or cat of any size. Find your favorite way to accessorize your pets with a range of themes, styles, and patterns.

Dog Beds

Dogs come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities – give your dog a bed that suits them! Show your pups how much you love them with personalized dog beds they can call their own. By customizing a dog bed to suit your dog’s personality and style, you can give the best home base they need and deserves

Pet Bowls

custom pet bowls next to dog

Display your love for your adorable pet with a stylish and functional photo pet bowl. Create a one of a kind food or water container by personalizing a pet bowl with your favorite photo and your pet’s name. With multiple personalization options, you can tailor your creation to your own home décor or preference.

Our Favorite Personalized Office Supplies

shutterfly office accessories

When it comes to personalized items for the office, this is where the real fun begins. Brighten up your workspace or your desk at home with a wide assortment of personalized office products and accessories. Transform standard desk items like mouse pads and pens into something more stylish with monograms and or into something more personal with photos.

Mouse Pads

Custom mouse pads are a great way to add personality or even a subtle bit of branding. Upload your favorite photo or business logo – or choose from a collection of themed designs. Start decorating your work area to make it feel a little more you with a one-of-kind mouse pad.

Pen And Pencil Holder

pen and pencil holder

Keep your writing tools organized with our personalized pen and pencil holder. Add a photo or sentiment for a custom touch to your office. Remember your favorite memories every time you reach for a pen and pencil.

Laptop Cases

Customize your laptop case so that you can protect your computer in style. Add treasured photos and text to make a unique laptop case that fits your own personal sense of style and interests. Available in two sizes: 15” and 13”, laptop cases are a great way to show off your family photos, hobbies or even a personal logo.


Keep organized with a unique planner to add something chic to your everyday routines. Our monthly planners will help anyone get organized and keep track of all the important events in their lives. A personalized planner will be fun to carry around since you get to design them to your own taste. Planners with a personal touch will also be a unique keepsake that you can look back on and remember all the special moments that took place throughout the year.

Wrapping Up

Whether you’re shopping for a loved one or just want to treat yourself, custom-made products are the way to go since no one else will have the exact same one. From pet-inspired tea towels that make cleanup easier to photo collage blankets that your friends and family will love to wrap themselves in, there’s a custom gift for almost every person, pet, or price point.

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