Hit it Closer: The Top 13 Golf Rangefinders for 2020


Ready to start playing your best golf for 2020 but dont know how to choose the best golf rangefinders in your journey to greatness?

Dont worry, weve got you covered. There are so many choices with golf equipment, it can feel a little intimidating if youre just getting started.

Not only are there rangefinders but now there are wearable watches, apps, and tons of other devices to help you calculate the perfect distance.

At the end of the day,distance controlis one of the secrets to playing well and shooting low scores.

All you want is a rangefinder that gives you a distance quickly, reliably, and is within your price range. If youre a more advanced player, you can worry about pin seeking mode, slope and other features of the more pricey rangefinders.

Our Picks for Best Golf Laser Rangefinders

  1. Precision Pro NX7 Laser RangefinderBest All-Around Golf Rangefinder
  2. Garmin Approach Z80 RangefinderBest Premium Golf Rangefinder
  3. TecTecTec VPRO500SBest Budget Golf Rangefinder
  4. Bozily Golf Rangefinder Also a Best Value Golf Rangefinder

Keep reading to see each review and learn how to pick the golf range finder for you.

Heres a breakdown of what you should look for and the best golf rangefinders on the market.

What To Look For in a Rangefinder?

With so much information and new equipment coming out all the time, its important to have your golf laser rangefinders up to date. If youre new to the rangefinder world, heres what you want to know and should look for in each device:


The most important function of a rangefinder is distance measuring. If you dont have the correct yardage to for your intended shot, you might as well guess. This isnt as much of an issue with these devices as its been in the past with new technology but this is still the most important feature.

Ease of Use

Like the accuracy, this isnt as much of an issue as rangefinders become more reliable and consistently straightforward to use. But, that doesnt mean all of them are easy to use.

Ideally, you want a rangefinder that you can pick up, hit a button, hold with one hand, and have an exact distance to a flag or hazard.

Distance Range

Whats the maximum distance it can shoot reliably? Laser Rangefinders claim to be able to shoot a thousand yards but its not realistic since the magnification isnt strong enough for you to see a target that far.

Remember, a long range rangefinder is worthless if you cant see the target from where you are. Be sure to have a large enough magnification (at least 5x magnification) to see far-away targets.

2020 Update: 5x magnification is a thing of the past. Now, devices are usually 6-7x magnification! Dont settle for good enough, make the game as easy as you can!


The price range for laser rangefinders tends to fall within the mid $100 range to the over $500 range with the sweet spot being around $250. The $150 rangefinders on the market are pretty solid and functional while the more expensive ones give you extra features. Some of theme include slope calculation, pin seeking tech, and even 2D hole layouts.

Battery Life

This is almost a non-issue as the typical battery life can last six months to a year, unlike wearable devices like a golf watch (except number six on the list which makes it almost worth the sad battery life). Also, some companies like Precision Pro, offer free batteries for life when you register online.

This way you will never have to worry about battery life again and can get free ones for the foreseeable future.

Water Proof

If youre playing a lot ofwinter golforin the rain, you want to make sure that the rangefinder can withstand the conditions and wont lose your money when the first rain hits. Check if its waterproof or water-resistant as there is a huge difference.

Display Technology

Rangefinders have a very different display than golf GPS watches or handheld devices which is important to consider before purchasing. Plus, some of the higher end devices have crosshairs, slope settings, and for some players, a little bit too much information.

Remember, you want your device to be helpful, not overwhelming. Always keep it simple as golf is hard enough!

Slope Measurement Capabilities

Yes, rangefinders can not only tell you precise distance but they can also tell you if yourshot is down or uphillthanks to the slope settings. Certain models come with the slope compensation features and are usually a bit pricier. And, theyre also illegal to play with during tournament play to make sure its turned off for competitive events.

Storage and Looks

Rangefinders arent cheap so you want to make sure it comes with a case that can handle some wear and tear. Between being dropped, playing in inclimate weather, andtraveling, you want to make sure the case will help increase the life of your rangefinder.

While all the previous functions are important, you want a rangefinder that looks good and easily recognizable.

Now that you know how to identify the best golf rangefinder, here are our picks for the top golf rangefinders 2020 edition:

Golf Rangefinder Reviews

Review of the 13 Best Golf Rangefindersin 2020

1.TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder

If you just type into Amazon, best golf rangefinders youre hit with over 1,000 results! But among all of those results, theTecTecTec VPRO500 golf rangefindercomes up first and it has an astonishing 4,100+ reviews at the time of this post. That is 20X as many as the nearest closest competitor.

