Given the limited space that most apartments have to deal with, it’s usually areas like the bathroom or closet that get to be the smallest ones.


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Apartment bathrooms are challenging when it comes to finding a suitable design, one that complements their layout and balances out aesthetics and functionality. Even with all the limitations, there are many creative and interesting ways in which you can design and decorate a bathroom. Check out some ideas related to that down below. 

When faced with the challenge of designing a small loft apartment in New York, studio Jordan Parnass Architecture took some time to observe the needs and habits of their clients.

Based on that they came up with a strategy that transformed the apartment into a super efficient and flexible space with lots of clever storage solutions but ultimately a simple aesthetic. In the bathroom they used glass for the shower enclosure to maintain a spacious and airy feel and added wooden accents for a warm vibe. 

A smart layout was also chosen by studio Bicbloc for a small apartment which they designed not too long ago. They kept the bathroom small but went with a bright interior design.

The walls and floor feature beautiful porcelain tiles in a very light shade of gray and a subtle marble-inspired pattern. The heater doubles as a towel holder and sits above the toilet and the sink is wall-mounted. The rest of the space is occupied by a glass walk-in shower. 

This is a stylish bathroom which Sim-Plex Design Studio designed as part of a small apartment remodel in Hong Kong. It’s barely big enough for a shower, toilet and a sink with a vanity but somehow it doesn’t look or feel cluttered. That’s thanks to the light color palette and a few useful design tricks such as using a sliding glass door for the shower which lets the light fill the whole room and a large mirror to reflect it. 

This bathroom is part of an apartment that measures only 17.3 square meters across. The interior was done by studio Fateeva Design and is a very inspiring one.

The bathroom in particular is interesting because it has a very welcoming look. The wooden floor is extended onto the walls and creates a warm and sheltered backdrop for the toilet and the sink. The upper part of the walls and the shower feature white tiles with contrasting black grout that highlights the grid pattern. Also, a large mirror fits perfectly on the back wall and helps to give the impression of a larger space. 

A clean and simple aesthetic usually suits mall spaces very well. A perfect example is this bathroom which is part of a small apartment located in Sydney, Australia.

The apartment measures only 22 square meters across and was designed by Architect Prineas. In the bathroom you can notice a design strategy based on simplicity and symmetry. It has a wooden floor and a matching ceiling complemented by white mosaic wall tiles. The toilet and sink are suspended and the tank is hidden which helps to keep the decor minimalistic. 

A simple aesthetic also defines the bathroom of this small apartment from Taipei by A Little Design. It’s not as tiny as other bathroom which allowed a tub to be integrated into it.

It’s actually a tub and shower combo which is both practical and space-efficient. The main color used for the walls, ceiling and all the fixtures is white with soft beige accents. Two small windows placed on adjacent walls bring natural light into the room and help with the ventilation. 

Although white is one of the most commonly used colors in the bathroom, it doesn’t always the type of mood and decor that one wants to create in this space. For the bathroom of this small apartment in Moscow studio Cartelle Design went with a darker color palette.

They also focused on using mood lighting to create an intimate and comfortable ambiance. The black toilet adds a very chic and sophisticated touch to the bathroom and the vanity has a really stylish and modern design as well.

In order maximize the space inside this small Moscow apartment and to make it as functional and as inviting as possible, Studio Bazi chose an open concept design. The bathroom is the only enclosed room, being positioned next to the bathroom.

It’s a very tiny space and it has a glass door which lets you see inside without actually exposing  it all. That’s due to the unusual layout of the room which is was designed to fit underneath the staircase. 

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