Hosting Thanksgiving This Year? Make Sure It Goes Off Without a Hitch With These Accessories


From festive drinking glasses to the perfect apron, these pieces will gear you up for Turkey Day.

Far more than just an excuse to feast, Thanksgiving is a cherished opportunity to reunite with loved ones and honor family traditions, whether it be holding a pie bake-off or watching the Macy’s parade. More recently, it’s also become an opportunity to learn about Indigenous history, land, and practices as well as to express gratitude. If your home is hosting the festivities this year, we’ve got you covered with our top picks for an unforgettable evening.

JK Adams Reversible Carving Board

See you on the flip. There are a lot of good carving boards out there, but there’s one the pros come back to again and again. We love its versatility: On one side, you’ve got a nice, flat surface for carving up your weekend roasts. And on the other, you’ll find an indentation that cradles your holiday turkey or weeknight roast chicken so it doesn’t tip or slide. Both sides feature generous grooves that are deep enough to hold a half cup of liquid (about the amount that runs out from a roast chicken that’s rested for 30 minutes). And since this carving board is relatively compact, it doesn’t hog counter space and makes washing up a breeze.

Inslee Fariss Autumn's Bounty Glass

Set the table for a Turkey Day to remember with this illustrated glass that features an array gourds, birds, and autumnal imagery designed by Inslee Fariss in collaboration with Anthropologie.

Snowe Walnut Cheese Board Set

Our American-made walnut Cheese Board and classic Italian stainless steel Cheese Knives were made for each other, kind of like wine and cheese, beer and cheese, water and cheese... ok, really, anything and cheese. Cheese Board: Choose from Walnut and Oxidized Walnut. Cheese Knives: Choose from Brushed Gold, Black Satin, and Classic Stainless finishes. 100% American-made walnut for a durable, hard-wood ideal for cutting and serving. Premium 18/10 Italian stainless steel resists stains and rust.

Food52 Five Two Silicone Oven Mitts and Pot Holders

Made by us, made with you. When we turned to you to help us brainstorm our new Five Two oven mitts, we never dreamed lightning would strike twice. First, your fantastic ideas (25,000 smart opinions!) paved the way for oven mitts worth writing home about. Second, we realized that for all you do in the kitchen (and beyond), you needed extra reinforcements. That’s where our pot holders come in—dozens of you asked for a snappy set on the side, perfect for quick pickups. So here they are, together in perfect harmony: our oven mitts and pot holders, working side-by-side to handle every task imaginable.

Ginsu Chikara 8-Piece Knife Set

These Japanese-style cook's knives are specialized for their dexterity in chopping, dicing, and slicing. Rust-resistant stainless-steel blades hold an incredibly sharp edge. Traditional-style rounded Japanese handles are made of heat- and water-resistant resin. As with all fine cutlery, hand washing is best for care.

Farmhouse Pottery Handmade Ceramic Farmhouse Gravy Boat

Feeling saucy. No true feast is complete without a gravy boat for that savory sauce or sweet syrup—and we can’t wait to bring this one to the table. It’s hand-thrown and dipped in a cool cream glaze to create that perfectly rustic look you see. Plus, it can zip right through the oven, microwave, and dishwasher. And next to this mixing bowl filled with mashed potatoes? My, that’s a pretty pair.

Anthropologie Pumpkin Harvest Dish Towel

Set the tone for the season of pumpkin with this autumnal dish towel—it's sure to add some spice to you or a loved one's kitchen decor.

Hedley & Bennett The Essential Apron - Olive

The one that started it all. Born in a professional kitchen out of the need for something better. Tested by Michelin Star chefs and fearless home cooks the world over. Relentlessly refined to be the perfect companion to any cooking adventure. For nearly a decade we’ve been hustling to make the hardest working, best looking apron in the world. This is it: The Essential Apron. So go ahead, make the red sauce in the white tee, try for the soufflé, let the kid pour the flour: we’ve got your front.