Clearly, TecTecTec has created an amazing product and one that I can personally attest to using in the past. This is one of the best golf rangefinders as its reliable, sleek, and very cost efficient. Priced very affordably, this rangefinder is cheap enough to let you spend more money on other gadgets that might help improve your game.


  • Measures up to 540 yards with continuous scan mode for long distance yardage.
  • Pinsensor technology provides fast measurement with 1-yard accuracy. This is perfect for measuring golf flags, water hazards and wooded areas.
  • Lens display is super simple and clear with a distance and battery meter. Plus, with continuous measurement mode, it will help get you a yardage quickly without slowing down play.
  • Very lightweight and portable (like most on this list). The measurements are 104 x 72 x 41 mm and weights only 185g.
  • Easy to setup once you unpackage and includes a premium carrying pouch, strap, CR2 battery, cleaning cloth and quick start guide so you can use it in no time.
  • TecTecTec provides a Happy Guarantee of two years with lifetime customer support.


  • In reading some of the golf rangefinder reviews, its not quite as accurate as Bushnell and Leupold models. Overall, with the number of reviews this product has on Amazon, its a small percentage.
  • Its a much newer company than Bushnell or Garmin so not sure on its long-term durability, quality, and customer service.


TheVPRO500, has a ton of great features and a great price point for the average, everyday golfer wanting the best value. It has a 6x magnification mode, works long range, and is very simple and uncomplicated to start using right out of the box. Plus, it comes fully stocked with a case, cleaning cloth, battery, and warranty.

This model from TecTecTec seems durable and makes it a great fit for someone whos yet to use a rangefinder and doesnt want to rely on watches or other distance gadgets.Its why we rated it one of the best golf rangefinders of 2019 and would suggest for players just getting started.

Slope Model (TecTecTec VPR500S Version)

While not as highly reviewed as the original model listed above, there is a slope version as well. TheVPR0500Shas all the same features as the original, plus the ability to use slope to notate the downhill or uphill factors into the total distance.

Remember, you can use this rangefinder as a standard rangefinder and turn off the slope setting on the golf course for tournament play.

Keep reading to find out about TecTecTecs latest rangefinder.

2.Bushnell Tour V4 Jolt Golf Laser Rangefinder

Bushnell is a trusted name in the world of golf rangefinders and been around quite a long time. And with theBushnell Tour V4with jolt technology, they bring a very high quality product in the Tour V4. Compared to the previous rangefinder from TecTecTec, this is smaller and more advanced in almost every way.

The Tour V4 has the pinseeker with jolt technology you love and delivers the unrivaled accuracy you come to expect from Bushnell in a smaller and faster package. Bushnell jolt technology provides you with short vibrating bursts to reinforce the laser is locked onto the flag. This is great because you wont have to double check your distance to make sure your yardage is correct.

The Tour V4 is perfect for players of all abilities but not for everyone with a smaller budget.


  • One of the biggest, if not the biggest perk of the Bushnell Tour V4 is the compact design. It easily fits into the palm of your hand or pocket without you even noticing.
  • It shoots quickly to identify the target yardage and confirms the target with the pinseeker vibration technology.
  • Bushnell made sure to create a water-resistant rangefinder that is safe for playing in the rain.
  • A convenient and sleek carry case and battery are included. It comes with a two-year limited warranty.
  • Bushnell golf app is included. This handy app will show you 3D flyovers, hole layouts with distances and has over 36,000 courses available!


  • Magnification is only 5x compared to newer models and other rangefinders with 6-7x.
  • Accuracy is 1-yard vs 1/2 yardage on newer models.
  • Its biggest pro is possibly the biggest flaw as well. Its small and light that it can be hard to keep steady when finding distances. Plus, something so small means its easier to lose your investment. At the price, this is definitely a gadget you dont want to misplace!


The Bushnell Tour V4 is a great step up from the massive success of the Tour V3 model in previous years. Again, Bushnell has a long track record of building quality products making them a dependable name and easy to trust.

The biggest change from the V3 is the reduction of size as the V4 is roughly 30% smaller! If you do choose this model, make sure you dont misplace it and best to use two hands to stabilize as its so compact. Overall, its a very high-quality rangefinder as long as you have the budget.

