Force USA MyBench FID Review


While some people may consider a weight bench to be a pretty basic piece of equipment, adding the right one to your home gym can be crucial to your gains. Beyond using a weight bench for your typical bench presses, you can also focus on your back with dumbbell rows and rear lateral raises. Adjustable weight benches — like the Force USA MyBench — offer even more versatility since you can do incline bench, and provide support at a 90 degree angle for you to rep out shoulder presses. But this bench in particular adds another element since it is an FID bench, which stands for flat, incline, and decline

This weight bench from Force USA also comes with a leg roller attachment to develop your legs, a preacher curl attachment to focus on your biceps, and three seat adjustments to go along with six back pad adjustments. This beast of a weight bench offers a ton of versatility, it’s comfortable due to the foam padding, and it can withstand up to 700 pounds of weight. When looking for that next great piece of equipment to add to your home gym, you might have found your match. Let’s dive a bit deeper in this Force USA MyBench review.

Main Takeaways

  • The Force USA MyBench is a stacked product, including a leg roller attachment and preacher curl attachment with your original purchase.
  • Since this is an FID bench, you can target most of your body with it, like your lower chest, and even your core when the back pad is in the decline position.
  • It can handle up to 700 pounds of weight, which is likely more than enough for the average home gym enthusiast — plus, it features a handle and wheels for portability.
Force USA MyBench
Force USA MyBench
Force USA MyBench

The Force USA MyBench comes with flat, incline, and decline settings, and also offers preacher curl and leg extension attachments. 

Force USA MyBench FID Highlights

Unlike some workout equipment, a weight bench can be used by everyone regardless of where you currently are in your fitness journey. The six back pad adjustments paired with the three seat adjustments on the Force USA MyBench allow more versatility than your typical weight bench since you can switch between incline and decline bench presses. What really makes this bench stand out though is the included preacher curl and leg roller attachments. 

You’ll be hard pressed to find another weight bench that is as versatile as this one while also being available at a reasonable price. However, it’s noticeably larger than some other weight benches we’ve used recently. When the leg roller is attached, it’s over six feet long which could lead to a spacing issue, and the height is just under two feet — so if you are a bit on the shorter side, you might have some difficulty in setting yourself up for a bench press.

The good news is that the leg roller can be removed, and since it’s adjustable, you can raise the back pad all the way up to make storage easier on you. We recommend you have at least nine square feet of space or so to workout with this bench — and if you have that space, you could find yourself reaching new heights in your training. 

Who Should Buy the Force USA MyBench FID

  • Anyone looking for an FID bench may want to consider the MyBench since it comes with attachments that other companies will charge extra for.
  • Folks who want to target their upper and lower chest by incorporating both incline and decline exercises.
  • Athletes who want a weight bench that can be used every day will love the versatility of the MyBench.

Who Shouldn’t Buy the Force USA MyBench FID

  • While this weight bench is available at a pretty reasonable price considering the added attachments, we still realize that not everyone wants to spend around $450 on a bench. If it falls out of your budget, you could explore other options that are cheaper. 
  • If you’re tight on space, you may not like that this bench takes up over six feet when the leg roller is attached — and if you’re a shorter person you might not like the height of this bench. 
  • While 700 pounds may be enough weight for the recreational lifter, powerlifters might not want to snag this bench since that weight rating is including your body weight. 


The Force USA MyBench is listed right around $400, which is a pretty reasonable price for what you get — shipping will bump your total up to nearly $450, but since it includes the leg roller and preacher curl attachments, we think it’s a solid deal. While there are other weight benches out there that are compatible with the same attachments, they might require you to purchase them separately, which means you spend more money in the long run. There’s also cheaper options available on the market, but the quality of those are likely not up to par with the MyBench.

If you don’t want to spend $450 up front on the MyBench, Force USA allows you to finance your purchase through Affirm. This is going to split your purchase up into monthly payments that can be as low as $34 a month, but could be more expensive depending on your credit score. At the end of the day, we think this is a pretty solid deal since it’s pretty rare that a weight bench of this caliber comes with attachments while also being durable enough to potentially last you for decades.

