Easy DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


Mother’s Day is almost here, and if you don’t have a gift yet, no worries—we’re sharing a roundup of over 40 easy DIY Mother’s Day gifts that you can make before the weekend!

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This clay petal planter is a perfect gift idea, and it’s incredibly easy to make. The hardest part of this DIY is deciding which color of clay to use (team rainbow over here).

Treat mom to a relaxing bubble bath with our DIY bubble bath bars made with natural ingredients. We recommend putting them inside a jar like this—they’re too pretty not to be displayed!

We love all things wicker and rattan—especially this caned candle holder. This candle holder is a gift that she can use over and over again, and it goes with pretty much any decor style.

She will absolutely love a soft blanket to get cozy with, and this DIY happens to be for a no-sew fleece tie blanket—super easy to make!

If your mom loves jewelry, you could make her an acrylic earring holder. The “marbled” bottom is made with peel and stick paper to keep things budget-friendly.

Speaking of jewelry, these gold statement earrings are also a DIY and another great gift idea. They only take a few minutes to make!

Homemade potpourri is so much better than the store-bought kind. You can use foraged or store-bought plants and herbs, and customize the scent with different essential oils.

How cute are these DIY clay bead bracelets? Making these can turn into a really fun hobby—you might end up making them for all your friends, too.

A glitter letter keychain or a set of glitter acrylic coasters are fun (and useful) gift ideas, and they are equally fun to make. Acrylic projects are some of our favorites; these DIY daisy earrings included!

Candles make great gifts for any occasion—especially Mother’s Day. In fact, we have an entire beginner’s guide post dedicated to making homemade candles.

We have a lot of DIY candle options to choose from, like beeswax candles (they have a light honey scent), soy candles, and the adorable flower-shaped pillar candle pictured above.

The soothing crackle of a homemade wood wick candle is hard to beat. And just a little tip—we love using leftover vessels from old candles to make new ones.

Speaking of cozy gifts, make her a bedtime pillow mist that she’s sure to love. It will feel fancy! Sweet dreams!

We have more DIYs like this in our spa archives.

When it comes to displaying and organizing jewelry, our palm leaf ring dish and DIY marbled clay dishes are really easy to make and are cute enough to display on a bedside table.

If your mom loves to cook or bake, she will treasure these printable recipe cards gifted inside a cute recipe tin. You could even attach a recipe card to a giftable food item like our homemade cookie butter.

A set of DIY pineapple-shaped oven mitts would be equal parts adorable and functional. This cherry pie potholder, too.

We’re partial to cake, but you can add any phrase to this no-sew kitchen towel. Add a cookbook with this pom-pom trimmed towel for the perfect gift combo!

Something like our soothing rosemary mint bath salts or epsom salt bath soak are perfect for a relaxing evening at home. You could pair this gift with a good book for her to read, too.

If she loves plants, make her a cute DIY hanging planter. You don’t even have to shop for real plants to go inside this planter—something like this would be perfect!

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Do you remember making Shrinky Dinks as a kid? They’re so nostalgic. Emma picked her favorite book covers to make this amazing Shrinky Dinks necklace. This would be such a fun gift!

If you’re pressed for time, these wooden ball photo holders are sleek and simple and they only take five minutes to make. You could even include a fun camera to go with them.

You might say that we have a thing for homemade bath bombs. They are the best! We have several DIY bath bombs to choose from, like rainbow gold lustre, green tea and lemon, and our classic homemade bath bombs.

Make her a pair of simple dangle pearl earrings. These are so pretty and expensive looking.

Homemade soap is one of our favorite gifts to make. And if you make extra soap, you can keep a couple bars for yourself!

We have a bunch of essential oil-based soaps to choose from, like gemstone soap, grapefruit poppyseed soap, pumpkin spice soap, and tie dye soap.

Our DIY pink sugar body polish (with an old school label) is a “dupe” of a popular brand, and we can’t get enough!

For more amazing body scrub DIYs, check out our ultimate body scrub guide.

If you’re looking for a unique way to gift photos, these DIY photo glitter globes are so fun! You can pick the color (and how much) glitter you add, but the more the merrier.

You could make her a set of terrazzo cheese knives (and then invite yourself over for cheese and wine, of course).

We love using using these reusable (and environmentally-friendly) DIY food wraps for leftovers. You could pair these wraps with something like a cute cheese board.

Laundry is something we all have to do, so why not make her a set of wool dryer balls? You could include some essential oils (we love using lavender and lemon for laundry).

If you want to include a card, we created two free Mother’s Day card designs to choose from that can be printed at home. Or you could make a unique pop-up card like Emma did here.

P.S. We have some fun Mother’s Day activities and crafts for kids on our other site, Childhood Magic. xo!

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