Slope Model (Bushnell Tour V4 Shift Laser Rangefinder)

Bushnell has a wide product line that has expanded over time and now offers aTour V4 model with a slopetechnology as well. Unlike previous models, you no longer have to unclip the slope accessory.

Instead, now you can simply turn a switch from slope to non-slope mode on the outside of the device. It still has all the same features and makes it easy to help you figure out the distance with even more precision. This is best for players who want even more data for each shot.

3. Nikon Coolshot Golf Rangefinder

Yes,Nikonis in the golf business. TheNikon Coolshot 20i Golf Laser Rangefinderis another great option that is priced between the two previous rangefinders on this list. It provides incredibly fast and accurate distance measurements for every shot youll encounter on the links.


  • At just 4.4 ounces, this model is the most compact of any Nikon rangefinders. Itll fit comfortably in your pocket or cup holder of your cart without any problem.
  • The Coolshot display has precise distances to the flagstick but also makes it easy to hit trees, hazards, and mounds so you can avoid trouble off the tee as well.
  • All it takes is one single press of the power button to provide an 8-second, continuous measurement scanning. This allows for quick measurements to multiple targets and ensures youre accurate in your approach.
  • A case, battery, and strap are included as well as a one year warranty.


  • Like the Tour Jolt, the compact nature of this model makes it a con as its easy to misplace (especially the slope model below)
  • It doesnt seem to have quite the durability as the other two models listed previously.


There are a lot of pros for this device and think its very comparable to the TecTecTec rangefinder. Its definitely best for golfers who are keeping costs low and dont need all the high tech features.

Nikon Coolshot Slope Model

There is a sleek, black version of theNikon Coolshot 20ithat also comes with slope. This version of the rangefinder features Nikon ID Technology which makes it easy to figure out the incline or decline to the flag.

For a small price upgrade I think its worth it for the slope and clean black design. As it is a sleek, all-black design, dont accidentally leave it in the storage unit of your cart or in the back storage area.

4. Precision Pro NX7 Laser Rangefinder

ThePrecision Pro NX7is as another excellent choice in finding the perfect rangefinder to fit your game. It measures within one yard of any target and can even measure distances up to 1/10th of a yard!

All you need to do is hit the single button on the top of the device and a circle with crosshairs will appear. Then, hit the button once more and itll give you the exact distance to your desired target.


  • Very good pricing
  • Similar to the Bushnell Tour Jolt, it has pulse vibration technology that will deliver a short vibration when you hit the target to make sure youre locked on.
  • It delivers your distance quickly and accurately, even if youre a little shaky late in the round.
  • The device is water-resistant and shock-proof design making it very durable if it falls out of your cart or accidentally dropped.
  • Provides 6X magnification and distances up to 400 yards.
  • Comes with a hard carrying case, battery, instruction manual, lanyard, cleaning cloth and 2-year warranty. Plus, they also offer trade-in allowance if you to upgrade in the future.


  • Honestly, there arent too many cons with this one. Its got a combination of all three previous models including moderate price, pulse technology, slope option, and extremely durable design.


As I mentioned, there arent many downsides with this device. Its design is clean, its reviews are great, and the technology is there to help you get a distance quickly and accurately.

Plus it lets you shoot distances to the flag, bunkers, trees, and other objects with accuracy within a yard!

Precision Pro NX7 Slope Model

There is an identical version that offers slope as well. ThePrecision Pro Golf NX7 Slopehas all the same features as the original witch adaptive slope feature. It offers a play as distance to make the club selection super easy, regardless of your slope.

For a small price upgrade I think its worth it for the slope feature and clean black design. As it is black, make sure you dont accidentally leave it in the storage unit of your cart on accident.

If you would like to dive a little deeper, check out our detailedreview of the Precision Pro NX7 Rangefinder.

5.Bushnell Pro X2 Golf Laser Rangefinder

TheBushnell Pro X2is another model from their product line that is extremely accurate but also much more pricey. This model also has rave reviews as its been known for extreme durability, easy to use display, and unbelievable sleekness in design.