Overall Build and Quality

While we aren’t sure what gauge steel was used for the framework of this bench, it seems to be as sturdy as some of the heavy duty benches that we have reviewed recently. The front foot is both wide and flat which adds to the stability, while also giving your feet plenty of space during your bench presses. The foam padding provides both comfort and firmness, and since you have a handle and wheels, it’s pretty easy to move it around — however it’s not very heavy, maybe around 70 pounds with the leg roller attached, so it’s not hard to pick it up.

It’s rated to hold up to 700 pounds, but that is including body weight, so if you are a powerlifter, you might want to be careful when looking to add this bench to your home gym. And since it is larger than some other weight benches, you might run into a spacing issue — we recommend having at least 9 square feet of space for working out since it’s over six feet long when the leg roller is attached and the back pad is either flat or in the decline position.


Since the Force USA MyBench is a highly versatile bench, there’s a good amount of features you’ll find while spending some time with it. Since it’s an FID bench, you can position the back pad in six different ways which may lead to more pectoral development.

The leg roller attachment is great for leg development and there’s a U-shaped pin that locks the leg roller in place so that it won’t move on you while performing a decline press or doing some decline sit-ups. The preacher curl attachment also features a holder for your barbell or ez-curl bar, just be careful when storing your bar since the holder is bare still and it’s not lined with plastic, which may cause some damage. 


The MyBench offers three different seat pad adjustments for you to utilize along with six back pad adjustments. There aren’t any degree markings cut into the frame for the seat or back pads, but the back pad can be adjusted to -25, 0, 20, 35, 55, and 75 degrees. It’s worth mentioning since the frame is in the way of the seat pad, it isn’t able to be angled downwards like a lot of seat pads on adjustable weight benches are able to do.

To adjust the seat, simply pull on the lock pin that’s located just under the seat, and you’ll be able to adjust it to your liking. The back pad is also pretty easy to adjust, all you have to do is lift up on the pad itself, the pad support has a handle that makes it easy to place it in the ladder hook of your liking.

There is a pretty noticeable gap between the two pads that could be annoying for some users, but that’s also pretty common with adjustable weight benches. It’s also worth noting that when in the decline position, you will notice that the back pad support sticks out a little bit which could dig into your lower back. It would be nice if the gap was a bit smaller, but that could also take away from the available positions which would take away from the versatility of this bench. The only way around that uncomfortable feeling would be to place an old t-shirt or maybe even a towel between the two pads.

Leg Roller Attachment

The leg roller attachment is a great way for you to develop your gluteshamstrings, and quads by performing both lying leg curls and leg extensions. The same foam padding found on the seat and back pads is also used for the leg rollers, which provides some comfort while lifting. On the front of the leg roller is a weight horn for you to slide your weight plates on. 

There’s a hex screw that is located at the base of the horn that creates a bit of a bump that could prevent your plates from being positioned at the bottom, while it could also cause them to get stuck — however, we didn’t have much of an issue when using it. Since there is a U-shaped pin that fits into a hole on the side of the leg roller, it won’t move when you use it for your decline bench or core work. You also have five height adjustments at your disposal, but since the knob that locks it in place is in an awkward spot, it can be a little difficult to match everything up.

Preacher Curl Attachment

The preacher curl attachment is a great way to focus on your biceps. Whether you’re using a barbell or an ez-curl bar, you can place the bar in the holder that’s located at the front of the padding between sets. However, you want to be pretty cautious since the holder is made of bare steel and isn’t lined with any plastic which can lead to some damage to your bar. 

While you can use a barbell with this attachment, it might be best to use an ez-curl bar since they’re smaller. Another thing worth noting is that the holder might be a little too close to the padding than you’d like. And just like the leg roller, it can be a little difficult to adjust the height to one of the five available positions due to the location of the knob. 


An awesome feature with the MyBench is that it has a handle and wheels so that you can move it pretty easily around your gym when needed. That way if you have a power rack, you can move it out of the way to rep out some back squats. It’s not very heavy, maybe around 70 pounds, so it’s not too difficult to pick it up, but that doesn’t mean it will topple over on you. We felt like it was super stable. The handle is in an easy to reach spot, but we recommend moving it around without the leg roller attached since it’ll get in your way.

Product Specs

We were pretty surprised at the overall size of this bench when we got our hands on it. The seat is nearly two feet off the ground which could be a problem for shorter people who are wanting to get in position for their bench press. Plus the length is over 6 feet when the leg roller is attached.

