Easy Living Hacks to Make RV Life More Comfortable


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Living in an RV can be tight. All RVs are created differently, and as the owner, you need to apply different techniques to ensure that your space is well-organized and comfortable for full-time living. The following tips can help you organize your RV better:

• Install reflectix pieces on all your windows. For you to improve your comfort in the RV, you need to visit a home improvement store near you, buy a roll of reflectix and cut it into pieces that will fit your windows. In case you do not understand what a reflectix is, it is a piece of paper that looks like a bubble wrap placed between two silver layers. Its thickness is approximately a quarter of an inch. A roll of reflectix is not expensive. Covering your windows using the reflectix helps in keeping the RV cooler during warm seasons, or warmer, during cold weather. In case the RV is on a lighted parking lot, the reflectix will block the light. Note that the pieces should be slightly larger than the opening of the window.

• Store kitchen supplies in file folder boxes. Sometimes, you might have too many kitchen supplies that do not fit in the drawers or the cabinet space. Using file folder boxes can be of great help in such situations. Use them to arrange your kitchen items and store them in an organized manner so that you can easily access them anytime.

• Buy a vent cushion. RVs are not insulated, thus making it difficult to regulate temperatures inside. A vent cushion will help you control the heat in the living space when the temperatures are too high. You can also use the cushion if you want to heat the RV during winter. The vent cushion will be of more helpful if you are staying in a park that charges for electricity because you will spend less money on power.

• Install push lights. Poor lighting can make you very uncomfortable in the RV. The lights in many RVs are yellow, and this color is not the best, particularly during the night. To ensure that you have good lighting, install a few push lights in the corners and cabinets that are dimly lit. The lights will help you work or even perform night chores comfortably, without straining your eyes.

• Organize your things using bungee cords and tension rods. You might think that these cords and rods are too small, but they can make your RVing more comfortable. The bungee cords can be used to secure cabinets and the loose items in the bathroom and kitchen when you are traveling. The tension rods can keep canned goods in place. You can also use them to hang curtains or make a shelf.

• Add a few hooks. The other thing that can make your RV life comfortable is adding a few hooks. Double hooks are better than the single hooks because they can hold more items and save on space. You can easily find them at any home improvement store near you. The hooks will help you hang towels, jackets, and other clothes to prevent them from falling on the floor. RV owners can also place sliding hooks on the rails above the doors.

• Buy toiletry pockets. Install some towel grommets and then hang them on any removable command hooks. Next, buy some hanging shoe pockets. Trim the pockets in such a way that they will fit on your bathroom door or wall. The grommets can easily hold your bathroom items such as toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, hand cream, shaving cream, and deodorant. The toiletry pockets can store nail clippers, combs, and eyeglass cleaners. Having these items will keep the living space neat and organized and make it easier for you to locate something when you need it.

There are hundreds of ideas and tricks that you can use to make your life easier and more comfortable in your R and turn your full-timing into an adventure. 


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