  • 6X magnification and up to 450-yard distance to a flag.
  • Bushnell has added a color toggle for dual display technology which lets you change the colors of the crosshairs and numbers to ensure t contrasts against your target.
  • Like the other Bushnell model, it has a vibration mode to give you confidence that you hit the flag and not a different object.
  • As its a higher end product, it also comes with slope compensation technology built in as well. Itll take the incline or decline and adjust the yardage for you. Its also easy to switch off for competition.


  • Other than the higher price, there arent many downsides to this sleek and sexy device. Itll show your competitors that youre there to play!


If you want the reliability of a brand likeBushnelland have the budget, this product is for you. With the slope feature, clean design, and easy to use display, this product is a winner for the brand.

For more information, go to our fullreview of the Bushnell Pro X2 Rangefinder. While this model can now be found at a discount, keep reading below for Bushnells latest model, the Bushnell Pro XE.

6.Garmin Approach Z80 Rangefinder

Garminhas outdone themselves on this model and wish I could review this in person. It seems so fun to use!

TheGarmin Approach Z80 rangefinderis the king of all rangefinders. Its unlike anything Ive ever seen in the game. It has a 2D overlay of the hole and each shot so you can visually see more than any other device on this list.

Itll help you spot hazards at that distance, give you distances to the front and back of the green, and comes fully loaded with 41,000+ courses worldwide. While its wildly accurate, its also a little bit more than most players want to spend on such a device.


  • Ridiculously accurate (within 10) to the flag.
  • Full color, 2-D display that clearly displays your yardage for an accurate club choice.
  • Image stabilization thatll help if you shake and makes it super easy to lock into the flag.
  • The playslike distance features makes it easy to determine slope and can easily be turned off for tournaments.


  • Have to charge the battery every round as it has so much technology in the device.
  • The biggest downside here is the overall price. This one is pretty expensive. Its not a device that everyone can afford but if you can, go with it over the Bushnell X4. The 2-D layout is an amazing way to help you spot trouble and score better.


If you can afford it and want to improve your game go for it. Its like having Stevie Williams or Bones McKay on your bag giving you distances.

For more info, head over to ourfull review of the Z80 Rangefinder. In the review, well break down the nitty gritty details to help you decide if its right for your golf bag.

7. Bushnell Pro XE

The Bushnell Pro XE is the upgraded version of the Bushnell X2 edition. Its faster and more accurate but comes at a higher price. This rangefinder for golf is one amazing piece of equipment.

Not only does it look sleek but the features warrant the higher price as well. One of the coolest features is Slope with elements. This means that the device factors in barometric pressure and temperature when providing you a distance.

Another feature that is simple and convenient is the built-in magnetic cart amount. This lets you easily attach the device to your cart without an extra accessory. But make sure to not leave it on the cart after the round!


  • 500+ yardage range (longest of any Bushnell rangefinder).
  • Bushnell golf app included with purchase of hybrid (doubles as a golf GPS).
  • Visual JOLT This advanced featured now displays a red right as the device will vibrate for greater feedback and confidence knowing you locked onto the flag.
  • Full-metal housing for increased protection and is 100% waterproof (not water-reistatnt like other Bushnell rangefinders).
  • Comes with the BITE magnetic amount that allows you easily mount the rangefinder directly on the cart bar.
  • Slope-Switch lets you easily toggle in and out of Bushnells patented Slope with Elements function.


  • Price. This is one of the most expensive ones on the market but comes with enough features to warrant the investment in your golf game.
  • Some reviews have said the cross hairs can get blurry and difficult to see at times.


This device is not made for the beginning golfer. With a price like this one, its made for the truly committed player who cant make a mistake and accidentally get the wrong distance.

If youre the type of golfer who plays a lot of competitive events and break 80 (or 70) on a consistent basis, this is the best rangefinder for you. It will vibrate when you lock onto the pin, factor in weather conditions with the slope feature, and stay dry in even the worst conditions.

8. TecTecTec ULT-X Golf Rangefinder

If you like the original TecTecTec rangefinder, the ULT-X edition is a nice upgrade and still a great value rangefinder for this price range. This device will help you instantly lock onto flags at up to 450 yard and hazards up to 100 yards with its high quality, 6x magnification.

Plus, unlike the original model, it vibrates when it locks onto the pin. This way you never have to worry if you hit the pin or something behind the green.


