Fans were awestruck when beauty mogul and reality star, Kylie Jenner, hopped on Instagram to give us a quick tour of what her shower looks like


Not only was it stunning but it was tidy. Taking a shower should be a calm and relaxing activity. Therefore, your shower is supposed to be a sanctuary of tranquility, but if it is messy because of bottles strewn or you end up stepping on the opened toothpaste tube, you’re sure to be frustrated and in a hurry to get that shower over with. You’re not alone in this and there is a simple solution for you.

You’ll be surprised to find out how something as little as a tidy shower can improve the quality of your life. It is unavoidable that you’ll have a lot of items you use often in your shower, and that’s why you need a storage unit. Once you find the right place to store all your shower items, you’re well on your way to having a tidy shower. If you’re wondering what storage unit to use, we bring to you fantastic storage ideas.

Corner Shelves

A corner shelf is a great way to utilize usually unused space. Even in a small shower, it helps you maximize space to the fullest. It’s usually placed at shoulder level or higher and it’s easy to pick items off it. This height prevents little ones from getting their hands on the products kept on it.

There are different designs available and some afford you more storage space than others. There are those with extra hooks for holding your towels while some are designed to have multiple layers. While many come as floating shelves, you can have a completely standing corner shelf.

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Mesh Shower Organizer

Mesh Shower Organizers are a great way to keep your shower tidy. They come in different sizes and do not take up unnecessary space. Based on their design, you can have it attached to your shower rod or close to the wall, attached to the showerhead.


With different pockets, you can have compartments for different kinds of products or even share them among family members. They are made with mesh so you can easily see through. This means you can tell exactly where your items are. They require a little bit of effort cleaning them but drain and dry fast.


Pinterest/Apartment TherapyPinterest/OpenSkyShower Caddy

A shower caddy can be made of metal, plastic, or wood. The metal and wood types are particularly stylish and tend to double as decor pieces. To ensure coherence, you should choose the material of your shower caddy based on your current decor style. Keep in mind that a metal caddy is easier to clean compared to a wooden one.


Caddies can be categorized based on where they are placed – fixed to the wall or over the door. They usually have compartments that are practical and help you stay organized. Your shampoo and soap can be in one compartment while you keep your toothbrush, paste, and extra tissue paper in another compartment.


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Shower Curtain Storage

Most showers have a shower curtain, right? What if the curtain can also be a storage unit? That would be great! Then, you wouldn’t have to think about whether you have the space to accommodate a storage solution or not. All you need to do is buy a shower curtain that has sewn-in compartments.


You can place the side with the compartments to face the inward or outward. It advised to let the compartments face the dry side so your items remain moisture-free. They do not require any special cleaning asides from the usual cleaning of your curtain.


Shower Table

A small table in your shower can serve as a useful storage unit. They are usually pushed to rest against the wall. Some of these tables come with extra storage and help to stay super organized. You should keep your most used items on the table.


They are usually made of wood and would blend in with a rustic decor style. Since wood is not moisture resistant, you would need to keep the table away from constant exposure to water. That can be tricky seeing it’s in a shower, but it can be done.


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Tiered Shower Basket

When it comes to being organized, an item having its permanent position is helpful. A tiered shower basket means multiple layers to keep loads of stuff. Now, you’re free to have bath products – and more bath products!

You simply have to arrange them according to their categories. That way, you’ll be able to pick out products even with your eyes closed. Your basket can hang either directly under the shower or on the wall. The basket can be made with plastic or metal. If it is made with metal, be sure it is rust-resistant.



Shower Bottle Holder

If your idea of a storage unit leans toward simple, then this is for you. Your shampoo and soap bottles no longer have to be placed on the floor. Bottle holders are designed to specifically hold bottles but some can hold other items.


They are usually made of stainless steel or plastic and can hold the weight of your products without buckling. You can fix it to your wall at a height that is convenient for you. To clean, you simply wipe with a clean towel or cloth.


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Silicone Shower Organizer

These are usually small and are suitable for toiletries that would otherwise get lost in bigger storage units. They are simple and can almost go unnoticed – that is how much they can blend in. Cleaning involves you using a piece of cloth to wipe dry. If you’re all for the minimalist decor style, this is a great option for you.


A tidy shower is essential if you want to enjoy the calming and relaxing benefits of taking a shower. It is also necessary to avoid those little but costly shower accidents. Having shower storage in place is a great solution and these storage ideas should help you decide on one.

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