If I had to choose people to be on a desert island with, I would definitely choose someone from the list below


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These people can turn a stain on a t-shirt into a work of art and an ordinary office clip into a beer-cooling gadget!
#1 Great Way to Chill a Few Bottles of Beer without Wasting Fridge Space “If You Stain Your T-Shirt, Simply Mark the Outline of the Stain and Sign It with the Name of the Substance You Spilled. It Will Look Like You Visited an Interesting Island” Your Laptop Speakers Are Too Quiet? Cut a Plastic Cup and Amplify the Sound! When You Forget Your Fork Reddit#5 A Sandwich for Perfectionists “We Live in 2018, However, My Dad Was Ahead of Many Millennials” Twitter/yasmin#7 “My Uncle Invented a Universal Remote Control for All Home Appliances!” When You Don’t Want to Lose an Extra Customer A Wallpaper Roller Can Come in Handy as a Toilet Paper Holder Reddit/topderp1#10 A Simple Way to Hang a Paper Towel A Simple and Quick Way to Make a Speaker for Your iPhone Reddit/RapportFrance#12 That Moment When You Went to the Beach and Remembered You Can’t Swim When You and Your New White Shoes Are In the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time Not Having a Table Is Not a Problem Twitter/Mr_LoLwa#15 Kitchen Knife Storage You Can Make In Less Than a Minute Twitter/Annypooh#16 A Simple Way to Pour in Oil to Your Engine Reddit/RapportFrance
How about that?

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