Easy Mother’s Day Crafts Kids Can Make


Mother’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate the special women in our lives. Families are diverse and if a child doesn’t have a mother in his life, there is most likely another special woman who deserves some special recognition. Here is a list of crafts that children can create for the women who nurture, support, encourage, and love them. Acrostic Poem.  An acrostic poem can be tailor-made to fit each child’s skill levels. For those who aren’t writing yet, have someone else write for them. For older kids, let them type it up and use a variety of fonts and graphics. Either way, an acrostic poem uses the letters of a name to start each line. (For example — Absolutely the best chocolate chip cookie maker, Understands and laughs at my jokes, Never wins when we play Wii bowling, Terrific and kind person.) Butterfly Footprints.  Have your child paint her footprints.  Depending on the age of your child, it may be easier to paint them, cut them out, and glue them down on a new sheet of paper. Make sure the footprints are backwards, meaning the right foot before the left. Between the two feet, will be a space where a child can paint, draw, or use construction paper as the butterfly’s body. That space makes a great place for the child’s name and the year. Decorative flower pot.  Even if the special woman in your child’s life doesn’t have a green-thumb, she can still create this flower pot. (Flower pots can be used for much more than flowers including pens and pencils, cooking utensils, and remote controls). Let your child get creative with painting the pot. And if you desire, fill the pot with a green plant, a cactus, a small blooming flower, or herbs. Candle holder.  If you’ve got baby food jars on hand, you can clean them and recycle them for this project. If not, inexpensive jars/containers/vases can be found at your local craft store or dollar store. Let kids use tissue paper to decoupage onto the jars. (Mod Podge works well and can be found at your craft store). Once the jars are dry, insert a candle — either a tea light, votive, or pillar depending on the size of your container. Outside Artistic Declaration.  Give the kids some sidewalk chalk, and let them get to work creating a declaration of love for the special woman in their lives. While their chalk creation won’t last for too long, it’ll provide the recipient with some “free time,” which is always a favorite Mother’s Day gift. Just be sure to photograph the creation so you can then frame the photo to keep. Bouquet of Handprints.  Flowers may be a traditional Mother’s Day gift, but they don’t last. Try this project for an alternative. Have kids paint an empty paper towel roll (they can also cover it in tissue paper or gift wrap). Have kids paint their handprints (they can keep it all one color, or use a rainbow of colors). When dry, cut out the handprints and attach to green pipe cleaners. Place your “flowers” into your paper towel “vase.” You now have a “vase of flowers” that will last much longer than any purchased at your local flower shop. Message in a Bottle.  Head to the craft store and purchase some colored sand and small bottles (for younger artists you may want to use plastic instead of glass). Fill the jar part-way with the sand, and then put a special note inside the jar. Notes can be typed or hand-written, but should be a heartfelt declaration of love. Use the remaining sand to fill the rest of the jar. Another Handprint Flower.  This project can be done on construction paper and then framed or put onto an apron or canvas bag. Use painted handprints to serve as the flower’s petals. Paint a green stem, and if you’d like you can create a green leaf with the date.

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