We aren’t sure what gauge steel was used for the frame but it felt both sturdy and durable, while the foam padding provided us with comfort as well as firmness when needed. Since this bench has a max weight rating of 700 pounds, most recreational lifters are going to get solid usage out of it.


Force USA does not mention what gauge steel was used for the MyBench, but don’t let that discourage you. We put this weight bench to the test and it passed with flying colors in terms of stability, and it feels durable enough to last you for decades. It felt like a bench you would find at a commercial gym, and the front foot has a wide design, but it doesn’t get in the way of your feet while lifting which is a common problem with weight benches. 

The MyBench features a foam padding that feels comfortable and firm at the same time. While we don’t know if the padding is wrapped in leather, that’s how it felt, so as we began to sweat, we needed to wipe it off with a towel in order to keep solid traction. Force USA also throws in a lifetime structural warranty with this weight bench that covers any manufacturing defects that may have happened.


The footprint of the Force USA MyBench is going to vary depending on which attachment you plan on using, as well as how the back pad is adjusted. The height of the seat is just under two feet, the length of the actual bench is 67 inches, and when the leg roller is attached, it’s going to take up over six feet of space.

You only have one option in terms of the back pad, which is 12 inches, this could be perfect for some people, while others may need a wider pad. We recommend having at least nine square feet of space when using this weight bench, so if you’re tight on space, this might not be the best option for you.

Weight Capacity

The Force USA MyBench is rated to support up to 700 pounds including your body weight. This is a pretty solid number, but if you’re an elite powerlifter, you might want to find another bench that can handle the weight you’re lifting. 


While every weight bench needs to be assembled upon delivery, it’s worth mentioning that the MyBench took longer than expected. We only had one person assemble ours and it took over an hour and a half to finish. Since there are so many little pieces, we recommend having someone help you to speed things up, and for your own sanity. 


Force USA includes a lifetime warranty that will cover any manufacturing defects of this product. 

Places to Buy

You can buy the MyBench through the Force USA website.

Company Information

Force USA has been manufacturing gym equipment for home gym enthusiasts since 2000, and has seen their operations grow to over 25 countries. If you want to find out more about their operations, you can reach out to their USA operations team at (385) 557-2554, their Canada team at (778) 800-950, or fill out a request form on their website to have someone from their team email you.

Final Word

The Force USA MyBench is a highly versatile bench since it’s an FID bench and comes with a preacher curl and leg roller attachment. While we don’t know the gauge steel that was used for this bench, it feels as durable as something you would find in a commercial gym. If you’re looking for a bench that will allow you to do a bench press in the incline and decline position, develop your legs with extensions and curls, and focus on your biceps with preacher curls, this bench is a good option for you. 

The three different seat adjustments and the six back pad adjustments will provide even more versatility since they will allow you to switch up your workouts by providing different angles for you to hit your muscles. While there is a handle on the front to make moving it around your gym pretty easy, we recommend doing so when the leg roller is not attached since it can get in the way.

The overall size of this bench could be a problem for some since it’s taller than most weight benches, and it occupies six feet of space when the leg roller is attached. The assembly also wasn’t easy, but once it’s all set up, we think you could reap the benefits of this weight bench for decades. We understand that $450 may not fall in your budget when it comes to a weight bench, but we think that price is justified since the attachments are included — which is a bit of a rarity with gym equipment. It feels super durable, and since you have the luxury of working so many different muscles, we think it could be well worth your money.


What makes the MyBench an FID bench, and what is an FID bench?

FID stands for flat, incline, and decline — all three of which are made possible since this is an adjustable bench. Since the back pad can be positioned in the decline and incline positions, you can get more usage out of this bench than you can with a normal flat bench.

What can I use the Force USA MYBench for besides a bench press?

Since this weight bench comes with a preacher curl and leg roller attachment, you can develop your legs by doing lying leg curls for your glutes and hamstrings, or leg extensions for your quads. The preacher curl attachment is great for focusing on your biceps, and it features a holder for whatever type of bar you are using. You can also use the leg roller to focus on sit-ups with the back pad in the decline position if you want, and since this is a stable bench, you can also prop your foot up for some bulgarian split squats if you please.

How long will the MyBench last?

Typically, a solid weight bench can last you up to 20 years if you take the proper care for it. Other than normal wear and tear, we think you shouldn’t have to worry about much other than the springs in the U-shaped pin used to lock the leg roller in place, and lock pin used for adjusting the seat.

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