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At Hollywood Storage Center of Thousand Oaks we believe there’s a place for everything…and when there’s not, we have a Place for the Things You Love. However, when it comes to functional bathrooms in our homes, space can get a little tight at times. Luckily, our team of Self-Storage Deals Experts found some nifty storage solutions that will keep your powder room looking tidy so you can take pleasure in escaping to your little sanctuary. So, as they say, Calgon…take us away!


Towels can take up a lot of room, so what do you do if you lack a large storage cabinet? Well, you can hang them, basket them, or display them. Let us show you what we mean. Wall-mounted wine racks can double as decorative towel storage.

A big wicker basket holding towels can actually look just as attractive as it is useful. Just roll your towels into tight cylinders and you instantly get that spa-like feeling! Or try a metal basket or concrete pot planter, whatever works for your space.

Finally, if you have a little bit of floor space, investing in a freestanding piece of furniture that’s tall and narrow can add lots of storage opportunities, not just for towels, but for all your other bathroom goodies as well. Take a look for freestanding linen cabinets or tower storage shelves that fit your style.


There are lots of cute ideas out there when it comes to toilet paper storage. We found proof of people creating storage low (using baskets) and high (building a little TP shelf above the bathroom door). But our favorite ideas are these whimsical items. The first is designed to look like a cloud, which is cool and looks modern and new. Then there’s the animals… the sheep TP holder and wicker elephant are both functional and super cute!


Ideally, all our toiletries would stay out of sight in our drawers and cabinets. But keeping them organized and easily accessible becomes the stumbling block at times. So, instead of sharing CUTE storage items, we found some of the most PRACTICAL pieces for storing toiletries. At The Container Store, there’s an under-sink kit that includes drawers and baskets designed to fit perfectly and hold all your bathroom essentials. We love it because each basket and drawer can be removed for easy access whenever you need your products!

For your drawers, we suggest an organizer tray with adjustable dividers to help separate and tidy up all those items that typically just get thrown in. Extra tip: use these drawer organizers in the kitchen too!


If you sometimes feel like you don’t have enough space in your shower for your bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and soap, we understand. Hotels have a trick that you can implement in your own home that will allow you to toss out those bulky bottles. Consider a wall mounted dispenser with three chambers to pump out your products and keep your shower floor clean.

Another brilliant idea is to install a tension rod against the wall of your shower, and use metal curtain clips, shower clips, and shower baskets to hang your products, washcloths, and miscellaneous items. Ingenious and inexpensive!

There are tons of great ideas online to make the most of your bathroom space, and we hope these few will inspire you! Getting organized feels so good, it’s addictive! If organizing your bathroom turns into a whole-home project and you have more than you know what to do with, don’t forget us. Hollywood Storage Center has storage units in more than 50 sizes at the Lowest Price – Guaranteed!

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