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Here’s what you missed last week from my small corner of the crochet world…

The Latest…

We are working week 2 of the doily and preparing to start week 3 tomorrow! If you haven’t started or fell behind; don’t worry you can always pick up where you last left off and continue at your own pace. It actually took me only 4 days to design it so having the instruction in hand, this doily can be worked up in full in just a few short days!-

PSSST – one (1) week left to enter your name in the drawing for a free digital copy of Annie’s new book entitled A Very Crochet Christmas! Hurry since the drawing ends soon!

Past Free Pattern!

What free crochet pattern was posted last week? Mini-Apple Pomander!

I love apples! They’re wonderful to decorate with and who doesn’t love the shape! The mini-apple pomander is a fun way to create a hanging potpourri holder for the closet to adding to a lingerie drawer. But it has other uses too – can you think of some? [Read More…]

What Pattern Is It?

The pattern I’m describing is:

I’m worked in a circle But there are lots of pieces I sport plenty of pineaplpes I have wings (all six of us) And we sport halos too
You can begin your search here!
Here’s the pattern described last week!

Beaded Christmas Garland

This pattern is available here!

Thursday’s Upcoming Free Pattern!

Every Thursday a new free pattern will be published, or an old one from the archives, will be republished!

Don’t let these ghosts scare you away! With Halloween near, it’s time to break out these apparitions and revisit this ghostly quartet! These patterns will bring lots of fun from a candy bag, napkin ring, lollipop cover and towel topper!

Past Top Five Friday Finds!

I try to find comparable free crochet patterns that coordinate with my latest free pattern on the blog. And five patterns keep it simple, easy to reference and the of course, only the best! Here’s what I found last week:

Apples for me represent fall – the crisp, cooler air and their bright red and/or green color. Vibrant and beautiful just sitting in bowls! The next best things are these wonderful apple projects – revisited! Five great apple themed projects you’ll want to make for yourself! [Read More…]

Featured Patterns!

At Crochet Memories I have lots of patterns, but unless you’re looking for something specific, few people have the time to simply browse. It’s never too early to start on Christmas projects. Fun Christmas crochet designs that should be on your must-make list!

Festive Pinecone Pineapple Runner

The Festive Pinecone Pineapple Runner came about because a friend asked me to design one for a cabin. I loved the idea and went to work trying to capture the beauty of the pinecone. And what better than edging this filet piece with classic pineapples. Mine is displayed on the secetary, all year long!

Santa Hat Chair Back Covers

I just think dressing up chair backs for the holidays is so much fun! This Santa Hat Chair Back Cover was made to cover the back of a smaller, older chair that I had sitting next to the “semi-antic” school teacher’s desk. One could enlarge the pattern to accommodate a larger chair back if desired. And what could be more festive than all your chairs at the dining room table having a hat! Yay!

Frosty Guest Towel Caddy

As the name implies, this sweet snowman can hold guest towels to brighten the bath. But more than that, he could also hold a wine bottle and create a one-of-a-kind gift for someone on your gift list. Frosty Guest Towel Caddy is adorable with his winter cap and scarf, not to mention his cheery cheeks, and mittens! I hope you enjoy crocheting this pattern and that he’ll bring joy for many years to come!

Crochet News – say what?

Sometimes I love the unexpected and I’m pretty sure any little girl would love this crochet item!

Crochet Magazines You’ll Love!

Who doesn’t look forward to magazines filled with new and awesome crochet patterns? Here are three – and yes, these are affiliate links!

This Week’s Menu Plans:

If you’ve followed the blog much, you’ll notice I publish my upcoming menu plans for each week. Why? Actually this is to keep me on the up and up. I tend to get busy and before I know it, I’m out of steam and if I don’t have something planned, it’s the same old question that plagues many households at around 6:00 in the evening with; “What’s for dinner?” “I don’t know, what sounds good…” until eventually you’re ordering pizza or running through the drive thru at McD’s. Here are my menu plans:

It’s time for another top five recipes review. Five more recipes I feel are worthy of mentioning because they are so good! Often when I post my menu plans, most of the recipes I’ve not tried before. Some are ones I plan to keep and have again and then the best, they’re fantastic and ones I’d consider serving to company based on how easy and good they are. [Read More…]

Crushing on Amazon

Who doesn’t love to shop? And who doesn’t love to save money. I’ve found that often when comparison shopping, Amazon has the best price and being a Prime member, means no shipping charges. These are what I’m looking at now…

We picked up this cell phone protector cover for me and I LOVE it! Not only is it pretty but having dropped my cell a couple of times, it’s helped protect it from being damaged. If I want to view something on its side, it has a stand. How cool is that!

Tuesday’s Trivia!

What do asterisks mean when used in crochet instruction?
To break up the instruction To define where to repeat the instruction To substitute for brackets To enhance a section of crochet instruction
Here’s last weeks answer to “what does Amigurumi mean?”

I hope you had a laugh over the possible answers as much as I did; but the answer is miniature animals!
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I don’t know about you, but I simply love Christmas ideas in crochet and all these Christmas crochet books are chocked full! Oh my!

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