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Last week I did chicken burrito bowls for my weekly meal prep and they were delicious! I found myself looking forward to my packed lunch each day instead of dreading it and wishing it were a cheeseburger instead. I decided to do the same thing this week with ground beef instead of chicken. I thought I’d share both recipes here.

The recipe for these is exactly the same except for the meat. For each, I start with the rice first and let it cook while I prep the meat. I used brown minute rice and did enough to have to have 1 cup of cooked rice in each bowl. I always do four at a time so both of these recipes are for four. While the rice is cooking, it’s time to prepare the meat. For the chicken I used pre-cooked frozen chicken fajita strips and cooked them with a little taco seasoning and a little water to keep it from being dry. For the ground beef, I used extra lean ground beef and drain and rinse it to keep it extra lean. Then prepare it with taco seasoning and a little water. Check out this post for my homemade taco seasoning.

After the rice and the meat is done, it’s time to start plating up the meal prep. I use square glass bowls that I found at Publix. I think the glass helps the food stay fresher longer it’s great for reheating. Divide the rice up evenly between the four dishes, then top with the meat. Next evenly divide a can of yellow corn (drained and rinsed) between the dishes. Do the same thing for two cans of black beans. You could easily use just one can of black beans, but I was trying to make it more filling and I love black beans. You could sub in pinto beans if you don’t like black beans. Then dice up a small tomato for each one and layer it on top. Then to finish it off, top it with fat free cheddar.

Voila! All done! To serve, reheat in the microwave for a couple minutes, mix and enjoy!

The points for the chicken are only 4 or 5 points depending on how much cheese you use. For the beef, it comes out around 7 points. I like to add light ranch to mine after heating and that adds a few points, but it’s worth the extra points for the added flavor.

What are some of your go to meal prep ideas? I’m always looking for something new and delicious.

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