How to Make the Most of Your Tiny Kitchen


Does your kitchen have a small size? Are you confused about what you have to do with your tiny kitchen? Don’t be worried? If you know the tricks you can make the most of your tiny kitchen. You may be wondering how to make the most of your tiny kitchen. This article outlines some ideas for creating more storage space, maximizing the amount of counter space, and incorporating unique design elements. By making the most of the space in your small kitchen, you can create a comfortable and organized kitchen. In this case, you can choose to use a shelf that can be installed in a place that you think is not possible. For example, choosing a side shelf that you can install on the side of your refrigerator. Utilizing your backsplash by installing tension rods and adding some hooks can be a solution for your kitchen organization ideas. Don’t skip to installl an open shelf in your kitchen. It will help you to have an extra space to store your things. Making your kitchen countertop organized with some organizers is also important. Likewise with your kitchen cabinet space, use it as well. And the most important thing in making the most of your small kitchen is to install large windows and use a bright color scheme. This will create the illusion of your tiny kitchen looking spacious and clean. Don’t forget to give a touch of freshness to your tiny kitchen by adding some indoor plants. Despite its size, this space can still feel spacious and comfortable. Here are some ideas on how to make the most of your tiny kitchen.

How to make the most of your tiny kitchen2

Wooden Side Shelf

This is a great way to add some storage while making the most of a less-used area of the kitchen. Adding three shelves with bars to keep things from falling and a towel rack at the bottom makes your small kitchen décor more organized. Placing it next to the refrigerator will also provide a unique kitchen decor and make it easier for you to store various spices and other items. Adding hooks to this shelf will also make it easier for you to store scissors and gloves in the same case.


Wooden Side Shelf Storage from homebnc

Open Shelving Storage

In small kitchens adding open shelving will help you give it an airy look. On this shelf you can store beautiful cutlery or drinks with accessories such as small vases, wooden cutting boards, framed art, or potted plants. This design will create a neat and uncluttered room decor. Choosing a material from this wooden block will look more sturdy and durable for your small kitchen storage ideas.


Wooden Open Shelf from bhg

Hanging Plants

To maximize your small kitchen, you can add a touch of greenery in the form of herbaceous plants for the perfect room decor idea. You can hang it next to the storage cupboard for a fresh and cool kitchen decor. Placing this near the window also provides good nutrition and bright light to the entire décor of this small kitchen. Polished copper pendant adds extra shine and style.


Hanging Herb Plant from bhg

U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

Classic white space is the perfect canvas for experimenting with small spaces. You can apply a U-shaped kitchen layout to maximize the small kitchen in your home. This white cabinet will also provide the perfect room contrast. Combined with blue patterned wallpaper that covers the backsplash in this room, breaking the white color. Antique rugs also add color to the floor of your home. Some green plants in small pots by the window will give the room a fresh and natural feel.


U-Shaped Small Kitchen Layout from bhg

Instal A Window

Adding a large window on one of the walls of this small kitchen will provide perfect lighting while providing nutrition for some of your small plants. Combined with this white color scheme, it will also give the illusion of a wider and brighter room. Near this window you can add some framed paintings to give the kitchen a trendy look and grab the attention of many. This classic style cabinet with gold handles and marble countertop gives this small kitchen an elegant feel.


Kitchen Window from bhg

Organizer Countertop

Choosing a storage area like the picture above will make it easier for you to organize several items on your small kitchen table. Wooden crates help organize all related items. This mug holder also makes it easy for you to store several mugs in the coffee station. You can add coffee machine ornaments and sweeteners to complete your home table decoration. Placing it in the corner of this kitchen table will also make a unique decoration and will steal the attention of every family or friend who comes to your home.


Wooden Box and Mug Holder from homebnc

Bright Color Scheme

The unexpected blue cabinets in this kitchen give the illusion of a wider and brighter look. Choosing a white shiplap wall combined with a blue cabinet gives a bright room. The window in one of these walls also provides bright light and provides nutrients to small plants in pots. This matching colored furniture also gives a unique look and will steal the attention of many people. The oak floors and complete with oriental rugs add extra warmth to the décor of this small kitchen.


White and Blue Color Scheme from familyhandyman

Utilize the Space above Cabinet

This small space above the cabinet offers a number of small kitchen storage ideas. This open shelf makes it easy for you to store various bowls, jugs and jars so that it will make your kitchen look neater and avoid clutter. Choosing these shelves will give your kitchen a unique decor and will maximize the space in this small kitchen. On this wall you can add storage hooks to make it easier for you to hang some logs.


Shelf Above Cabinet from home-designing

Make the Most of Bottom Cabinet

This perfect small kitchen décor uses pull-out storage to make the most of the décor in your small kitchen. Storing pots, pans and lids with this excellent pull-out shelving system will make the most of your small kitchen décor. Choosing these dividers will prevent pots, pans, and lids from rolling over or falling off. Placing an organizer under this cabinet will make the room decor charming and avoid clutter. On this table top you can also add a knife holder to avoid clutter on your kitchen counter.


Pull-Out Pot Rack and Lid Organizer from homebnc

Instal A Rod

Placing the rod on this backsplash will make it easier for you to store various cooking utensils in this tiny kitchen. You can also add an open shelf made of stainless steel which will make it easier for you to store various cooking utensils. This decorating idea will maximize the walls of this small kitchen so that it gives a different look. This light blue ceramic backsplash wall also gives a beautiful and spacious look.


Small Kitchen Rod Storage from shelterness

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