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Thanks to Green and Happy Shop for providing me with product to facilitate this post. All thoughts are my own.

Have you ever wanted to ditch paper products to lead a more sustainable life and lower your family's carbon footprint? Through the years, my husband and I have tried our best to move toward green and sustainable products. We've made a lot of product switches, and we've quickly learned what we can truly do without. We've used cloth diapers with our kiddos, switched to environmentally friendly cleaning products and cloths, switched to stainless steel water bottles and straws, and recycle as much as we possibly can.

One thing I have always felt that I couldn't live without, however, are paper towels. I grew up using them and tossing them for every little thing under the sun. Paper towels were always a go-to for a quick napkin, something to blow a nose on, and have always been my immediate go-to for big mess and spill clean-ups. When my husband got me thinking about how much money we spend on paper towels, and how much more waste we're creating by using them, I went on a hunt for a solution.

Green and Happy Shop is owned and operated by sweet Valinda, who strives to help others discover the ways of zero-waste living. Green and Happy Shop on Etsy offers everything from cloth 'un-paper' towels to face cloths, baby wipes, bowl covers, bags, and more!

Beautiful, stylish, and functional cloth towels from Green and Happy Shop are a beautiful addition to any kitchen.

I very much wanted to try out a set of cloth 'un-paper' towels. Green and Happy Shop's offerings are handmade and absolutely exquisite. Just for the cloth towel rolls, there are so many beautiful designs to choose from- you're bound to find the one that suits your style or matches your decor perfectly.

Handmade with muslin, cotton, and Polyester thread, these reusable cloth kitchen towels are 2-ply for true absorbancy. They can be purchased with snaps, so the cloth squares can be easily snapped together and 'torn off' when you need one. They are lovely to look at and hold a lot of liquid for cleaning up kitchen messes.

Each cloth is square shaped, and looks like a fancy paper towel. They are my new go-to for drying dishes, wiping faces, cleaning up from cooking, and much more! They have so many wonderful uses and are much more gentle on the skin than a traditional paper towel.

When snapped together and rolled up, the cloth squares fit perfectly around a standard paper towel holder. I love the way these sit atop our kitchen counter, looking lovely, and ready for use at any moment. Don't roll them too tightly- be sure to leave space for them to fit around the paper towel holder when you're ready to set them up for use.

Wash and re-use!

Each non-paper towel set from Green and Happy Shop comes with a beautiful little drawstring bag containing washing instructions. Washing after use is easy-peasy! Wash several times to reach maximum absorbency. Line dry, or dry flat- do not place in dryer or use fabric softener when washing.

I have been so amazed by how wonderfully well these cloth kitchen towels work. I do still have traditional paper towels on hand, but I rarely use them as I used to. It's so nice to be able to grab a square cloth, use it, and toss it in the wash to be cleaned for its next use.

I plan on purchasing more of these wonderful cloths. There are six cloths on a roll, and a double roll equals a full roll of paper towels. You will need to purchase two cloth packs to equal the size of a full roll. At just under $30.00 per pack, spending $60.00 for two packs makes a lot of sense when you compare it to how often you might purchase paper towels. You'd probably wind up saving $120.00 a year (or more).

Want them? Get them!

I'm really looking forward to having these on hand when our new babe arrives in September. They're so easy for the bigger kids to use on their own, and they'll be a lifesaver for me, as well. If you're looking for an easy, and low-cost way to cut down on your paper towel use, I would encourage you to take this small step- it'll make a big impact!

Customers are raving about these amazing cloth towels, and it's easy to see why! Be sure to visit Green and Happy Shop to purchase a set of these wonderful cloth towels to see for yourself!

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Special thanks to Green and Happy Shop for allowing me to share about their wonderful products!

How do you try to live a green lifestyle? Share below and join the conversation!

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