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Black and wood tone come together in delicious contrast in this large and luxurious apartment, located in Athens. Designed and visualised by buro511, this interior design is a completely cohesive scheme that sees the same colours, textures and materials run throughout every space in this high-end home. From black living room to dark and dramatic bedrooms, black bathrooms, and storage packed hallways, the design connection is on point. You will also see a floating furniture theme running through, in the shape of a floating effect coffee table, a floating kitchen, and bespoke floating platform bed designs. Even the bathroom mirrors seem to hover weightlessly in a warm halo.

A huge black living room stretches through the home, furnished with a long sumptuous sectional sofa and a coordinating chaise lounge.

An enormous square coffee table settles in the middle of the luxurious lounge, its solid wood mass seeming to float a couple of inches off the ground thanks to a recessed base.

Characterful home accessories dress the top of the coffee table, and a light cream rug beds beneath.

Majestic natural greenery comes into the room in the shape of a bonsai tree, which is held on a tall plant stand behind the deep chaise lounge. The effect of its tumbling foliage is doubled in towering mirrored panels.

The bonsai tree marks a transition into a small hallway in the home, where a wood effect door is camouflaged between matching wood wall panels.

Bespoke book stacks climb each side of the TV wall, with the base nooks settling on a long media unit that spans the full width of the room.

The mirror effect of the matching bookcases is echoed in a lounge chair arrangement behind the sofa, where two modern grey chairs face into a round coffee table by the fire.

At night, the flames of the fireplace warm the spot by the fireside, and soft lighting spills down over the book stacks.

Ten modern dining chairs surround an impressively chunky wooden dining table.

Floor to ceiling display shelves make an attractive dining room backdrop. Black panels cross between the shelves in varying widths to make an interesting feature, even if decor items are kept minimal. The panels also tie in with the solid black plinth on the dining room table design.

A linear suspension light crosses the dining room ceiling space. The fireplace hearth wraps around the partially dividing wall between the lounge and dining area.

Black doors front an expansive run of storage cupboards that start in the living room and continue all the way along the hallway. Modern spotlights extend down from the ceiling of the corridor on black cylinders.

There is a dramatic black U-shaped kitchen that seems to float, similarly to the coffee table illusion in the lounge. This time, the units have been wall mounted without plinths to magic the floating effect.

Wooden upper cabinets brighten, warm and texturise the colour scheme of the black kitchen. Wooden shutters dress a generously sized kitchen window.

A black backsplash works its way around the room, from a gas cooker hob on the right hand side return, to the an integrated black oven on the left.

A second run of wooden upper cabinets make a mirror image with the first.

The black storage cupboards from the hallway keep flowing along the back wall of the kitchen.

In the first bedroom, a Cesta dimmable lamp glows on the floor, lighting up the beautiful wood grain across made-to-measure units.

A headboard shelf has been cut into the wall of cabinets to create extra landing space for books and bedside bits, and to make up for the lack of storage beneath two neat bedside tables.

A floating effect platform bed pushes out directly from the headboard wall panels. The wood panelling creates a rich contrast against black fascias that cover the other half of the bedroom.

Grey runners warm up the floor on either side of the bed.

A floating wooden vanity table slices into the black TV wall decor. Wooden window shutters make a perfect pairing.

Black panels engulf a small powder room. Black fixtures blend with the surroundings.

A modern bathroom vanity stands out proudly against the dark decor, in a warm wood grain finish, with a matching towel bench. A backlit round vanity mirror seems to hover over the bathroom sink.

The second wood and black bedroom has an airier feel, thanks to dual aspect large windows–one of which is a glass wall ensuite.

A bespoke headboard design with integrated bedside units stretches wide across the room. Black wall shelves push along above the wooden headboard, as though they are emerging out of a dark night.

The glass wall ensuite bathroom helps the bedroom appear more spacious.

Another black panelled wall creates a smart TV mount. Bedroom doors are concealed within the panelwork.

The wood and black decor from the bedroom, and the rest of the home, continues into the ensuite master bathroom.

Flip out taps are concealed in the vanity shelving above an integrated black bathroom sink. Another illuminated vanity mirror highlights the wood tone wall.

LED strip lights make a recessed shelf glow inside a walk in shower.

A black wall mounted toilet blends with the dark bathroom decor.

A black flush plate, a bidet hand rinser, and a black toilet roll holder fall back into the black tiled walls too. A small wooden stool stands inside the black shower enclosure, matching with a wood slatted floor.

The last bathroom in the home is decorated in complete contrast to the previous two on the tour. This time, black large format wall tiles have been swapped out for cream counterparts, and a matching cream vanity unit is set beneath the illuminated wall mirror. However, the black theme of the home is brought through in the form of shower fixtures, toilet fittings and the same integrated tap and shelving unit found in the master suite.

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