Object of Desire: Rustic, Hand-Hewn Bath Accessories from Japan


We’re always on the lookout for stylish TP holders (and other bath essentials). Our latest find: a line of rustic brass paper holders, bath hooks, and towel rails from Muro Kanamono, a metal-working atelier founded in Kyoto in 1802, currently available from Rikumi in Pennsylvania.

Muro Kanamono started as a supplier of handmade nails (wakugi) and hardware for temples and homes; today, they continue to pay homage to their past by producing metal hardware that is inspired by current trends while staying grounded by tradition.

Here’s a look:

muro kanamono toil roll holder Above: The Toilet Paper Holder is $135. muro kanamono toilet paper roll black Above: The Toilet Paper Holder in black. muro kanamono oilet paper holder 10 Above: The Toilet Paper Holder/Stocker is $60. muro kanamono toilet paper roll brass Above: A detail of the brass version. of the Toilet Paper Holder/Stocker. muro kanamono hook small brass Above: The Hook is $52. muro kanamono towel bar brass Above: The Towel Bar is $118. muro kanamono double hook brass Above: The Double Hook is $40.

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