New Cake Carrier and tidbits . . .



Check out my new round cake carrier!  I just love it.  I have had a Tupperware one for maybe 30 years and this replaced it.   It can be used for all sorts of make and take foods as well.  

I wiped down the wooden towel stand that was in the smaller bathroom, and it will go to the road for free this weekend weather permitting.  The bathroom has no linen closet, so I have a wall unit that now holds the towels and washcloths.  Daughter K is coming for a weekend in April, and after that we'll be ripping stuff out of there soon.

I'm still debating on replacing the sink, mirror and wall light.  I could paint it, but then there is the garden too.  It's a small bathroom, so the sink is pretty small compared to a normal bathroom.  Not sure if we would even be able to find one that size.  Time will tell, so will the pocket book.

We have not gotten the estimate on the kitchen floor main work, but have been making plans ourselves in the meantime.  I am hoping that Daughter K is here this weekend for another load, so I have more room in the living room to move stuff from the kitchen.

If the weather is good today (it rained yesterday again), I will trim my lavender plants.  I'm hoping for a good harvest this year.

My siblings and I are pulling funds together to purchase a memorial flag for Dad. It will have his picture on it and will be displayed on a main street flag pole along, with other flags, at his hometown.  He now also has a Korean war veteran flag holder at his head stone at the cemetery.

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