Jonathan Van Ness’s Go-To Coworker Gift Is an Everyday Kitchen Staple


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If there’s one thing activist and Queer Eye hair guru Jonathan Van Ness knows, it’s how to approach every task with enthusiasm—especially holiday gifting. So it’s no surprise that when it came to curating their own Etsy holiday shop, Van Ness opted for things they know will make the recipient’s life better—like a makeover but in the form of a wrappable present.

No matter who you’re buying for this year, Van Ness has a thoughtful idea, from a dish scrubber to a ceramic incense holder. In their own words, Van Ness walks Domino through nine of their favorite things to give (and be given) no matter the occasion.

For Coworkers

wooden dish scrubbers
Palm Pot Scrub Brush, Zero Waste Outlet ($7.41, was $9.99)

My grandma always got dish scrubbers for the grandkids, because it’s something that everybody needs yet no one remembers to buy. Plus it’s still affordable even if you have to get 20 of them. 

For Eternally Good Hair

plum colored hair wrap
Plum T-shirt Hair Towel Wrap, BreezyTee ($18)

I mean, my hair-care line, of course, but this breezy T-shirt wrap is great for getting wet hair out of your face while doing skin care. The 100 percent cotton is also less damaging than a regular towel. 

For Fellow Adult Gymnasts 

wooden bath caddy
Bath Caddy, Timber Grove Studios ($65)

Adult bones will talk to you, like, “Girl, you’re pounding me with these standing back tucks.” So you have your little bathtub caddy to watch telly on your phone or prop up a book while you’re taking an Epsom salts bath. 

For Your Dogs

yellow rope dog leash
Lifetime Leash, Atlas Pet Company ($62)

My puppy, Elton, enjoys eating leashes whole, so I’d get a really nice one in the hope it lasts longer. I swear he devours one a week. 

A Gift You Don’t Even Need to Wrap

aesop candle
Aganice Aromatique Candle, Aesop ($110)

Candles are gorgeous. They’re big and pretty—you can also reuse the container when they’ve burned down. 

A Gift You Can Buy at the Bodega 

purple market tote
Filt French Net Market Bag (Set of 2), Food52 ($48)

Apples—you could give everyone a gorgeous apple and a little bag. Give them the gift of health. Or bodega flowers are always a good option.

For Podcast Fanatics

jonathan van ness podcast cover
Premium Membership, Stitcher ($5)

Sign them up for a membership to their favorite podcast so they don’t have to listen to ads. But also all the cool kids are wearing corded headphones again, so maybe a good pair of those for audio quality. 

For Upgrading Your Morning Coffee

ceramic inscense holder
Speckled Ceramic Incense Holder, Kate Brigden Made ($20)

Have this gorgeous incense holder by Kate Brigden burning while you do your coffee routine to create a bit of smoke and dimension. It will add a little more beauty and relaxation to your mornings. 

Best Gift I’ve Ever Received

It’s super-sentimental, but it is this little sketch my great-grandmother made that my mom gave me for my birthday last year. It now sits on my desk. 

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