  • Scan mode Get immediate and accurate distances to all hazards and obstacles
  • 400+ yard range (1,000 yards for hazards) much longer than the original, highly rated version
  • Pinsensor with vibration lets you accurately measure overlapping targets and is perfect for measuring the distance to flags standing in front of wooded areas.
  • Easy to remove the slope feature by pulling the attached faceplate into place to turn off slope (yellow on means slop, black equals non-slope)
  • Rainproof and moisture resistant
  • Comes with premium carrying pouch, CR2 batter, strap, quick start guide, a two-year warrant and lifetime customer support


  • Reviews arent quite as glowing (or sheer volume) of the original GPS rangefinder. Biggest complaint seems that it doesnt warrant the price increase.
  • No magnetic clip on feature.


If you like the original model but want a rangefinder that vibrates when you hit your target and need the slope feature, check out this TecTecTec upgrade. This rangefinder with slope is good enough for most golfers and makes its one of the best budget GPS devices if you want slope.

Plus, it comes with all the extra accessories that come standard, this rangefinder is ready to go right out of the box.

9. Bozily Golf Rangefinder

A new addition to this list that wasnt one of top-rated golf rangefinders of 2019 is the Bozily rangefinder. This seems to be the best value rangefinder that provided slope calculation and tons of other features at a very low price.

After reading more about the company, I am impressed with this new upgrade for the new decade. Reviews have said that you can spot targets up to 1200 yards and works reliably well on the golf course when locking onto the pin. Plus, it has 6x magnification, slope technology, ergonomic design, and +/- within one yard of accuracy!


  • Durable plus easy to grip design.
  • Waterproof and fog resistant.
  • Pinseeker with JOLT technology.
  • Scans targets up to 1200 yards and four modes of use.
  • Slope switch technology determines slope degree and slope compensation distance quickly.
  • Ready to go straight out of the box. The rangefinder comes with USB cable, carrying case, lanyard, carabiner, cleaning cloth, and manual.


  • This rangefinder is pretty new and users dont have much bad things to say at this time


For the price, I really cant believe this rangefinder offers so many features and has so many reviews. This is by far best value rangefinder with slope on the market.

Dont forget, while this device was made for golfers it can work in other areas as well. It can be used for hunting, racing, bird watching, shooting, climbing, and other outdoor sports.

If youre an outdoor enthusiast and want a new device for 2020, this could be a great choice for you!

10. Callaway 300 Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder

The tenth laser rangefinder is the Callaway 300 Pro Golf Laser rangefinder. This rangefinder is simple, easy to use, and consistently rated by golfers on Amazon as best budget picks.

While Callaway isnt typically known for rangefinders, they seem to have struck a winner with this one. Not only is it affordable but it comes with slope features as well.


  • Water and fog proof.
  • Easy to read LCD display.
  • 6x magnification; yardage range 5-1000 with +/- 1 yard accuracy.
  • Scan functionality allows you to hit distances to multiple targets at once.
  • Pin acquisition technology (P.A.T.) quickly locks on the target from up to 300 yards away.
  • Slope setting measures angle of incline or decline and automatically calculates slope adjusted distance so you dont have to do any math.
  • Exclusive birdie feature delivers an audible chirp to confirm distance acquisition to flagstick.


  • No magnetic clip and minimal accessories.
  • Some reviews mentioned a short battery life.
  • Slope isnt a clip on so it could cause confusion if used in tournament play (only a button) but is legal.
  • The birdie chirp could is a con as well as a pro. While Im sure you can disable it, most players prefer a vibration instead of a chirp to not interrupt players.


With so many options, this would be a great new choice for 2020 if you want a rangefinder that is accurate, affordable, and has slope capabilities. While they arent known for their rangefinder additions this one is highly reviewed and loved by players worldwide.

11. Leupoid GX 2i3 Rangefinder

The Leupoid GX 2i3 rangefinder is a new rangefinder for 2020 that is for more than just golf. But when it comes to the game it has unique features like club selection recommendations based on your hitting strength, slope, and current weather conditions. Of course, this feature is able to be turned off for competitive play but it pretty neat for practice rounds.


  • Fog mode helps cut down on false readings.
  • 1-Touch Scan Mode to target other obstacles (trees, bunkers, hazards, etc).
  • Range capabilities: 400 yards to the pin, 700 yards reflective.
  • Completely waterproof construction.
  • Line of sight distance is USGA legal.
  • Delivered with case, extra battery and microfiber towel.
  • PinHunter 3 Laser Technology that picks up the flag even faster and easier.
  • Made with Prism Lock Technology that uses highly reflective prisms for the most accurate readings.
  • Powered with performance DNA (Digitally eNhanced Accuracy) engine and advanced laser measures faster with greater accuracy.


