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Thanks U-Stand for providing me with this awesome unit and umbrella in exchange for my review! All thoughts and opinions are my own! 

Ahh, youth. Those carefree days of scorching hot long days at the beach, without a care in the world. Translate this to adult years and we become concerned about skincare, sun exposure, and sunburn, right?  

I have been a beach baby my entire life. I don't much care for pools or chlorine, but I do see their purposes. I prefer the sand between my toes with the whistling sound of the waves in the background. I'm also a beach minimalist. Give me a chair, a bag w/ my towel, sunscreen, book, and a cooler and  I'm good to go. Yet, others in my family are in need of sun protection, and I must admit, on my last beach trip on a hot summer afternoon, I would have preferred some shade as well.

Typically I hate fooling with umbrellas. Digging the hole, setting it up, and keeping it secure enough from gusts of wind are things I deem as too much work. Hence- the keep it simple part. Yet, umbrellas are wonderful shade providers and protectors against harsh summer sun.. thus keeping skin happy and healthy. 

Recently I heard about U-Stand, so I thought I'd check into them. U-Stand provides an awesome way to keep the beach umbrella from blowing away in a gust of wind.. a secure stand that also serves as a cooler!

 What a way to make use of space, products, and providing us minimalists with an awesome opportunity to grab our gear easily as we head onto the beach! 

How do these stands work? First, grab the stand, and fill it with something.. sand, ice, rocks. This will prevent it from being blown away in gusts of wind, up to 40 miles an hour. Second, insert your favorite umbrella and turn the screw to fasten. Third, set up your chair and get to enjoying those waves and sand! 

The U-Stand comes with the unit to place the weight in (drinks, sand, ice, rocks, etc), a 2 piece lid with 4 cup holders that is removeable so the umbrella stays upright, a carrying strap, 2 strap clips, and a U Clip plus the tightening screw. 

The unit weights 4 lbs itself, and withstands 40 mph winds! Filled with ice, the unit's weight is 56 lbs, with water, 61 lbs, and with sand, 93lbs!

It's so simple to set up too! Watch this wonderful YouTube Video for a demonstration! 

Umbrella dimension restrictions are at 1"1/2 and should not have a sandscrew. If your Umbrella doesn't meet these restrictions, then you can get one with your U-Stand! I was sent over the Sky Blue Umbrella and U-Stand Unit to check out. 

These units can be used virtually anywhere! Beach, Parks, even in your own backyard.. wherever you need Shade, its such a simple set-up! I do caution you to be aware of the wind patterns and close your umbrella/ take it down if a storm is rolling in. After all, we don't need anyone to be impaled, right?

My take-away is that this product is super easy to set-up and use. As always, Umbrella Screws can be finicky, so definitely make sure it's in the way and the umbrella is fastened tightly. I love the fact that the U-Stand's Umbrella holder goes directly through the unit, as the umbrella in the sand can give some more support along with the screw. The Umbrella comes with a case, and pops up super easily, which is usually one of those things I hate about umbrellas... difficult to fold!

When Beach Season is over, I can still see various uses for this umbrella! Patios, Decks, and even afternoon football tailgates (cause lets be honest, all of us SEC (and some ACC) fans know how hot it gets at Southern College Football Games, am I right? ).. it's versatile tool that can be used anywhere you need sun protection and a cooler! Don't forget to throw it into your car and have extra cup holder space.. saving that table for those delicate game day appetizers!

The one down-fall is that the unit of the U-Stand does not have a liner.  U-Stand has created a liner so keep checking their socials and website for availability! 

In all, the U-Stand is perfect for umbrella lovers who want an easy peasy way to carry and set up your gear! 

Want it? Get it!

Find your favorite color and grab your U-Stand over on their website. 

Perhaps you want to see the U-Stand before purchase? Using U-Stand's Store Locator, see if there is a location near you with stands available!

Follow U-Stand on Facebook and Instagram for all the latest in this must-have product of the summer! 

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