Have a Super Mario Summer with Nintendo’s newest line of outdoor leisure products


Spruce up your at-home camping with these awesome Mario goods!

Super Mario Bros recently celebrated the 35th anniversary since its initial release on the Famicon (or the NES) in 1985. That’s a monumental anniversary that deserves a full celebration, and so the last year has rightfully been chock full of amazing Mario-related releases and events, not least among them the grand opening of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan.

And the fun doesn’t stop even though the anniversary is over! Nintendo has just released a whole new line of Mario-themed outdoor leisure and travel goods to make your summer Super Mario-tastic. Once the rainy season ends and the summer heat falls upon us, we’ll find ourselves wanting to barbecue on the beach, picnic in the park, or camp in the woods. And though the pandemic rages on, there are still fun ways to enjoy summer safely at home, and Nintendo is here to make your home BBQ or veranda camp all the more fun!

First is the Question Block cooler, which retails for 3,520 yen (US$32).

At 220 x 220 x 220 millimeters (8.7 x 8.7 x 8.7 inches), it can fit up to nine 500-milliliter (16.9-ounce) bottles, so it’s a great size to store cold drinks and snacks for the whole family.

It’ll add a festive, colorful look to your home party, and give you the feel of being outdoors. It also neatly folds up into a flat pack for easy storage for later.

To add to the camping feel, you can also purchase some of these Mystery Block folding stools (3,080 yen each).

They measure 250 x 250 x 260 millimeters, the perfect size for small spaces like your home’s balcony. They, too, can be folded up and stored, and come with a nice Question Block cover to keep them clean when not in use.

Nintendo has every seating need covered with their block-themed foldable cushions (1,650 yen each).

Ideal for making the hard cement of your veranda softer (and keeping your pants clean), these cushions are 20 millimeters thick and measure 350 x 350 millimeters, a good size for any caboose.

The brick block designs, which also feature mushrooms, stars, and other powerups found in Mystery Blocks, are printed on both sides, but the coolest thing about them is that they fold perfectly up into a single row of blocks, which will also look great in your house as a decorative item.

While out and about, or even at home, keep your phone and valuables at hand with this 8-bit neck pouch strap (1,650 yen).

Decorated with an 8-bit jumping Mario and Question Block, this pouch is full of nostalgia, Lift the flap of the Question Block, and it turns blank and reveals a mushroom! The pouch also has three pockets: the pocket under the flap, a small zip pocket, and a back pocket behind a clear plastic sheet, so you can store all kinds of things in there.

Here’s a product you can use anywhere: the Super Mario stainless steel bottle (3,300), featuring Mario springing into action in a typical Super Mario Bros level. It has temperature preserving functions to keep your water or tea nice and cool, and even has a Lakitu keychain attached to the top. You could easily take this to work or the gym and it use it as a cool conversation piece, or use it as a canteen for your at-home camping experience.

No backyard camping or barbecue would be complete in the hot and humid Japanese summer without a neck towel soaked in water to keep you nice and cool (1,100 yen). This one features both Mario and Luigi on lifts battling it out with Lakitu and flying Koopa Troopas.

Of course, you’ll want to keep your new towel safe by attaching it to your belt or your water bottle with this towel and bottle holder in the shape of a Chain Chomp (1,650 yen). It comes equipped with a carabiner so you can clip it to your belt or bag, or you can slip the top over your bottle to make it easier to carry.

You’ll also need paper fans to keep off the heat, and there’s no cooler design than these underwater level and castle level prints (2,200 yen each).

Each one comes with a strap depicting Mario swimming or one of Bowser’s fire bars, which you can overlay on the fan to depict a scene from the game.

And when night falls, you’ll want to have some light on hand, so why not use one of these battery powered Super Mario lights (1,650 yen each)?

They come in eight iconic designs, and are perfect for backyard camping or even home decor. They’ll make your stay-at-home life even more fun!

It’s hard being stuck at home when summer days are calling to you, but little things like these can make your days a little bit brighter, don’t you think? Besides the battery-powered lamps, these Mario goods will all be found just about anywhere you can find home and leisure items, such as electronics shops, department stores, and major online retailers, starting on June 18, as well as on the My Nintendo Store website and at the Nintendo Tokyo shop.

Source: PR Times via Livedoor News via Otakomu
Images: PR Times

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