Last Night’s Sunset and other Chit Chat


Although we got zero rain, we had a beautiful sunset for a short time.  We can't really see all of it, due to the woods behind our home, but the sky was a pretty pink.

I spent about 2 hours cleaning stuff from the upstairs.  Mostly, I spent time bringing down any larger items to donate.  I may have found a home for a pole lamp she left up there, and I have a kitchen floor full of boxed up stuff to donate somewhere.  I filled the trash, and put a few things in the burn pile.  Today, I need to spray Lysol up there, as I realized she had 4 animals up there, and I am not sure how well she cleaned, as in sanitized.  There is still much to clean out.

I cannot tell you all how happy I am to have an entire summer of wicked, miserable work hours end for my husband.  He was home, and out mowing after work! 

The handyman finished the bathroom, but left without putting the bathroom door back on.  My husband and I put that back up, installed a new toilet paper holder, installed a mini wooden ladder to hold bath towel, washcloths, and installed a hand towel holder.  We just need to add a small bit of decor, and it's completely done finally.  It is hard to take photos in that small bathroom, but once we have whatever decor up we decide on, I'll try and show you all before and after.  We now have peace of mind that the floor, shower, toilet and sink are good for many years to come.

I have to say, it is truly nice to have the house to myself again.  I know it will be crazy again soon when we tear up the living room, but thankfully we have time to do more cleaning and removing of furniture, and packing up bookshelves before that happens.  Speaking of which, the bookshelf holds all of my homesteading info, so I may just temporarily move it to the office or bedroom, so I can access it.

I told my husband I am not ready to rip up the stairway carpet (also ruined by the dogs), because I am literally dragging stuff down the stairs (ha ha!) to save myself.  It makes it super easy to get things down and out.

Unfortunately, our chances of rain continue to blurp right off the radar.  It was 60% yesterday, and we go zero.  I'll be watering everything today.  The garden has slowed down due to the lack of rain, but praying we do get some this week yet.

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