DIY Plant Stands – 25+ Creative Ideas with Free Build Plans


Looking for ways to display your plants or raise them up off your floor? Get some really creative ideas with this list of over 25 DIY plant stands all with free tutorials or build plans!

diy creative plant stands with free plans

Whether you just bought your first plant or you already have a large collection, you are probably in need of at least one plant stand inside or outdoors.

You can find many options in stores or online, but they aren’t customized to the size of your plants and how you want to display them. Making your own is usually less expensive and allows you to get exactly what you want in the size you want.

Why should you use a plant stand?

There are numerous reasons you should use a stand for your plants:

  • Lower the risk of damage to your floors or furniture.
    Placing your plants on your floor, window sill, or furniture isn’t ideal. There is too much of a risk for water damage when you water your plants.
  • Give your plants access to light.
    A stand gives your plant some added height which will bring it closer to outdoor light from your windows.
  • Make your plants mobile.
    If you create a DIY plant stand with wheels, it will make it easier to move around. This is helpful if your plants are really heavy and you like to bring them to a sink for watering.
  • Utilize vertical space.
    Multi-tier stands allow you to display more than one plant in a small footprint and still give each one some space.
  • Add to your home décor.
    There are some really beautiful plant stands that you can use to coordinate with your home décor. You can match your wood furniture or add a bit of whimsy to your room since there are so many different plant stand ideas!

Now that you know why you should have a plant stand, you can start thinking about what exactly you want to create. I’ve gathered over 25 DIY plant stand ideas to inspire you.

Just scroll down to see all of the creative stand ideas and then click through to get the free tutorial or build plans to make your own!

DIY Plant Stands

Looking for ways to display your plants or raise them up off your floor? Get some really creative ideas with this list of over 25 DIY plant stands all with free tutorials or build plans!


Tiered Scrap Wood Plant Stand

Photo Credit:

This is a minimal tiered plant stand. I really like the angled backboard that looks great in a corner, but would fit in anywhere.


Raised Copper Plant Stand

Photo Credit:

You may have seen numerous West Elm inspired DIY wood plant stands similar to this. I like this one because it uses a different material. Create a raised plant stand using copper pipe pieces.


Tall Corner Plant Stand

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Make good use of a corner close to a window with this multi-tiered tall corner plant stand. Your plants will thank you!


Triangle Plant Stands

Get plans for making modern wood plant stands along with how to make this awesome carved hexagon planter!


Angled Tabletop Plant Stand

If you have succulents or mini plants you want to display, this tabletop plant stand is perfect! It is made using one 6' long 1 x 3.


Acacia Wood IKEA Hack

Photo Credit:

If this plant stand look familiar to you, it may be because it is an updated IKEA plant stand from 2014. The original had 3 white trays that have been removed and replaced with acacia wood bowls.


Tomato Cage Plant Stand

Photo Credit:

Tomato cages are great for plant stands! They are designed to hold weight and they are circular. Kera jazzed hers up with some paint, jute and yarn. Here is another yarn wrapped stand idea.


Basket Plant Stand

Photo Credit:

Turn a basket into a plant stand using a drill and some furniture legs!


Mid-Century Inspired Plant Stand

Photo Credit:

Four square dowels and 2 round wood pieces come together to make a nice 2-tiered plant stand!


Stacked Book Plant Stand

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Show your love of books and plants with one piece! Paint the books and glue them together in a sturdy stack.


Slatted Plant Stand

Sean created this slatted wood plant stand so that his mother-in-law could take her plants off of her window sills. I really like the use of 2 colors to show off the slat feature.


Modern "Marble" Plant Stand

Photo Credit:

At first glance, this looks like a black metal stand with a marble top. However, it is actually just made with all wood and a marbling paint technique!


Concrete Plant Stand

Photo Credit:

Using a bucket, you can make a concrete plant stand that can also work as a side table. I love the hairpin legs.


Craft Store Supply Plant Stand

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Make a DIY plant stand for spring or summer with this easy tutorial! Simply use paint, wood rings and wood balls from the craft store.


Metal Leg Plant Stand

Photo Credit:

Let Lucy show you how to get the look of hairpin legs using something completely different—paper towel holders!


Bi-fold Doors Into Plant Stands

Photo Credit:

Wow, these plant stands really make a statement on either side of the front door! You could spend a fortune on ones like this in a store. Instead, Deborah upcycled old bi-fold doors into these beauties.


Plywood Plant Stand

Photo Credit:

Use up some scrap plywood to make these plant stands. I like the simple looking design for these stands; they don't detract from the plants!


Decoupage Wood Plant Stand

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Learn how to decorate a simple wood plant stand from the craft store using paper, decoupage medium, and adhesive stencils – AND it’s waterproof!


Mid Century Modern Plant Stand

Photo Credit:

This painted plant stand is made for a large terracotta pot. It looks great as is, but you could stain it instead if you are putting it inside.


Plant Stand with Wheels

Photo Credit:

This modern colorblock plant stand is mobile due to the beautiful brass casters. This makes it easier to move heavier plants around your home as needed.


Outdoor Basket Plant Stand

Photo Credit:

This is another basket plant stand, but it is quite different from the one earlier in this list. This one uses a garage sale find stripped down to its metal base. Add some wood rounds and fun paint to finish your creation!


Lucite Plant Stand

Photo Credit:

If you are looking for a plant stand that will just disappear in any setting, this is the one. Made from an acrylic circle and 3 acrylic ring holders (crazy creative, right?) this stand is easy to make.


Rolling Plant Stand

Photo Credit:

Sometimes it's nice to have a rolling display for your heavier plants! This DIY wooden crate stand is perfect for keeping your plants in a certain area and rolling around when needed.


Photo Frame Plant Stand

Photo Credit:

If you want a small wood plant stand but don't have tools, this is the tutorial you want. Glue 4 wood frames together to make a rather nice stand!


Easy Wood Plant Stand

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What I love about this DIY wood plant stand is that you can use it to grow small items in a small space (like herbs/spices in your apartment)!


Blue Jean Planter & Stand

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This whimsical plant stand is a fun upcycled clothing project using old jeans and sneakers. This will definitely be a conversation piece in your home!

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