  • Not suited for low-handicap golfers.
  • Some issues focusing and hitting the flag in the distance over 200 yard.
  • No magnetic clip some reviews said it was too small for a magnetic strip.


As with any rangefinder, this gadget isnt perfect but it can also double to help with other outdoor activities. If youre looking for one rangefinder just for golf, I might choose something else solely based on the price which is a bit steeper than most on this list.

12. Gogogo Laser Rangefinder for Golf

The Gogogo Laser Rangefinder is arguably one of the most cost-effective rangefinder you can find on the market. While it has glowing reviews for using during your next round, it also works well for hunting, bowhunting and otheroutdoor activities.


  • Water-resistant.
  • Low-price, budget friendly.
  • Scan functionality to hit multiple targets.
  • Power by AAA batteries (much cheaper and easier to replace).
  • Measuring range from 5 to 650 yards, with +/- 1m high accuracy and 6x magnification.
  • It provides high-precision distance measurement by integrating the latest functions such as continuous range readings and ARC (angle range compensation).
  • Pin-Seeking and Flagpole-Locking Vibration (vibrates when the flagpole is locked). The flagpole locking function support a distance up to 150 yards (Flagpole only) and 250 yards (Aim the flag when its unfolded).
  • Fully multi coated optic lens that helps reduce reflected light and increases the transmission of light giving you a brighter clear image.


  • Some reviews have said that it has some timing and accuracy issues.


For a double digit priced rangefinder, you cant expect the world but it really delivers on value with such a low price. If youre a beginner who wants something to help you find mor distances and use outside the course, this is a great option for 2020 and beyond.

13. PeakPulse 6Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder with Slope

The final best rangefinder to round out the list is the PeakPulse 6Pro. Its very similarly priced to #12 but more geared for golfers than outdoor enthusiasts. Its a top rated golf gadget and hard to beat for the price.


  • Low-priced, budget friendly.
  • Accurate to one yard up to 400 yards.
  • Black and white colors make it easy to identify and not leave behind.
  • To help save battery this rangefinder will automatically shut down after 8 seconds of inactivity. To turn it back on, all you need to do is press the power button again.
  • Fast Focus System: Even youre the type of golfer who wears glasses or sunglasses you wont have any issues getting the laser focused.
  • PinSeeker technology makes it easy to lock on to the flag (even if you have with shaky hands). When you hit the flag, it will provide you with a short vibrating burst to verify the laser has locked onto the flag.


  • No scanning features.
  • No magnetic clip and minimal accessories.


This is another great option for beginning players. If youre focused more on golf than other outdoor activities and on a budget, this is a great deal. The biggest downside is that it doesnt have a scanning feature but you can upgrade for $30 to the slope version for another key feature.

Alternatives to Best Golf Rangefinders

If you dont like rangefinders or enjoy wearing a golf watch there are plenty of alternatives as well. You basically have two routes that you can go:

Golf GPS Watches

If you prefer a golf watch over a traditional rangefinder, Garmin pretty much has the market cornered. They are very accurate, convenient, and usually a cheaper than rangefinders.

Golf GPS Devices

If you feel like you cant ever lock onto the target with a rangefinder and dont enjoy wearing a watch on the golf course, plenty of players find success with golf GPS devices.

Whether you decide to go with either route, make sure to read our full post on the best golf GPS devices (watches and handheld devices).

Final Thoughts on Rangefinders

Hopefully, you learned everything you want to know in this post so you can find the best rangefinder for your game. As you can tell, there are so many awesome choices out there when it comes to finding the best golf rangefinder to help youhit better approach shotsand improve your scores.

Not too long ago there were minimal brands and they much were much for expensive however golf courses dont use GPS in carts much so having one your own GPS is vitally important.

When choosing, Id consider your price range, functionality, and durability as some of the biggest factors. If you buy any of these ten Im confident they will help you feel more confident having a clear plan of attack on your next shot.

Pair the best golf rangefinder with anaffordable golf launch monitorand you will quickly start playing your best golf yet! Finally, remember if you dont want a rangefinder, dont forget there are tons of other golf GPS devices such as watches and handheld devices as well.

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