Le Creuset Cast Iron Signature Oval Baker, 3QT

Did someone say casserole? Bet you’ve never met a baking dish like this one: It’s built from cast iron and finished off with an enameled glaze all over—so it heats evenly and holds onto that heat for longer, then cleans up easy right after, no seasoning needed. It’ll bake up a mean casserole or roast meat and veg, of course. Plus, you can take it to the stovetop when you need to. The wide and shallow shape gives your ingredients plenty of exposure to heat, perfect for when a crispy topping is what you’re after. This one manages to be chip and crack resistant, too. (Bonus points for those loop handles that make lifting it a breeze.)

IVV Italian Retro Cocktail Glasses (Set of 2)

Sparkle & sip. Take one look at these gems, and it’ll probably come as no surprise that they’re handmade by master glassmakers in Italy. Every goblet and tumbler here gets its shine from blown lead-free glass, plus added texture all over. (We can’t stop gazing at the amber hue.) Pour in a splash of wine or water, if you please—either way, these are sure to become the talk of the table.

Cuisinart MultiClad Pro Triple Ply Roasting Pan

An essential piece of cookware for family dinners, parties, and holiday celebrations, the Cuisinart Roasting Pans are designed to hold turkeys, chickens, and large roasts. Riveted stainless steel handles make placing the roasters into the oven, and lifting them out, safe and hassle free. Solid stainless steel racks allow heat to circulate and let meat or poultry drain as it cooks.

Victorinox Swiss Classic Paring Knife

A paring knife is every chef’s go-to tool for precision jobs in the kitchen, and our Swiss Classic Paring Knife 10 cm is a knife drawer standout not only for its fresh color palette but also for its sharp edge and pointed tip. Expertly remove pepper seeds, swiftly core an apple, slice a pile of vegetables into sticks or finely dice them into perfect little squares – whatever job you give it, the smooth, uniform cuts of this Paring Knife will result in dishes that are as beautiful as they are nutritious.

Creekside Farms Japanese Fall Harvest Wreath

Autumn glory. Fall harvests aren’t just about pumpkins, corn, and squash: Autumn’s also the time of year when grain fields go from green to golden. Greet your guests and welcome in the season with the help of this wreath—adorned with just-ripened dried sorghum grains on the stalk, fresh-seeded and willow eucalyptus leaves, and bright-orange dried lanterns.

East Fork Weeknight Serving Bowl

Easily our most reached for serving dish, and the piece we recommend most frequently as a wedding gift. Perfect for family-style salads, pasta, vegetable sides, or sitting pretty on your island holding apples all fall.

Caraway Oven Mitts - Set of 2

For everything you do in the kitchen, a little extra support never hurt anybody. Our Oven Mitts come in a set of two with bold and distinct color-rich patterns, made with a fluffy, soft-as-a-cloud cotton material. Double-layer stain-resistant weave stitching ensures safe handling of pans fresh out of a hot oven.

Creekside Farms Cedar and Eucalyptus Garland

Winter's greetings. Go for a lighter, brighter holiday theme this year: Swap out denser fir wreaths for airy eucalyptus, fragrant cedar, and bright white tallow berries (which we think look like drops of snow on the greenery). It’s not your classic Christmas-tree vibe, but instead, you get the sweet-cool look and smell of eucalyptus, which will linger as the garland continues to dry. Run the length of it down your table, lay it across your mantle, or weave it through your bannister.

Farmhouse Pottery Essex Traditional Wooden Candlesticks

Candle companions. Give your candlesticks a handmade home with these lovely wooden gems. Each one was lathe-turned in Pennsylvania from sustainably sourced white ash, then finished off with organic milk paint. (Yeah...we were impressed too.) And that shape? It’s a reimagined classic, in three sizes and two colors for you to mix and match. Cluster them together at the table or let ‘em stand alone on the windowsill—either way, they’ll turn lots of heads.

Riedel Vinum Set of 6 Cabernet Glasses

Riedel celebrates 30 years of its best-selling Vinum collection with this set of varietal-specific wine glasses that are elegant, functional and affordable. These generous crystal glasses emphasize the fruit of full-bodied, complex red wines, allowing the bouquet to develop fully while smoothing out the rough edges.

