Graduation season is upon us!  Since both of my children have graduated High School and received some thoughtful and extremely useful gifts from sweet friends, I have some great picks to share with you if you need graduation gift ideas.  This year's list is made up of several things that my daughter received last year and really liked, and there are two other lists at the end of the post so don't miss those if you'd like to see more options!

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Cash and Gift Cards are always very much appreciated, especially if the student has some bigger ticket items they need to save up for. There are always needs that arise as they are getting set up in their new living space that they might not have anticipated, so it sure is nice to have a stash of gift cards to use for those items. My kids' most useful cards were:

Aldi (or local store) Gift Card- he loves having a grocery store gift card so he doesn't have to use his spending money for snacks! 

If you prefer to give a gift that's a bit more tangible, all of these items have been useful for my kids at school.  The collage above is interactive so you can click or tap on the item for a direct link and more details, or the items are also linked below with my thoughts on each as well as in the photo gallery below my comments. 

Acrylic Easel- I own this and it's a fantastic iPad holder!  It's adjustable to vary the angle of the screen and very nice, solid quality.  

Birdie Personal Safety Alarm- my daughter received this last year and it's great for a little extra piece of mind.  Carry or attach it to a bag or backpack, and all they have to do is give it a tug to activate a loud siren to deter a threat.  

Hair Towel Wrap- These come in a 2 pack in a variety of colors, so it's perfect to give a spare or it makes a super economical gift to split up if you are buying for a lot of grads.  At this price, take it and get it monogrammed for a personal touch!

Nertz Card Game- When hanging out with friends, watching a movie gets old pretty quickly.  My daughter and her friends really enjoyed playing games as an alternative this past year, and Nertz was one of their favorites.  They also enjoyed Yahtzee and believe it or not they loved sitting around a table working a puzzle together! (I promise, they're really cool kids- ha!)

Lightweight Shower Towel Wrap- I really like these light weight versions, they dry much quicker and take up less room than the bulkier terry cloth ones.  Another gift perfect to add a monogram to.

Coordinates Bracelet- Choose their high school or hometown, google the coordinates, and this is such a meaningful, personalized gift! 

Clear Crossbody Bag or Fanny Pack/Belt Bag-  This is one thing that we didn't think of that my daughter would need... most stadiums do not allow anything but clear bags now.  Handy to have when they need it!

Personalized Desk Pad- My daughter also received one of these personalized desk pads and really enjoying using it on her desk. 

Personalized Stainless Steel Water Bottle- always a hit and most kids are never without one!  My kids like the 32 oz. size.  

6' Charging Cable and Power Strip with USB Ports- 2 items that both of my kids have also found invaluable.  With never enough outlets in a dorm room the USB/standard outlet power strip is super helpful, and the long charging cords can reach to their beds better.  

Toiletry Bag Set- Perfect for containing the little odds and ends from their bathroom vanity to store in a cabinet when drawers might not be readily available.  And, since their products are already all together it's super quick and easy to pack for a weekend trip (home!😀).  Lots of trim colors available to match your graduates style or school, add a set of monograms to the bags to make them 100 times cuter! 

Collapsible Laundry Hamper/Tote Bag- My daughter loved her extra large laundry tote this past year.  She also used it often to fill up and transport other things home (if it wasn't full of dirty laundry!).  This one is nice because if it happens to not be in use it collapses flat for easy storage.  

Raycon Wireless Earbuds- this is a great sounding, well fitting set that any grad would appreciate!

Waterproof Bluetooth Outdoor Wireless Speaker- one more electronic that my kids use at school regularly, perfect for indoors or outdoors. 

Waterproof Backpack Rain Cover- Even with an umbrella (which honestly kids aren't likely to use in the first place), it's hard to keep a stuffed backpack dry in a rainstorm.  These covers are a genius idea and compact to stash in a pocket of their backpack so they'll have it when they need it. 

If you need a few more ideas, check out these other Graduation Gift Guides!

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