Food52 Five Two Ultimate Apron

Made by us, made with you. Bring on the splatters, splashes, and spills—they’re no match for our latest Five Two creation. 32,000 community opinions helped transform the simple apron into your mightiest kitchen assistant. Add in our design know-how, and together, we’ve cooked up something amazing. Our version’s got an adjustable design so you can fold it, tuck it, wrap it, and wear it however you please, plus loads of extra perks to wow you (including our favorite feature—suggested by a couple of smart-as-a-whip community members).

Luigi Bormioli Vinea Cocktail Coupe Glasses (Set of 4)

Shaken, not stirred. Invite these glasses to your next dinner, then watch them become the talk of the table. They’re vintage-inspired and just so happen to hail from Italy’s oldest family-run glass maker. And with those extra-sleek, laser-cut silhouettes? They’re sure to stand out from your regular ol’ stemware. While they may look delicate, don’t be fooled—that titanium-reinforced glass means they’ll stick around for years to come.

Food52 Five Two Essential Roasting Pan and Rack

Made by us, made with you. Our roasting pan is the result of decades of kitchen know-how, thousands of brilliant opinions from our community of home cooks, and countless rounds of testing to get it all right (see: low angled sides for year-round versatility and an ultra-durable flat rack that does double duty grilling and cooling your cookies). With sturdy construction—big enough for a 20lb turkey—that’ll stand the test of time, it's a true workhorse…and it happens to be absolutely beautiful, too.

Emile Henry Classic Ceramic Pie Dish

Behold: pie perfection. The name behind this beautiful piece—Emile Henry—has been a French bakeware legend for generations. And this pie dish is the latest addition to the brigade: Crafted with French Burgundy clay, it diffuses heat for picture-perfect crusts, while its classic scalloped edges cut a pretty profile all on their own. It's a deep, scratch-resistant number that you can load up with fillings, cut into and scoop out without leaving a mark. It’s good up to 520°F and can go from freezer to oven if you want to get your bakes ready ahead of time.

West Elm Pumpkin Candles

Made of unscented ivory wax, these are the perfect seasonal decor for fall.

One Step Timers Remote 8-Settings Dew Drop Wired LED Lights (Set of 3)

Ready, set, glow! Lend a fairytale-like glow everywhere from the garden to the living room during your next gathering with these dew drop lights. The LED bulbs cast warm, white light across anything in their paths, and each set of lights comes with a remote, so you can turn them on or off without skipping a beat.

All-Clad NS1 Nonstick Roasting Pan

This All-Clad NS1 high-performance roaster offers the impressive heating abilities of anodized aluminum, a rugged three-layer PFOA-free nonstick interior and the ease of dishwasher cleanup. Use the pan with included V-shaped rack to roast meats and poultry. Tall, straight sides help contain splatters while the nonstick surface simplifies making gravies and pan sauces.

Frederick Arndt Artworks Mid-Century Modern Napkin Holder

Never another flyaway napkin. Fred Arndt has been impressing us with his intricate wood-cutting technique since we first launched his pieces on Food52. He's designed this napkin holder exclusively for us -- it reflects the clean lines of modern design and is small enough to carry outdoors, on a picnic, or to any table.To create such a delicate, elaborate pattern, blocks of walnut are precision-cut into sharp angles and lines -- the result is one of the most eye-catching pieces on our table.

Snowe x Afloral Tone Study, Medium

This medium-sized beauty is the ultimate accent, doing just enough to hint at seasonal change without taking up all of the air in the room. Tone on tone stems of spiral eucalyptus, floral buttons, foxtail grass, and birds of paradise all add textural dimension and play up this essentially autumn palette. Tied together with a vase that's just the right level of unfinished, this is the perfect piece to add interest almost anywhere throughout the home.

JK Adams Lazy Susan

Go for a spin. There may be more glamorous centerpieces, but are there any as satisfying as a good ol’ lazy Susan? This one’s got ball-bearing swivels for a smooth turn, a padded base to keep your table unscuffed, and is made of rich, beautiful walnut or ash. Maybe our old friend Suze is more glamorous than we thought, after all.

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